Just Trying to Forget the Pain

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I looked around at the darkness, thinking, planning, and searching for the woman that I had so easilly made fun of before when I had compared her to Naraku. She wanted to kill me to get the Shikon no Tama inside of me. I wanted to kill her so I would finally be able to live relax for more than a few hours, without having to worry about demon larva or crazy, energy-stealing, purple, butterflies. Sesshoumaru was by my side, using his better sense of smell and better eye sight to find her.

"Did you see her?" I asked and he slowly shook his head.


A suffocatingly large amount of tainted ki appeared to my left and I turned to face Fenrir, a scowl on my face. She was once a pretear, but what had caused her to change so drastically? Then again, I had almost followed the same path that she had if I hadn't met a certain someone. A certain... Knight to be more precise. That look in her eyes I recognized all too well, and despite what she might think, I knew exactly what was going through her mind.

"Where are your precious Knights, Kagome?" we both stated at the same time and I smirked. She scowled. I knew her way too well, even got the sneer and disgusted voice down, too. Maybe it was because I was a lot closer to being similar to her than we both thought...?


"Not here, obviously" I stated, trying to annoy her and make her angry. Anger made you stronger, but anger also blinded your judgement.

"As I can so clearly see..." she murmured, summoning way too many demon larva for my tastes. With a wave of her hand, they all came crashing towards us and dodged them all with ease. Thatnk god Sesshoumaru had decided to train me again. If not, I most surely would have died by now. We easilly got rid of the demon larva with a lot of energy to spare, but somehow, I felt as if Fenrir had more. Perhaps it was because she had stored all the energy she stole from me? She really did take quite a lot.

Fenrir sighed with annoyance before sending a few more after us. These were obviously smaller, but much harder to fight. they were faster, and despite their size, very powerful if you got hit. I was lucky enough to figure that out with personal experience.

I hopped back onto my feet and hopped to the side, grazing the demon with my fingers just enough to purify it. I looked at my hands, grimacing. It was... slimey!!!

"If you are quite done with staring at your hand, I would appreciate it if you would pay more attention to your surroundings" Sesshoumaru grunted and I laughed in embarrassment before reaching out and purifying a demon behind him as I poked it with my pointer finger.

"Hai, hai" I sighed, continuing with the destruction of the extremely low-level youkai.

When they were gone as well, Fenrir smirked and I knew that... well... something wasn't right. A sphere of black ki formed in her hand before she shot it into the dark, inky blackness that was supposedly the sky. Then again, everything was black so I have no idea which direction was up and which was down.

A loud roar sounded and I screamed, covering my ears at the painful sound, I could only imagine what Sesshoumaru was feeling, but he apparently seemed unfazed. That confused me, but I knew it was a bad idea to rip him of his concentration on a fight during the middle of a battle. Who knows what types of painful things would be the effect of it.

"I believe we have a demon larva shaped as a dragon to worry about, Kagome" he stated monotonously and I glanced up to see that indeed, there was a dragon youkai hovering above us, inhaling as it's stomach and chest swelled with the air entering through it's open mouth.

"Can you kill it?" I squeaked and Sesshoumaru glanced at me.

"Possibly" was his short response. That did so much to comfort me. Possibly? Possibly? that was basically what Sesshoumaru said when he meant "no." Youkai and their damn pride.

"What about Fenrir?"

"It's not impossible for me to do so." I'd have better chances with the dragon was basically what he meant. I groaned in defeat. This could not be happening. When did Sesshoumaru ever say anything short of "yes" when fighting an enemy?

Hey, Sesshoumaru, can you kill Inuyasha? I could just imagine the glare he would give me if I asked. Can you kill Naraku? Yes. Can you kill all the frick'n people in the entire world with one swipe of your sword? Yes. Yet he couldn't kill one, single, weak, measly little-

He grabbed me by my waist and jumped out of the way of the dragon's fiery breath. If he hadn't grabbed me, I would have been a pile of ashes by now. The dragon landed and I finally realized that it was about as large as a fifteen story apartment building. Okay, so maybe it wasn't so little, and maybe it wasn't so weak if the flames that it just spouted were indeed flames and not just some random light show. It was still just one, right?

Another roar was heard.

Okay, so it had two heads, it was still just one dragon.

It split into two.

Maybe not, but it was half the size, at least!

The two halves began to extend until the other half was formed. The supposedly 'half dragons' were once again a full dragons, just as large as the original.

...a dragon that could split into two and morph back into one at will, huh? how quaint... Fenrir had really outdone herself this time.

Both dragon's lunged and I laughed nervously before tapping Sesshoumaru's shoulder. He looked at me, obviously annoyed.

"Think fast" I commanded, running away from the two dragons and towards Fenrir. He looked like he was about to protest before the two dragons began to roar again, quickly grabbing his attention. A small scowl graced his features and I heard him mutter something under his breath that I thought he would never say.

"...oh shit."


