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4. You Know Nothing

It was a sunny day in the Village of the hidden Leaves. People walked around town minding their daily buisness. A lone figure dressed in black watched hatefully at the smiling villagers from a tree. Today was one of the days he detested the most, the annual Ninja Convention. A Reunion of some sorts where new tools and weapons were displaced, techniques were shared and new friends were met. Every ninja form the village were forced to attend the convention, no matter the rank. Even some shinobi from allied villages attended to said convention. Going there meant seeing his former friends, as well as seeing Sakura and Sasuke. The Hokage of course took part of this as the oh so great know it all of the village.

Bullshit´ thought the angry fox as he watched the preparations for the stupid thing. It was an idea Tsunade had come up with a couple of years prior to her replacement. Just thinking of the Sannin made Naruto want to hit something. She had aided in squashing his dreams, his very reason to live and had not looked back.

He remembered the moment when she said Uchiha Sasuke´. His whole world had crumbled in that single moment, his ever present smile had been erased and replaced with a frown, he remembered the blinding rage and pure hatred he had felt at that exact moment. He remembered how he tore the necklace of his neck and threw it disgustedly at the ground and left, never to look back again. Ever since that day he had felt nothing but anger and hate inside him. Slowly, it devoured his very soul and extinguished every trace of the old happy Naruto, leaving a bloodlusty murderer behind.

Why he had simply not killed himself, one might ask. Well, Naruto did not believe in the easy way out. His whole life he had to fight to get what he wanted. Very few people had helped him, and he was proud to say everything he had achieved he had done it alone. He set himself another goal. He would not let anyone else suffer as he had. He would kill anyone who made other people suffer. That was why he took every assassination mission he could get his hands on. Naruto believed he had the mission to eliminate the scum from this world. Besides, killing was very fun.

"Oi, Naruto, come here for a sec" said a voice behind him. Naruto gritted his teeth and clenched his fists until his knuckles turned white. The voice belonged to no other than Hatake Kakashi, his former sensei.

"Speak" answered the blonde flatly, without even looking at him.

"I'd very munch rather to talk to you face to face, if you don´t mind"

Naruto snorted loudly and came down from the tree, giving his teacher the most hate filled stare he could muster at the moment. The Jounin flinched a little at the look his former student was giving him. He sometimes wondered if Naruto´s soul had been ripped from his body, leaving only a shell, which was later filled with anger. It was the only logical explanation for the intense, if not annoying killer intent he released.

"Speak your mind Hatake, I don´t have time to deal with you" said the young fox. Flinching again, Kakashi decided to get to the point before things got out of hand.

"Sasuke asked me to look for you, I don´t really know what he wants to talk about with you, but he sure sounded serious about it, so come on"

Snorting loudly, Naruto lazily followed his former sensei to the Hokage tower, while glaring daggers at him and occasionally glaring at a villager or two.

Stupid, damm, insolent, prideful, idiotic Uchiha bastard!!!! I should just stick a fucking kunai up his throat and watch him choke in his fucking blood, gotdammit!! I should've just killed him when I had the chance´. Such were the thoughts of the Jounin as he approached the Hokage tower. Involuntarily, he started releasing a murderous intent only outmatched by the fox demon living inside him. People trembled in fear, standing paralyzed when the blonde passed above them with his former teacher ahead of him.

To tell the truth, Kakashi was having trouble running and jumping around town with a brooding angry blonde releasing such a killer intent. If it weren't for his years of being a shinobi, he might be frozen, unable to move. That killer intent was charged with hatred beyond anyone's expectations, and of course, the light feeling of bloodlust in his former student's chakra made it clear he did NOT want to see the young Hokage.

Said Kage was at the moment thinking about the blonde idiot and his actions in the last ten years. After mercilessly killing Orochimaru, he had wandered for nearly 8 years looking for his brother. They met in a forest near the Grass Country. The battle had been ferocious, but thanks to the forbidden techniques learned from the snake Sannin and the coursed seal, of course, he had won…


Itachi was sprawled under a tree, bleeding profusely from the many wound he had sustained. He had been able to shatter Sasuke´s kusangi and deliver a good amount of hits to his younger brother; unfortunately for him Sasuke had activated his cursed seal and gained the uppperhand. He was approaching now with a Chidori on his hand. The older Uchiha chuckled for the first time in a very, VERY long time.

Hm, killed by my younger brother, I always expected this to happen, nevertheless, I expected you to kill me with your own power´ said Itachi weakly. Sasuke stopped dead in his tracks, loking at his brother wide eyed.

Foolish little brother´continued Itachi. I achieved my level of power on my own, you however had to require extra help, running to a pathetic snake like Orochimaru, je, borrowed strength, that's all you have´

Furious, Sasuke took Itachi by the collar and looked at his straight in the eyes. He had no more chakra left, so he didn't have to worry about the Mangekyo.

What do you know, you fucking bastard!!!!! ´yelled Sasuke at his face. Itachi just chuckled more and looked at his younger brother boringly.

How many people did you let down and hurt just to come after me, Sasuke? How many friends did you loose just to achieve your petty ambition, haha, to think you and I share the same blood. At least I had the courage to kill my best friend so he wouldn't se see what I was to become. Why did I kill our clan? Simple, it was infected with stuck up brats like you. I let you live expecting you would grow out of that pathetic superiority complex inherited by our parents and siblings. Seems you are far too foolish.´ Itachi´s tone of voice was filled with disappointment, being this the first and last time he would display so many emotions. A part of Sasuke was deeply wounded by his older brother's statement. He was disappointed. That was all he was, a disappointment.

