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Chapter One - Marble Cake

L twirls around in his chair, faces the task force and grins like he's insane. He's not happy, he's not smiling out of joy but out of vague amusement. This amusement comes from irritation; he's wracked his brain for a solution to their brand new little issue. It seemed too minor to matter but the task force said it should. When he thought it over he realized this could compromise the whole investigation, one piece of information can lead easily to speculation and further research. They could be screwed in a figurative fashion. Action needed to be taken and L took it, he has a plan and he's pleased with it.

Now the question is whether or not the task force will agree.

"As you all know," he states, "we haven't been able to keep the details of the case as secret as is necessary. This is because our meetings take place in what is technically a public space. Despite my requests that they refrain, maids can still enter this hotel room on a whim. This is true of every room in every hotel that I've stayed it. As a result, individuals who we may or may not be able to trust have access to classified information. I keep our records very safe, so this isn't an issue, but several days ago we were definitely overheard. This is why there's been so much buzz about the investigation lately. Whoever heard our conversation reported it to the media, and while what was said wasn't terribly important, we cannot continue to discuss the Kira case under these conditions." He stops, pops a cookie in his mouth and chews for a bit, wonders whether to continue or let the other people talk.

Before he's done chewing Aizawa speaks up, asks what L supposes they should do. "Police headquarters aren't really open to us, and I can't think of any other place that would be safe. I kind of thought the hotel rooms would be…the way you talked it sounded like you'd taken more precautions."

"I did everything I could," L snaps, no he doesn't like Aizawa telling him he isn't perfect. "If you thought there was something wrong with how I set things up you should have said something. Anyway, my idea, if you'll all agree, is that we could use your houses. As long as your families can be trusted it should be fine. Except, Mogi, you live in an apartment building, so there are going to be a lot of people around. Same for you Matsuda. So…Yagami, Aizawa? We'll use your homes. Any objections?"

Aizawa gulps, says if they could keep visits to his place to a minimum than that'd be great. "I've got kids," he says, "they don't need to be exposed to this. I know Yagami has children too, but Light's right here, and Sayu's old enough…anyway. Is that okay?"

The task force nods and L suppresses a grin, this really works out better in the long run, there's nothing to be gained in the Aizawa household. Light's not likely to do anything suspicious in his presence, he's not an idiot but L could find something, there are always possibilities. "Mmm," he says, "okay. Our next meeting will be tomorrow night…Yagami, what's a good time for you? I don't want to invade when it's inconvenient."

"Eight?" he suggests, shrugging lightly. "Light, does that work for you? You don't have any late classes tomorrow, do you?" He shakes his head and it's taken care of, the next meeting concerning Kira will take place in the Yagami living room.

Sachiko stares out the window, sighs and takes in what her husband has said. It sits in her brain though she knows what she thinks, she does a dish or two to stall him. When he doesn't retract his request she whips around, says "No Soichiro, are you crazy?"

"I wouldn't ask under normal circumstances," he says, straightening his tie as if propriety will somehow help his case. "But our information was leaked, if too much comes out it'll cause mass panic and my…maybe all of our…of our deaths." Soichiro signs, rubs his temples and begs her, swears they'll keep quiet and out of her way.

"That's not the point," she says, turning back to the mountain of dishes, not bothering to touch them. "If the taskforce comes over I'll be glad to play hostess, I just…I don't want the kids involved in this any more than they already are. I don't approve of Light working with you, I accept it, but I don't want Sayu…"

"Sayu won't be involved," he says, shaking his head because the thought's just plain repugnant. "She's not interested in any of this, all she'll do is say hello and head off to her room. Anyway I would never let her…she's too young, and she's not…"

Smart, like Light. No, neither one is going to say it. Instead Sachiko steps away, says fine, it's fine, but if she hears her daughter spewing Kira nonsense then they'll have to find another place. "Also," she continues, "you're finishing the dishes. And doing me another favor when you come to bed."

Soichiro grins. "Unless this is a trick and I'm supposed to change the sheets or something, I'd be more than happy to do you that favor. Come here?" She does, and then she crumples into him, leans slightly up to catch a kiss. It's nice but over in a minute, her tongue has barely grazed his teeth.

