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Yay my first InuYasha fanfic! This is something I wrote a very long time ago in one of my less impressive journals. Ok so the plot of this story is its Kagome's 17th birthday, but in the two years that it all started a lot has changed. Just to clear something up Sango is pregnant with guess who? Miroku's baby! YAY! Anyways InuYasha's character is a lot of times OOC because I did write this before I got a better feel for the show and characters. Oh and in the journal I did this in I had scratched through a lot of things that changes as I got older and started to like different things, I'll put a little list of things that other things used to be at the end of the chapter just for fun, and to let people see how many times my mind changes things. NOW! On to the story!

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Chapter 1 Wake Up!

Kagome woke up to a sore back, a sore head, a sore everything. When she looked around she noticed she was in the forest. All of a sudden she felt something brush against her side. When she looked over she saw InuYasha sleeping peacefully. Kagome at her party, eating a strange tasting fruit, kissing InuYasha She rubbed her throbbing head "What happened last night?" When she tried to get up something grabbed her arm, it was InuYasha probably reacting to the sudden cold next to him. As she tried to wriggle from his grip the blanket around her fell and she realized that both she and InuYasha were naked. Luckily there was no else seemed to be around. She quickly snatched the blanket and wrapped it around her turning her back to InuYasha. He soon woke up due to the fact of the biting wind that whipped around him. He looked around to see Kagome's bare back facing him, scratch marks all down her back. Oh that just reminded me of that Buck Cherry song He reached out to touch one, expecting to have memories come flooding back into his mind, but none came. Kagome felt his clawed digit touch her back causing her to flinch. InuYasha pulled his arm back not wanting to earn a "sitting".

One day earlier.

"WOW! Thanks mom!" Kagome said happily as she opened the presents her family had bought her. Her little brother Sota had gotten her a new portable CD player with built in speakers. Her mom had gotten her a beautiful perfume bottle that was supposedly made from a rare crystal and diamond blend. And her grandpa had gotten her a dried kelpie skin for protection.

"I'm glad you like it, honey," her mom said.

"Well, I guess I better be heading to the feudal era, I haven't been there in a week, InuYasha came here fuming at the mouth," Kagome said as she packed her huge yellow back pack and slung it over her shoulder, she was actually amazed how much upper body strength she had gain just by carrying this huge backpack back and forth.

"Bye Sis," Sota said as he waved from the door like he had so many times before. Sota had grown a lot over those two years, he had become lankier and his hair was shaggy and framed his face. "Good luck," he said as he say her disappear into the well house. "Be safe…"

Meanwhile in the feudal era Sango, Miroku, and Shippo were busy crudely wrapping her presents. They were surprised when Kagome said that people in her time covered their gifts in brightly coloured paper and ribbon. They hadn't gone over that the last time it was Kagome's birthday because she spent that whole month in her time taking "exams." Sango, upon finishing wrapping the gift in a dyed sheep skin sat up straight causing her belly to really stick out.

Shippo had been so excited about a baby coming that every time Sango would say the baby kicked he would jump on her belly to feel, of course it was much harder now to jump onto any ones shoulders any more considering that he had grown at least three and a half feet taller plus he had shed his orange hair, which now came in a rich deep brown, what he claimed was his "mature coat". He was quite handsome instead of the cute he used to be. Demons age differently than humans so he probably aged about nine years in demon for our two human years

Miroku and Sango hadn't changed much in appearance except that Miroku's dragon tail had grown a few inches and Sango's belly had expanded a good ten inches to accommodate the little life form growing within her womb.

None of them had seem InuYasha since yesterday night, Miroku and Sango had a feeling that he was getting her a gift but Shippo was positive that he was some where sulking because once Kagome returned the jewel hunt wouldn't begin for another day. Out of no where InuYasha appeared with his hand hidden in his fire rat.

"Whatcha got there InuYasha?" Shippo asked standing up from his sitting position.

"It's funny how much of InuYasha's personality he's picked up" Sango thought as she watched Shippo try to take what ever it was from InuYasha.

"Nothing, leave me alone, runt!" InuYasha yelled at him punching him in the head, but after two years of it, it no longer affected him but it made InuYasha feel better.

"Fine, geez just trying to have some fun," Shippo said scratching is head and returned to his spot on the ground next to Sango. "So when is she gonna get here?"

"It better be soon, that wench spent a whole week in her time!" InuYasha fumed but underneath he was worried about her.

"Well that's nothing compared to the two and a half months she spent there when she had to have her operation, what was it for again?" Sango asked her hand on her chin "Apendouis?"

"Appendicitis," Miroku answered as he finished tying the bow on his gift to Kagome. He was really proud of him self for what he got her, he had spent the whole week witling it.

They all began to talk amongst themselves waiting for Kagome to come. Suddenly without warning singing came from the vicinity of the well. InuYasha jumped up and head that way with Miroku and Shippo helping Sango to her up.

As InuYasha came closer to the well he could distinguish who was singing and what they were singing.

"It's been one week since you looked at, cocked your head to side and said I'm angry, five days since you laughed at me saying get back together come back and see me, three days since the living room, I realized it's all my fault but couldn't tell you yesterday you'd forgiven me, but it'll still be two days till we say we're sorry" Kagome emerged from the well with her eyes closed, head bobbing and humming. InuYasha couldn't help but smile as Kagome climbed up oblivious to the fact that she was being watched.

She stood there and brushed off her skirt, opened her eyes, and turned a deep shade of red when she realized that everyone was staring at her. She removed her bulky head phones from her head where they rested on her shoulders. Kagome herself had changed, her hair was much longer and pulled back into a side swept ponytail and had blood red tips which caused every one at school to wonder what had happened when she knew the real reason was that they had become stained with InuYasha and Shippo's blood after a nasty encounter with Naraku.

Every one was wearing a smile except InuYasha who was wearing one of his trade mark scowls.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Shippo, Sango, and Miroku yelled while InuYasha simply mumbled it.


WOO! Yeppers that's chapter one. Basically just getting the story set up and character appearances and what not. Ok the whole list of things I'm too lazy to do it but there is something I wanna ask. I have a good amount of story ideas that I wanna find out what people think about them and the most liked one I'll turn into a story and if you wanna use any I'll let you if you ask me and tell me where you plan to go with it. Here they are:

Idea 1: Opposite-On their travel's the group comes across another group just like them but this new group is American and opposite genders than the original group.

Idea 2: Control-The gang comes across a girl who can control water and takes over InuYasha's body by having him drink her in her water form. Soon she takes over his mind but will the gang find out before it is too late?

Idea 3: Parallel Mind- Kagome goes into a coma like state while in the feudal era where she dreams that the roles of humans and demons are reversed and humans are the ones who become extinct.

Idea 3: Bracelets- When a series of events causes InuYasha to accidentally break every one of Kagome's jelly bracelets she has to find away around the things she should have to do because of it. –Intended to be a comedy rated teen, so no sex but plenty of sexuality.

So there they are, please review, I would be most gracious! bows