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The Wedding (Duh duh duuuuuh)

Tohru's eyes were bright with barely shed tears. She rubbed her eyes vigorously while trying not to ruin her make-up.

'After all,' she thought, 'Mine-San spent so much time on my make-up! I'd be so ungrateful if I ruined it!'

She felt a handkerchief being pressed into her, and smiled gratefully at the person next to her.

Arisa smiled back (A/N haha! Gotcha! Thought I was gonna say Kyo right?), then turned her eyes toward the aisle. But not before she threw a quick glance at, in her opinion, the most handsome man in the church. Kureno smiled when he saw her eyes upon him, and she flushed and quickly turned away.

The brown haired girl gave a gasp as she saw one of her dearest friends walking slowly up the aisle, dressed resplendently in dazzling white. Tohru smiled as she remembered how the soon-to-be-married girl had told the she would wear white…

(all credit for this idea goes to maddie!)

"I think I will wear white for my wedding"

Everyone in the room gaped at her. Finally Arisa got her voice back enough to say,

"Damn! I thought I'd get to wear a kick-ass black dress for at least YOUR wedding!" then she smirked, "cause at MY wedding-"

"Who the hell'd wanna get married to you bitch" Kyo had finally regained his ability to speak and decided to vent at Arisa, since Yuki was currently trying on his suit in the next room.

"SHUT UP ORANGY! And I WILL get married!"

"To WHO?!?"

Suddenly Arisa flushed, "None of your beeswax, bastard"

Then a soft voice broke through the tense silence,

"You will wear a black dress, Arisa. I wish for my dearest friends to be my maids of honor, and f course wear my favorite color."

"WHAT?!? M-M-M-e? Your mad of honor? S-Such an honor! I-I'm so grateful! Of course I'll wear what ever you like, Hana-Chan! After all, it's your special day!"

She was greeted by a small fist to the forehead and a voice telling her,

"you are way too easily convinced"

But I, on the other hand, will wear white. That color will symbolize that this is one of the happiest days of my life. As well as that I am no longer a sinner"

"che" murmured a certain orange haired kid

"Ooh! A traditional white wedding dress as well as black for the maids of honor? Tradition and new ideas mixing and becoming one in a single glorious wedding! This wedding shall be my GREATEST work! Second only to what will be an even more marvelous wedding between my dearest little brother Yuki and his lover Ma-"

"SHUT UP STUPID BROTHER!" came a holler from inside the dressing room. Luckily for Ayame, he was still struggling with the exotically complicated buttons on his suit and couldn't come out. Machi blushed furiously and had to be restrained by Kakeru to avoid killing Ayame.

Ayame continued as if he hadn't just been interrupted, "Mine! Their measurements!"

"Right away boss!"

Ayame had certainly fulfilled his promise of the wedding being his greatest work. The church was filled with a mixture of black roses and white lilies, symbolizing her old and new life.

And, Kazuma thought, his Saki had never looked more beautiful.

A shimmering veil that was weighted down by pearls that intertwined with her silky hair covered her raven locks. White gloved hands held a magnificent bouquet of white lilies, black roses and red carnations. He had requested the carnations as a nod to his beloved son, and of course she had not refused him. Her slim body was clad in a pure white dress, decorated with pearls, that clung to her tightly until it reached her tiny waist, where it billowed out elegantly. So it's purity would not be stained by the, in Kazuma's opinion, unworthy floor, it was held up. The trainbearers were both clad in black, like everyone else there beside his dear Saki. They were Kisa and Hiro. The former looking nervous, but the latter looking, open mouthed, at his beautiful companion, and recently acquired girlfriend.

Kazuma smiled goofily at his bride, and she smiled back at him.

Her father kissed her forehead then handed her over to him.

Then their gaze turned once more to the aisle.

A muffled curse, and then a red haired boy was literally shoved out onto the aisle. He was

wearing a bright blue sailor suit that Saki had picked out, he suspected, to torture him. He KNEW he was clashing, and he KNEW he looked stupid, a grown man being a ring bearer, but he had promised Tohru, so… HE'D GODDAMN WELL DO IT!

Of course he wasn't about to do it too nicely, so he just stormed up to the altar and held the keys out listlessly.

Kazuma took one, and Saki took the other. He they both turned to the person who had very surprising agreed to be their priest.

Akito smiled back at them, and had them exchange their vows.

Then he spoke hose fateful words,

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Kazuma was only too happy to oblige. He enveloped his new wife in a strong but gentle hung and pressed his lips upon hers.

He unfortunately didn't notice Kyo paling…

They broke apart and smiled and each other. Then…


they both turned to see deathly white Kyo fall to the floor in a dead faint.