"Well," she says, stepping back and pseudo-smiling. "I'm off. Goodnight Soichiro."

Morning comes and they haven't done anything, Sachiko had waited for Soichiro several hours and then drifted off to sleep. Dishes don't take that long so he'd broken his promise, but whatever, just whatever, Sachi wasn't really in the mood. It's a semblance, a front; they ought to want each other being married. When she wakes he isn't even in bed with her, he isn't even home.

It's a Sunday though, and the children are up so she should drag herself awake as well. Maybe do something nice like make them breakfast, it's been ages since she's bothered and maybe they've eaten but well, she'll see. Stretch first and get her bearings, grab her clothes.

It takes a shower and some time to think, but Light comes to the conclusion that it might not be a good idea to show up at the meeting. For all he knows, L leaked the information, and is using this to scope the house out for himself. If Light's not there L will lose his focus, he'll concentrate on the evidence and issues that confront him right away. If he misses the meeting it makes sense to pump his dad for information, he will know what's happened all the same. They can start things with the focus off of him.

So that's good, but now the question is, how can he legitimately miss it? Schoolwork's not a good excuse, his schedule's stuck to the fridge, and a social excursion would seem irresponsible. It's got to be something he can't be talked out of, that won't seem suspicious or worthy of blame.

What comes to mind is feigning illness. If he's sick enough it's nonnegotiable, his parents are here and anyway, the taskforce doesn't want his germs. He'll start his lie off right away, greet his mother with a hacking cough and go from there.

Sachiko heads out to the kitchen, sees her daughter eating cereal and sighs. She doesn't say she had planned to make pancakes, it would disappoint them both and she doesn't want to do it anymore. "Morning sweetie," she says, pouring a bowl for herself. "Any plans for the day?"

"I told you I'm going to the movies with my friends today, remember?" Sayu mutters, seeming miffed that her mother's forgotten.

"What movie?" asks Sachiko, drowning her breakfast in far too much milk. "And which friends? You're not going with that…what was her name, the girl who smokes heroin?"

"No mom, Ai's not coming, and she doesn't smoke heroin, she just smokes. There's a huge difference." Sayu doesn't say who's coming or what the movie they'll be watching is. She just stalls and squirms and rolls her eyes 'til Light walks in. He's coughing and this gets Sachiko's attention, she's got to ask if he's alright.

"I'm fine," he says, waving her away and sitting down. Hardly a minute passes before he's coughing again, Sachiko's concerned but doesn't speak. People cough for reasons other than disease, and anyway, Light's a big stoic seventeen-year-old, he will not admit to being sick.

"Do you want cereal?" she asks, nudging the box closer towards him. Light shakes his head but she convinces him, he pours himself a bowl and barely eats. Sachiko notes this, quickens her own pace to encourage him. She asks both her kids about school. A few minutes of forced conversation and Light's grabbing his head and grimacing. He coughs again, says he's finished and he's going to his room.

"Oh…okay?" Sachiko says, and Sayu sticks her tongue out at him, says he should hang out with the family more, the family is cool. But they keep on eating, let him go. Sachiko will not be bothered by her son's refusing to speak with her, she will assume that he's sick and that's why. When Sayu leaves her shortly afterwards, Sachi just doesn't think about it. She shuts down.

The plan's going perfectly, Mommy's worried but she hasn't said a word, he cannot be accused of faking it. Light's doubting this a little bit, thinking that his absence might allow for talk of things he shouldn't hear, that L will come up with some way to trick him. But no, more likely he'll be high priority at first, but then L will forget, hell Light himself forgets things when they aren't right there. This will work, this will throw him off. L can't plan for his absence, the worst that'll happen is he'll waste his own time.

He works on his cough, makes burning hot tea in the bathroom. He downs it, hopes the added heat will help to fake a fever. This is the tricky part, a fever can't be acted out, it's hard evidence. But the tea should do something, in a minute he's going to bed with four or five blankets; he'll leave aspirin lying around, wet his face first so he'll look sweaty. Mom will come in soon.

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