Chapter 9: Finally, A Concert!

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Dear Diary,

This tour is just...insane. Okay first I hurt my ankle, Oliver gets kidnapped by a pshyco lady and we have to save him, Jake & I break up, Get stuck in an elevator, get back together, and now here I am finally okay. I'm going to be able to do my first concert for the tour! It's in Louisiana so that should be pretty fun! I'm so lucky to have my family & friends with me here for this tour...I'm so blessed. Woops, gotta go get ready for the concert! Much love!

Xoxo, Miley


At The Concert

"HOW ARE ALL OF YOU DOIN?" Hannah yelled out to the group of screaming fans. "Here's my first song for you, If We Were A Movie." She looked backstage and winked at Jake. She started singing and was doing a great job! Then it got to the finale of the song, where she had hurt her ankle before.

You can do this...she thought. And she did! Perfect! And ended just as planned. She sang a few more songs, had a ton of fun then went to the mic and said " Hey guys! I have a new song for you guys called Say Ok!" (A/N: Yes, the same Say Ok as Vanessa Anne Hudgens sings! No I don't own it, and Hannah Montana doesn't either! I just thought it was the perfect song for the situation between her & Jake!)

Miley sang, and boy did she sing her heart out. "Thanks you guys! See you soon!" Hannah finished and ran offstage. Finally, the first concert finished problem-free on her tour! She hugged Jake and her friends.

"Man that was tiring!" Oliver said.

"Well, think of it this way-only 23 more concerts to go!" Miley said laughing.

"AW MAN!" They all said in unison. Best friends. Boyfriend. Family. Awesome career. Awesome fans. What more could a girl want?


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