Title: A good bye present
Author: Ree
Theme: Setsuna (goodbye)
Genre: General
Version: Anime end of SuperS, beginning of Stars
Rating: G

Setsuna and her friends all belong to Takeuchi Naoko. I just asked them very nicely if they wanted to play. They agreed, and quietly snuck out without Takeuchi-sensei's knowledge.

A good bye present

ChibiUsa was going home tomorrow. Now that her training was complete, it was finally time. Setsuna closed her eyes briefly. She loved being able to see Small Lady when ever she wanted. 'But it is time to say good bye.' Picking up her purse she headed out the door. 'I think I'll go find her a good bye present.'

Setsuna looked carefully through the jewelry store's clearance tray. She spotted a small charm bracelet. 'That would be perfect if it has the right charms on it.' She carefully untangled it from the mass of chains knotted together on the bottom of the tray. Holding it up, she saw that the bracelet was the right size, and that it was made from sterling silver. Running her finger down the chain, she checked out the charms.

'A dragonfly, a gold enamel heart, a small key,' She finger stopped at the key while she looked closer at it. 'It does look a lot like my staff. I wonder if they have charms that can symbolize everyone else?' She looked over the rest of the on the bracelet. There was a red rose, a violin, and a moon already on the chain. She turned around and started looking through the charms. She found a sword that almost looked like Uranus' weapon. She held onto it, and continued sifting through the tray. 'I think that is an oak leaf.' She pulled them out, and then sat both charms down onto the counter with the bracelet. She then found a book, and a campfire. She spent the another ten minutes looking for a charm to represent Hotaru. After she went through all the clearance charms, she went over to the charm display. She slowly looked through the charms while carefully holding onto the others.

'What can I use to symbolize Hotaru? I don't want to use the scythe. Well hopefully something will jump out at me.'

As she was spinning the display around, a sparkle caught her attention. Looking closer, she noticed a little bug charm with a brilliant cut stone as its abdomen. 'A firefly! That would be prefect!' Pulling the card off the display, she went to the counter, and purchased her finds.

Later that evening, Setsuna carefully removed and replaced the charms on the bracelet. Holding it up, she smiled at her masterpiece. It should be the perfect good-bye present for ChibiUsa.