Chapter 6: Crocker's Attempted Plan

It had been a few hours since Crocker had finished building the portal to Fairy World. Even his Heylin allies had been distancing themselves from Crocker's insanity.

"I really don't think this is going to work" said Jack as he finished using a screw driver on the portal.

"I can surely promise you Heylin forces will be able to wish for whatever you want to" said Crocker, "all this needs is some sort of a power source."

"I think the Eye of Dashi would probably do the job" suggested Hannibal, "that Shen Gong Wu can just power up anything."

"Okay" said Crocker as he went over to the pile of Shen Gong Wu lying on the table.

As Crocker was about to pick it up, the wall to Jack Spicer's hideout was busted down and the Xiaolin monks along with Master Monk Guan, Timmy, his two friends and Trixie appeared.

"Turner" said Crocker, "after this little episode, I am planning to reveal that you brought yourself here with your fairy godparents!"

"Oh please not this type of insanity again" sighed Wuya as she shook her head.

"You know this guy?" asked Raimundo to Timmy.

"Yea, he's my whacked up teacher" replied Timmy.

"And I am finally going to expose that you have fairy godparents!" cried Crocker as he took the Eye of Dashi, "Using this Shen Gong Wu or whatever it is you people call it, I can power up my invention to full power and as an added bonus, my Heylin buddies can finally also become believers!"

"That's what you think" said Raimundo, "monks, Wudai Orion Formation!"

"Jackbots, you know your routine" ordered Jack to his robots as they launched their attack against the Xiaolin monks.

As Jack's Jackbots made their way to the Xiaolin monks, each of the monks used their Wudai element power and destroyed each of the oncoming robots. Some of the Jackbots even moved in on Timmy, his two friends and Trixie. As one of the Jackbots came toward Trixie, she leaped kick and destroyed the Jackbot that was coming toward her, while AJ along with Chester did the same. As Timmy was about to show off his moves, Master Monk Guan leaped right in front of him and used his Spear of Guan to destroy the oncoming Jackbots.

"Hey, I was about to show off my new moves" complained Timmy to the master monk.

"I'm sorry" said the master monk as he kicked another Jackbot to the wall destroying it, "but you have to go after the Shen Gong Wu to which your crazy teacher is using to power his invention. You wouldn't want your fairy programs to be exposed to the world, would you?"

"Thanks for the advice" replied Timmy as he raced toward Crocker.

As Crocker was laughing his way as he was about to place the Eye of Dashi right at the power core of his invention, Timmy leaped right in front of Crocker and grabbed the Shen Gong Wu. The Shen Gong Wu then began to have a glowing yellow aura around it.

"What kind of trick is this Turner?" asked Crocker as he was struggling with the Shen Gong Wu.

"It's no trick" replied Dojo who came into the scene, "you two are heading to a Xiaolin Showdown."

"Fine" said Crocker, "since we don't really seem to have any of these Shen Gong Wu to wager, we are going to use our own skills."

"Then let's go" said Timmy, "the game is last one standing."

"Fine, I accept Turner" said Crocker.

All of a sudden, the room around them began to change and formed a large platform above with Timmy and Crocker ready to fight.

"Gong Yi Tampi!" shouted Dojo.

"What does that mean?" asked both of them.

"It means go!" replied Dojo.

"Oh" replied Timmy.

"Come on Turner" said Crocker, "hit me as hard as you can."

Timmy then attempted to give Crocker a good punch, but Crocker managed to dodge.

"Oh too slow Turner" laughed Crocker, "looks like if there were a martial arts class, I would give you an F!"

"I don't think so" said Timmy as he leaped and kicked Crocker across the platform sending Crocker close to the edge of the platform.

"How the heck could you have done that?" asked Crocker, "You must have used your fairy godparents to have those sort of martial arts moves!"

"I don't know what you're talking about" replied Timmy.

Timmy then leaped and kicked Crocker again, sending Crocker screaming off the platform and Timmy holding the Eye of Dashi.

"Now this is simply pathetic" said Wuya as she leaned over to Crocker, "you're worse than Jack Spicer over here."

"Look, I say we go and capture those two pink and green cats Timmy has with him, they are his fairy---" before Crocker could finish his sentence, a Jackbot carrying some sort of shot used it on Crocker, making him all sleepy and tired.

"That was getting quite annoying" said Jack.

"You guys hate Crocker too?" asked Timmy.

"Sure we do kid" replied Hannibal, "I guess we can call some sort of temporary truce with your Xiaolin friends and deliver this nut job into an insane asylum."

"Well, it seems like everything has worked out here" said Master Monk Guan as he along with the Xiaolin monks and Timmy's friends dusted themselves off then he leaned over toward Timmy and whispered, "I guess you can use your fairy programs to get us out of here."

"Will do" added Timmy as he winked at Cosmo and Wanda who were still pink and green cats and poofed them out of the area.

"Now what are we going to do with a crazy like you?" asked Wuya as Crocker was still sleeping.

As Crocker was still sleeping, Crocker fell right into an insane asylum thanks to Jack Spicer's advance jet and Crocker finally woke up to find out where he was.

"Oh dear, not here again!" cried Crocker.

"What did you do this time?" asked a guard who came toward Crocker.

"Please, let me out" replied Crocker, "you have to believe me. I was hired by people to search for these magical Shen Gong Wu along with trying to use the Shen Gong Wu to find fairy godparents!"

"I don't think so" replied the guard as he snapped his finger and two large men came into the scene with a large needle shot, "night, night crazy!"

"This is going to be painful" said Crocker to himself.