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Chapter 4 Two demons and a Wolf

Kagome was feeling so horrible, after the birth of Sango and Miroku's baby everyone pretty much crashed, except her. She was thinking back on how she talked to her mom, she over reacted and her mom was the one who paid the price, Kagome took the only child she had left from her, and Kagome was beating herself up for it. 'I never should have brought him here, tomorrow I'm gonna take him back out the well,' she thought to herself as she looked around the camp. InuYasha had been standing guard with Shippo but both had crashed and Kagome was awake so it was ok. Little did she know that she was being watched, up in the highest branches of the sacred tree there was two demons.

Crows flew over the top of the tree and a clawed hand reached out and captured two breaking their necks. The demon climbed down the branch to a small wooden base where another demon sat. The one who had captured the birds looked very reptilian with blood red scales covering the back and sides of her arms, legs, and midsection. Dark, almost brown, red hair hung in a low pony-tail on her back. Her forked tongue darted out of her mouth. The other was a neko with pale green fur on her tail and ears, and a greenish tint to her skin. "So it turns out she is pregnant," the neko said. The other simply nodded and threw one of the crows at her, while she devoured hers in a single bite. "In five months we will have what we need, that was genius, you do have some good plans when you decide to speak," the neko said standing up. "I do wonder though, how did you obtain his sperm? The insemination process wouldn't be hard, but with business like that."

"Yeah, I do have to admit the whole scratched back was just for fun but it made sense," the first words the neko had heard the drake say in weeks.

"Yeah, we'll just have to her guardian angels until then."

Meanwhile Kagome was busy getting ready for bed and what not when suddenly the wind started blowing and before she knew it Kagome was whooshing through the air with a strong arm around her waist. She quickly found herself on the ground. "Finally, it took forever for that mutt to fall asleep," an all too familiar voice said.

Kagome looked up to see Koga standing above her. "Koga, what are you doing?" Kagome asked as she looked around, not recognizing her surroundings.

"I have finally got you away from the dog brain so now, I have my woman!" Koga beamed.

"Koga, I'm not your woman!" Kagome screamed, she hoped she would be loud enough for InuYasha's sensitive ears to pick it up. "I'm InuYasha's."

"What? You settled for the mutt? Well since I don't see a mark, your still fair game. But I'll fix that," he said as he lunged for her neck. But before he could clamp his teeth down a blow was delivered to the back of his head. "What the hell?!" he yelled spinning around.

There stood a young woman with short light brown hair, holding a staff with a glass knob on the top. She wore a shortened version of a dark blue kimono. "It's not nice to attack humans, demon!" the woman said with disgust.

"And who are you?" Koga said as he began to run around her, some what creating a mini-tornado. The girl simply smiled and extended her rod. Koga ran face first into it causing him to fall to the ground unconscious.

"My name is Noami, I kill unruly demons, I'll let you off easy," Noami said as she walked over to Kagome, "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, thank you, he usually isn't that aggressive with me," Kagome said rubbing her back, it was still sore from her crash landing.

"KAGOME!" some one screamed.

"It's a demon," Noami said posed and ready to attack. Out of the forest ran InuYasha and Shippo's new illusion form. "Stay back!"

"No, it's ok their friends," Kagome said grabbing Noami's staff.

"Alright," Noami said lowering the rod and approached InuYasha and Shippo. She went up to Shippo first and began to feel his face. "A fox demon I see."

"What is she doing?" Kagome asked InuYasha.

"You idiot, she's blind," InuYasha whispered.


Noami proceed to feel InuYasha's face. "Human," she first said until she found his dog ears, "Excuse me, hanyou."

"Uhmm, where did you come from?" Shippo asked as he strutted to her, he was quite fond of his new form.

"Shippo, aren't you losing energy?" Kagome asked wondering why he hadn't reverted yet.

"Um, long story short, when you scream I freaked out, changed into this form, but I broke on of my fox magic bottles, which contained "ESPY Powder." –The ESPY means in other words eternal power-

"Well I apologize but I must leave, demons need slaying," Noami said as she turned around.

"Wait, I wanna know something, if your blind how were you able to fight Koga, let alone any other demon?" Kagome asked as she stepped closer to the new demon hunter.

"Everyone has a glow demon's are usually dark, humans light, that's why I had a hard time telling whether your friend was human or demon," she said pointing to InuYasha.

"Why don't you come with us?" Shippo said out loud in a happy tone.

"SHIPPO!" InuYasha yelled.

"Great idea, Shippo," Kagome said walking over to Noami as she beamed at InuYasha.

"Good idea," Noami said whirling around, "You might need an extra body to protect them," she said motioning to Kagome's stomach.

"How did you know?" Kagome asked holding her tummy.

"Nice going, steed," the demon huntress said to InuYasha, "Three is a good number for a litter," she said with a cocky kind of smile.

"THREE?!" Kagome screamed as she nearly fainted.

"Good job, InuYasha," Shippo said proudly as if he had done it himself.

"Why is everyone so happy about three?" Kagome asked panicked. 'Three is way too many, I'm gonna explode!'

"Kagome, three is a great number for demons, it's rare to have less than that," Shippo said matter-of-factly.

"Yashas, Kagome isn't a demon, she isn't made to handle such a load," Noami said, "Don't worry though, you appear strong, you can handle it," she said placing a reassuring hand on Kagome's shoulder.

"Well, let's go!" Kagome said a little to chipper.

And as they walked backed to camp Shippo and InuYasha lead the way with Noami in the rear, "To easy," she said as a forked tongue passed her lips.


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