I couldn't believe it, she told me she loved me after she disappears... as confusing as that may sound... but I wasn't about to let her just leave me. I wouldn't be able to handle it if she did. I would physically, but not mentally, and everyone knew that, even that stupid brat inuyoukai Sesshoumaru. But did she expect me not to go after her? If she did, what kind of an idiot was she? I knew I wouldn't be able to go alone, though, and that's why I'm here, standing in the office of Himeno's school, knowing that the others were watching over her. They saw me and walked into the school behind me.

So, here we were, seven Leafe Knights, standing in the now slightly cramped office of a school waiting for Himeno to pack her stuff and get her butt over here as fast as she could.

It only took her about ten minutes.

Ten minutes was too long for my tastes but I knew that I didn't show it on the outside other than an occasional nervous movement. The same went for Hayate.

When Himeno finally arrived, we left and went a safe distance away from the school.

"What happened, Sasame? Where's Kagome?" she asked and I looked at her before glancing at Hayate. He should have known, for he had a connection with her too. My gaze on him made him tense with uncertainty and discomfort. Good.

"Don't tell me that the bond thing is actually right. She isn't, is she?" he asked.

"She's gone. Fenrir took her."

"Which is why we're both about ready to pee our pants from fear?" he groaned and I couldn't help but smile at his description.

"Not quite that far along, but yes, that would be why we're both so restless and nervous" I replied. "Can you sense her?"

"No, can you?"

I sighed before slowly nodding. I had no idea how it was possible, though. she was in a completely different dimension... a different world.

"Sesshoumaru!!!" her voice echoed in my mind and I sighed, trying to hide my panic.

"The demon's down..."

Right as the words left my mouth, I began to think harder. How would I be able to get to Kagome and fenrir when the only place I would be able to go to would be the land that I came from? The only other place was when Shin used his...

An uncharacteristic smirk lifted the tips of my mouth.



I watched as Sesshoumaru was hit by one of the dragon's tail, smashing him into the ground as it did so. I was paralyzed with fear. I was certain even a taiyoukai would not be able to survive the force of that fall without being severely injured.

"Sesshoumaru!!" I screamed but he didn't move and I saw him turn into his younger form. He still did not move. I raced over to him and created a barrier around us, desperately hoping that flames would not be able to get through as I picked him up and gently cradled him in my arms.

"Onee-chan..." he mumbled weakly and I gently tightened my hold.

"Shh... I'll protect you. Sleep, Sesshoumaru. Everything will be alright."

He obeyed and his eyes fluttered closed. His breathing, although ragged, was evening out and I knew that he would be fine.

"My, my, dear miko. What is your next plan of action? You can't possibly expect to defeat both dragons and me without losing the child" Fenrir taunted. "Why not just give me the jewel?"

"Never!" I hissed. I would not allow it to enter her hands, even if it meant taking my own life in order to do so.

"Then die, and I'll take your soul before it leaves this world."

With a wave of her hands, both dragons lunged, mouths open wide, revealing their sharp, long, teeth and fangs. I reinforced the barrier, determined not to let them get me. They cried out in pain as they hit it, but the purified parts were immediately replaced as the cells worked furiously to replace the dead and missing ones. That one attack had drained me of much of my energy, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to last long. The dragons reared and began to dive at me again and once again, they hit the barrier and recoiled.

One of the dragons began to breathe in and I knew then that I wouldn't be able to survive this. Not without some major energy renewal. They were just too strong.

The barrier suddenly broke as the second dragon hit it and was thrown back just as the first breathed its flame. I began to make my wish on the jewel as I squeezed my eyes shut but the pain never came, and the wish was never finished. There was a furious roar and I slowly cracked my eyes open to see Hajime in front of me, a wall of water keeping the flames at bay as they slowly died out. I couldn't believe it... they had actually found a way to come to me... and they actually came to protect me...

I slowly set Sesshoumaru down and struggled to my feet, determined to help them. After all, the fight had reallly just begun, hadn't it?

I was suddenly embraced from behind, white-sleeved arms wrapping around my waist and shoulders, and I looked back to see Sasame.

"You came..." I panted, vision going hazy from the amount of ki that I used.

"I couldn't let my koi just walk straight into the open arms of death without trying to prevent it, now, could I?" he whispered soothingly and I slowly smiled.

"No, I suppose not."

I turned around in his hold and tilted my head to the side as I stood on my toes and placed a loving kiss on his lips. He returned it, but only for a few moments before he gently pushed me behind him and used his control of sound to attack a dragon before it could breathe fire on us. Blood spurted from the back of it's throat and I took this chance to summon what little miko ki had recovered and aim it at the injured area. I succeeded and it roared in pain as it was purified from the inside out. I collapsed to my knees and Sasame spun to face me, a worried look in his eyes.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine! hurry up and go fight with the others. They need you more than me."

He looked skeptical but a yelp from Mannen quickly dismissed his doubt and he moved towards the remaining dragon. The other three adults were taking care of Fenrir. Or, attempting to, anyways...

They were failing miserably, just like the kids and Sasame couldn't defeat the remaining dragon. Of course they couldn't, it needed to be purified, not hacked to pieces. Sesshoumaru, who had re-awakened, used the beam from his tokijin and even that did nothing.

