His shape

His existence

His brilliance

His kindness

She loved them all

His strong hands

His small smiles that fell like drops of rain

His black hair that dipped down so beautifully over his eyes

She loved them all

His eyes…

His eye

Those beautiful eyes…

Now one was not perfect

But she loved it any way

She loved him

She loved his hardness

She loved his stubbornness

She loved his coldness

She loved his indifference

She loved them all

Because they were all him

She loved him…

But did he love her?

He loved her

The wonderful kind woman that he loved…

Was taken from him

And he will always mourn

She will mourn too

For their unhappiness

For the tears that fell from those eyes that she longed to gaze into

For the sunken cheeks and distant look of her best friend

For the joy and happiness they once shared…

For the dream they had together…


They woke up

She loved him

And she will always love him

Everything that he is…

She loved them all

The name that dropped so casually from his lips…

The name that made her heart stop when she heard it in his beautiful voice


She would always love him…