I can't imagine what it would be like, to take some of the world's most intricate and problematic characters in modern and classical literature, and place them in a room together. I'm seriously insane, aren't I? But people love me for it. I'm sick and tired of falling in love with fictional characters. Not love, love. But to truly know these people, as though I've always known them. I'm weary of falling in love with them, and seeking a place to talk about these stories I'm enamored with. Because, inevitably, I find 'Those-Who-Cannot-Be-Named'. Why cannot they be named? Because as soon as I publish this, they will be down my throat, barking in their raspy screams, declaring themselves to be the exact opposite as what I see them as. These people(who I will not name) love these characters as much as I do. Or, I think they do. Can you love something you maim and maul to such an extent?

For instance, the Phantom of the Opera, a book by Gaston Leroux. French. A beautiful story, full of intriguing people, problems, and courage. Unrequited love, a masked musical genius. What more could a hopeless romantic want? It's got power, mass, strength, sensitivity. Despite being written by a man whose daily customs would come across as stiff and indifferent in today's expressive society, the very core of the story is brimming with love, and murder, mystery, and tenderness.

Then come Those-Who-Cannot-Be-Named. They seem to adore the story as much as I, and thousands of others. But they love the idea of the Phantom, Erik. They don't love him for who he is; a murderous, ghastly deformed man, who would never notice them, much less 'marry' them, as thousands of fans have claimed. Seriously, this man has never been kissed in half a century, but once he dies, he is suddenly married to over a thousand assorted women? Strange, no? The tainted diamond of the story, is the tragedy. Romeo and Juliet wouldn't be so memorable if they lived happily ever after, now would it? We know he was never truly, honestly, happy. That's what makes it so surreal, so awe-striking.

Oh, I'm rambling again, aren't I? I tend to do that. My apologies. I will digress. By now you understand my exasperation at the actions of certain 'phans'. They don't see the ugly, beautiful core of the character of Erik, blinded by the superficial working of their current world. That is why I so strongly insist upon being so open-minded about things. I am known in my household to scream out "Culture, people! It'sculture!" With ample reason, of course. After all, who, in their right mind, would call Bach 'boring'?

Being blinded by their confusing world surrounding them, these pitiful folk insist upon twisting the characters in fiction, just as they themselves have been twisted by peer pressure, money stress, and stereotypes. Pulling the very basics of a fictional being's persona is a very dangerous, very popular business, indeed.

As I began with saying, the goal of this story is to show my slightly egotistical views on some of my favorite characters, and I promise totry ignoring some of the more popular twisting of their characters in wide-spread fanfiction, etc. I will try.

For the moment, I will include TWO characters from each of my favorite stories. This is not limited merely to books, as not everyone is as avid a reader as I am. (Though I know there are quite a few. Do not fear. I will not forget you. I just need to include everybody.)

If I am to make this story work, I may need some people to cameo in the story. 'Squee-rs' are welcome. If you see somebody listed in the story whom you "OMG! Always wanted to meet!", then you may contact me through private messaging. Please do not be insulted if I do not include you. I am not required to give a reason, and I don't want to feel obligated to. I just will not need to use you. Perhaps, if you are patient, and nice to me, I will attempt to find a place for you in the latter parts of the story. But as I have not clue if I will ever finish this dang thing, I cannot promise such.

Any ideas for characters can be suggested, but not necessarily used. Particularly if I do not read/watch that story. I must keep them in-character, after all.

Cast List: (in no particular order)

Erik from Phantom Of The Opera

Raoul from Phantom of the Opera

Jack Sparrow from Pirates Of The Carribean

Hector Barbossa from Pirates Of The Carribean

Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter

Edmund Pevensie from The Chronicles Of Narnia

Susan Pevensie from The Chronicles Of Narnia

Legolas Greenleaf from The Lord Of The Rings

Gimli (son of Gloin) from The Lord Of The Rings

Morgan Rhea Original Character, send in by a reader

Melantha Tolbert Original Character

Colin Frisk Original Character

Lawrence Shannon Original Character

I don't know if Gimli has a last name, so I'm just going to say his 'son of Gloin' title is suitable for a surname.