Chapter 1: Ready, Set, Pack!

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"MILEY! Come in here!" Robbie Ray Stewart called out.

"Yea Dad?" Miley said flopping onto the couch.

"I know you are excited about the tour and your friends coming blah blah blah, but we've gotta get packing."

"Daaaaad...can't you just pack for me like you used to? REMEMBER it was the good ol' days!"

"Fine, but that means I'll be shopping for your clothes again then too."

"No thanks! Ready, Set, Pack here I go!" Miley said running towards her room. She dialed Lilly's number on her cell, put it on speakerphone, then threw it on the bed.

"Helloooooo?" Lilly said.

"HEY it's your best friend in the world! Where you at?"

"At home, sitting in my room trying to find something to do."

"WELL, I found the perfect thing for you to do! Pack for the tour with me!"

"Fine. It's better than nothing, okay let me get my suitcase."

Miley was busy tugging at her suitcase as well, stuck at the top of her closet. It was hot-pink with white polka dots. Finally it came down with a large thud.

"Okay, got it. First off, lots of clothes...but we can skip that for now." Lilly said, obviously not looking forward to going through her whole closet.

"Okayyy...iPod, iPod charger, toothbrush, toothpaste, pillow, make-up remover, etc."

2 Hours Later

"K, think that's it! Don't forget Guitar Hero 2 for the PS2! And the guitar controllers!" Miley said.

"Got em. So you'll pick us up in the Hannah Bus around 6 tomorrow morning?"

"Bright and early!"

"Oh joy...well I'm gonna go grab something to eat! Bye!" The two hung up and Miley flopped back on her bed.

My boyfriend and my best friends...this tour will be the best ever. Miley thought, then smiled.


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--Random Word Of The Day--


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--Today Is National Meahh Day.--

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--Random Thoughts While Writing--

-I wish I was playing Guitar Hero 2.

-Why do people IM me when I don't hardly talk to them.

-Romeo is cute! (In our Literature book it has a picture from the play Romeo and Juliet...the actor who played Romeo in this version: VERY pretty!)

-Everyone steals my words. I started saying hoebag, and now everyone says it.

-They're all hoebags themselves...

-Meahh! (Sound you make while you push your nose up with your thumb. Go to Cody Linley's myspace and there is a picture of him doing that.)

-Thumb is spelt weird...

-I wish I was at the mall shopping...right NOW!