How it happened

The convention went on as it was supposed to, people talking, sharing, learning and so on. If it wasn't for the menacing looking blonde resting on the wall at the farthest corner of the place, everything would have been alright.

Naruto was actually feeling good for a change. He finally had had the chance to tell the bastard what he had been bottling up for years. It had felt so good to let him know he hated both Sasuke´s and Sakura´s living guts. It was fun to see his shocked face. Suddenly he felt a familiar, but not unwelcome chakra signature. He turned his head and saw one of the only people he allowed to get close to him.

"I see you haven't gone over that orange fetish, Naruto" said the Kazekage, Sabaku no Gaara.

"I see you still carry that stupid looking gourd, Gaara" responded the blonde.

The both gazed at each other and smiled. After a quick handshake Gaara supported himself on the wall as well, leaving his gourd on the ground. Both remained quiet for a long time, enjoying each other's company as the friends they were.

"You know, my offer still stands" said Gaara in a semi low tone.

"I know, and I already thanked you, but you know I can't leave this place yet. I have to take care of Iruka-sensei and that crazy girlfriend of his. I have to make sure Ero-Sennin stays alive after the beatings he´ll receive in the bathing houses."

Gaara sighed and looked at his friend quizzically. The greatest and most feared shinobi in Konoha and probably the world was staying in the place that made his life a living hell just so he could protect those important to him. Interesting behavior.

"Anyway, when you finally come to your senses, there will be a Sand hitae-ate for you" commented the Kazekage and disappeared in a swirl of sand. Naruto chuckled and looked at the roof. How many times had Gaara tried to convince him to become a Suna nin? He knew Gaara kept insisting because he was his friend and wanted the best for him, but still, it was difficult for him to leave his home village, even when in Konoha all he received were harsh glares and colorful comments.

Hm, it's stupid if you think about it, here I am worrying about a Jounin with a controlling, crazed woman for a girlfriend and a Sannin.´ thought the blonde demon container absently.

Suddenly he felt a hand grab his coat and pull it gently to get his attention. He looked down and saw a kid no older than ten looking at the ground, while jabbing on his coat. He crouched to see his face and was faced with the most insecure eyes he'd seen since Hinata´s back when they were 12.

"Yes?" asked Naruto to get the kid's attention

"Ahhh! Umm, well mister Uzumaki, umm, since you, I mean, since you are the Kage Bushin master and all, umm, could you, I mean, teach it to me?" all but stuttered the kid while looking at the ground.

Naruto was quiet for a while until he gave the brat one of his famous fox-like grins and nodded. The kid's face lightened instantly as he smiled at the Jounin. Naruto led the kid to a training ground where he would teach him his most used technique.


Sasuke sat just as he had for the last 2 o 3 hours, with his hands on his face, trying to figure out what to do. He knew Sakura was somewhere inside his office, but he didn't really care at the moment. It wasn't every time your best friend tells you he wants not only to kill you, but to make you suffer. He, alongside the village he had sworn to protect had turned Naruto into a cold blooded murderer. How many times in the last hour had he said the same thing to himself?

"Sakura, do you have any idea of what to do about Naruto?" asked Sasuke, his tone almost dead. He glanced over at his girlfriend, who was hugging her knees with her head on them. Said girl had the most haunted look Sasuke had ever seen on her.

Sakura did not move, she did not speak and merely shook her head at her love's question. She was too submerged in her own thoughts to even start thinking about a possible answer for their dilemma. How in the hell could it have come to this? The blonde boy who once was so vibrant, so full of life, was now a mere shell of his former self.

Sakura glanced at the room to find Sasuke already gone to the festival. If he said goodbye to her or not she did not remember, the only memory in her head at the moment was of Naruto´s slow deterioration after he had brought Sasuke back.


Sakura was casually talking with a recently renewed Sasuke, who just the day before had left the hospital fully recovered. Today they would celebrate his integration to the shinobi population of Konoha. Tsunade had not decided that, however. She wanted to burry Sasuke to his head and have people throw stones at him until it killed him, a very popular punishment back in the day reserved for traitors. The council, of course, would not have any of that, telling her to do that to the "demon boy", who had supposedly corrupted Sasuke into leaving in the first place.

Sakura, of course, blamed Naruto for all of Sasuke´s injuries and fawned like a little love sick 12 year old. Always trying to put the blonde down and ridiculize him in public. Sasuke, for his part, did nothing else but watch and brood, as if he had never left. The only difference was that he listened to Sakura´s bickering for a change.