Hayate suddenly crashed into the ground and there was a flash of black light that enveloped him. He screamed in pain and when the light disappeared, he was lying on the ground on his side, panting and coughing and sweating. He was abnormally pale.

That's when I knew.

There was no hope of survival if no one wished on the jewel to be saved.

And that's when I knew.

I would 'die' to protect them.

I wished on the jewel and a bright flash of soft, pink light engulfed my body, much like how the dark light had engulfed Hayate. I felt myself growing dizzy as my soul was separated from my body. It wasn't painful like the time part of my soul was given to Kikyo. No, this was a gently tug on my heart that urged me to release my spirit, and I did. There were roars of pain that came from the dragon and I heard Fenrir's enraged shouts and cries. She would never get the jewel, and I had made sure of that. Among all of the noise, I opened my eyes for a few seconds to Sasame staring at me in horror.

"...no..." he whispered. I felt the ties being severed with him and I let a sad smile grace my lips. Then, I felt the ties with Hayate being cut, too, and a single tear dripped down my cheek and landed on the dark 'floor' below. But it didn't splatter. No. Instead, it hit with a small 'tink' and bounced a few times before slowly rolling to a stop.

"No!" he shouted as the light began to fade and the screams died away. The dragon had disappeared, along with Fenrir. Good, that was what I had wanted. My vision grew dark and I shut my eyes, knowing seeing them blank would only cause Sasame more pain than he needed. Everything slowly faded away but I felt my body slowly being set on the ground. I was aware of Sasame lifting me into his arms and holding me and I began to grow confused. Wasn't I supposed to be dead?

I guess being without a soul doesn't mean you die.

It's like sleeping, but never aging, and never needing anything to keep you alive but air.

"Don't do this to me..." he pleaded softly, "Not you too..."

Sorry Sasame. I thought to myself before falling into that dreamless sleep, waiting for that moment in time when I would wake up again.


I picked Kagome up in my arms and stood, head lowered so my bangs covered my eyes. The others looked at me worriedly and I turned to face them, smiling. Hayate's worry disappeared from his face and he returned the smile with one of his own.

"Go on, Sasame" he stated and I nodded before turning around and leaving. I was aware of Sesshoumaru following me and glanced at him when he reached my side, his face void of all emotion. But his eyes were red.

"She'll wake up" I muttered stubbornly and he nodded curtly, not finding any reason for him to say anything unnecessary. A swirl of wind surrounded us both and we disappeared from everyone's view. Everyone eventually passed on and all that remained of our existence was a legend, a legend that seemed extremely unlikely to have ever happened in the eyes of other people.


"Ne, ojii-san!" a child cried and the figure of an old man turned towards the noise, what little hair left on his head swaying with his movement. The child tackled him to the ground, long black hair flailing behind him in a ponytail with a green ribbon..

"Hai, Shippo?" the old man asked and the boy snuggled closer to him, giggling.

"What story are you going to tell me this time?!"

"Well, I was thinking about telling you a story about something called the Leafe Knights. It's a very sad tale that doesn't have a complete ending. I still have yet to find out what happens at the end."

"But I want to know what happens at the end!" the child whined and the old man chuckled.

"You'll have to come up with your own ending then, won't you?" he mused and the child pouted but nodded. The old man sighed and began to tell the child the story, laughing inside at the expression on his face. He was aware of his son walking closer and taking a seat beside Shippo, also engrossed in the story. It had taken him a long time to come up with an accurate story to tell and this was the first time tellng it. His son had never heard it either.

"So, in the end, the priestess wished upon the jewel, asking for everyone's safety and the evil witch disappeared from the world, along with her summoned dragon, to never be seen again" he explained and the child grew confused.

"But what happened to everyone else?" he inquired.

"Well, you see Shippo, since the world was at peace once again, the knights grew old and died because of their age. The younger ones are probably still alive today."

"What about the pristess and the demon?"

"One of the knights, her lover-"

"Sasame" the child corrected and the olf man laughed before nodding.

"Yes, Sasame, took the soul-less priestess into his arms and disappeared, the demon beside him. They were also never seen again so nobody knows what happened to them. There is a belief that there is a forest guarded by a huge, white dog with blood-red eyes out in the middle of nowhere. There are rumors of people seeing a flash of white cloth and the soft sound of a male's voice, singing and talking to no one in particular, too."

"Will I be able to see the priestess?" the child asked excitedly and the old man smiled.


"Souta, it's time for your medicine" a nurse called and the old man turned to look at the young woman.

"Hai, hai."

"But I want to hear another-"

"Shippo" the child's father chided gently and Shippo pouted before turning towards his father.


"It's time to go home. Say goodybe to grandpa Souta."

"Bye ojii-san" he mumbled before his father led him away, a small smile on his face.

Kagome... the father thought sadly, thinking of the aunt he had never met. The aunt that had mysteriously disappeared.

The End...

Just so you ppls know, there is an alternate ending! I'm not sure whether I'm going to post it or not, but it's slightly more optimistic than this one.