´You know, I do hope you will grow up some day, brother. Maybe then you will understand why I did what I did. Until then, you will keep hurting those who care about you.´ With that, Sasuke shoved a Chidori through his brother's chest, killing him at last.

End flashback

After a while, he finally understood his older brother. He had grown sick of the Uchiha way, which was in a way a lot like the Hyuuga way, always believing themselves superior to everyone else. To tell the truth, only a few Uchihas could be branded as good people. Uchiha Obito had been one of them.

And as to why Itachi had let him live, he was testing him, seeing if he could grow up to be a good man and forget the hatred he felt. In his own twisted, strange way, Itachi loved his brother so much he was willing to kill everyone else in his clan to give him a different environment to grow up in. Even though it would be filled with loneliness, in his brother's eyes it was better than to be raised as a stuck up brat.

Sasuke only wished he had understood it sooner.

The murderous intent broke him out of his train of thought. Finally he would have the chance to talk to his friend, even if Naruto wanted nothing with him. Some of the advantages that came with being Hokage.

Naruto stormed into his office, throwing the doors open with a powerful kick. Sasuke could not see if Naruto was angry or not, his expression was neutral and his eyes were as cold as he had ever seen them.

"Thank you, Kakashi" said the Hokage, dismissing his former teacher.

Kakashi looked at his for a moment before he bowed and left in a poof. Naruto was glaring coldly at him, waiting for him to say whatever it was he was going to say and leave him alone. Sasuke sighed loudly and sat on his chair.

"Please Naruto, sit" said the Kage politely, signaling the chair in front of him.

"I'd rather stand, thank you" answered Naruto coldly. Sasuke sighed again and looked at his friend. His gaze was unreadable, but he could detect anger, laziness and a hint of annoyance in his cold eyes. The old annoying Naruto was so easy to read, this one however showed no emotion but anger. Not even with his Sharingan could he see what was going on in his mind.

"What do you want, Sasuke? If it's not about a mission, I don't see why we should talk at all" said the blonde. The statement made Sasuke´s heart clench. Years before, Naruto talked about pretty much everything with him, even though most of the time he either ignored him or shut him up. Now the only reason the blonde found to talk to him was for missions.

Inside, Naruto was struggling not to kill right then and there. The demon inside him wasn't helping at all as well "Hah, you have him so close and can't kill him? Pathetic" uttered the fox boringly while laughing and Naruto. The blonde paid no attention to the fox and kept looking at Sasuke, wondering what the hell would be so important.

"Well, what do you want?" asked Naruto finally, annoyed at the silence.

"To apologize" answered the Uchiha, looking at his friend. This earned a questioning look from the blonde. Sasuke sighed heavily and continued.

"For everything I've put you through. I know that above all else, you wanted to become Hokage and I'm sorry I took that dream away from you. I know how it feels to loose your goal in life. I really don't know what else to say." Sasuke took a glance at Naruto and his eyes widened. The blonde's head was down, his knuckles were shaking, his whole body was shaking with rage and the worst killer intent since the day Kyuubi attacked was felt. When Naruto looked at him he froze immediately. His eyes were red and slitted and twisted snarl could be seen on his face.

"You know nothing" said Naruto with a voice that would make the very Ibiki pee his pants. Just as it came, the killer intent disappeared and Naruto´s eyes turned back to normal. A small chuckle escaped his lips and he smiled at Sasuke. It was, however, the most twisted and crazed smile Sasuke had ever seen. Insanity shined inside his blue orbs as he smiled crazily at him.

"You not only took my dream, but you took what little respect I earned in this village, oh and let's not forget you took away the only woman I ever loved without even asking me about it. My very reason to get up in the morning. Oh Sasuke, you have no idea of how much I want to kill you, you can't even imagine how munch I want to torture you and your little slut till you ask me to kill you because you can't take the pain." The fact that Naruto hadn't stopped smiling was making his statement munch more intimidating.

"I got kinda crazy with all the anger I feel, you know. 15 years of taking this village's hate was one thing, but feeling like my only family stabbed me in the back, I gotta say that's why I snapped, but then again who gives a crap, right? Don't forget Sasuke. I hate you, Sakura, Kakashi and this whole fucking village so much I want rip my own head off just so that I don't have to be here anymore. You and I have nothing to talk about; whatever bond we had you broke it 13 years ago. Enjoy your life, Hokage-Sama while you can." with that, Naruto poofed away.

Sasuke sat heavily and sat on his chair. He put his hands on his face and cried for the first time in a long time. He could not believe what he had just heard; he could not believe Naruto hated him so much. But at the same time, he wanted to crawl up and die. The guilt was so intense he could barely stand it.

To think I´ll be seeing him in the convention today´


Sakura slid down on the door as wrenched sobs shook her body and soul. She had heard the conversation between her boyfriend and her former best friend, and it broke her heart to hear Naruto speak so hatefully. What hurt most however, was the knowledge that he had loved her very much in the past, and now the only thing he wanted was to kill her and Sasuke. She couldn't blame him though.

It was all our fault, I don´t know what to do…´

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