There was no "thank you" for Naruto, no "good work" or even a slight nod to his direction as a sample of recognition. Nothing at all.

He was, after all, the "Demon"

It was a day like every other, the team met up at the bridge to start training. Sakura screamed at Naruto for disturbing her in her "Sasuke time". Naruto smiled like an idiot and went to sit over a tree. (Now that Sakura thought about it, his face looked paler, as if he hadn't eaten in a while and his eyes looked hollow) Of course, back then, she didn't notice a thing. How could she? Sasuke was paying attention to her, she couldn't ignore him.

"Oi Dobe, what the hell are you doing down there? Come on, let's spar while Kakashi it's not here" mentioned the Uchiha boringly. Sakura´s attention fell to said blonde, who was at the moment sitting under a tree.

"Spar yourself, you filthy piece of shit", muttered Naruto, clearly not in the mood. Both Sasuke and Sakura took a st6ep back, almost as if they had been slapped. Naruto was not rude like that, and he almost never referred to even Sasuke like that.

"What, you think I´ll just go and spar with you after you put another hole in my chest no more than a month ago?" continued the blonde orphan, his hollow eyes narrowing in anger.

Both Sakura and Sasuke were quiet after his comment. He was right after all, but still, it wasn´t like him to say something like that. In truth, Naruto had had a very colorful conversation with the demon Fox inside of him the night before. It had taken the fox the entire night to convince Naruto actually see what his so called friends had done for him exept bother him. Naruto had seen the truth, and had pretty much snapped under the inhuman amount of hatred and anger he did not even know he was keeping inside of him. He had decided to life for the sole purpose of protecting his village, no longer caring in the slightest bit about his teammates or his sensei.

Enough was Enough

Both Sasuke and Sakura had kept staring and him as if he had grown a second head, not believing their eyes as they looked into his. Instead of the compassion, the love, kindness and warmth that used to be in their teammate's eyes, there was only anger and hatred. They watched in morbid fascination as his eyes narrowed in disgust at them and he got up and walked in front of them.

" I tried to make this as easy as possible, but apparently won´t have it any other way but the hard way" answered the blonde in his newfound dead tone of voice. As he finished speaking he pushed a piece of paper into Sasuke´s chest and left, not bothering to look back.

Sasuke recovered from the shock soon enough and looked at the piece of paper. His eyes widened in horror at what it read. Naruto had quit Team 7. He was no longer a part of it. The worst part of it was that is was signed by the Hokage herself, which meant he had her approval in the matter.

As Sakura looked at it, she couldn't help but to break down and cry for their mistakes, their stupidity and their blindness. As Kakashi showed up, he found a crying girl and a boy near catatonic state, frozen and looking at the paper clutched in his hand.

A week later, Sasuke was elected as Hokage and both Sakura and him forgot about the blonde for 3 months.

End flashback

To have to see that again was even more tortuous to Sakura than anything else. She was forced to see how in what appeared to be a normal morning the world she knew had been destroyed, and how a week later she had finally gotten what she had always wanted, Sasuke had asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend. As everyone else, she had completely forgotten about Naruto. What the hell was she going to do now?


In the convention…

Sasuke watched, uninterested, as people of different villages shared their techniques and abilities in peace. Everything was nice and peachy, hurray!!! Of course, his mind was set in thinking what the hell he was going to do about his friend, or how the hell he was going to solve the matter of a nearly deranged murderer who just happened to be the most powerful Jounin they had. Then again, he HAD said he wanted to kill him. What to do? What to do?

His train of thought was interrupted when a presence sat beside him. He turned his head to be met with Tsunade´s face, who sat down next to him, watching the convention. Sasuke couldn't help but to stare at her. And stare.

She looked like hell. Her eyes were red and puffy, which meant she had been crying, her clothes were ragged, and she smelled like sake. She didn't even bother to look at him; instead she kept looking as the convention went by, not even dignifying his unspoken question with an answer. Whatever had happened to her was not his business, or anyone's for that matter, but he had a very clear idea of what had happened.

He was aware that he was Hokage because of the council. They had overpowered Tsunade and had decided to name Him Hokage instead of Naruto. Involuntarily, she had helped crushing her little brother's dream, and he had all but resented her, and everyone else for that matter, since then.

There had to be some of Naruto´s old self buried inside that mountain of hatred he had built over himself. He just knew it. And he was going to do everything in his power to help recover that side of him, even if it killed him…



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