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The White Innocence

Kanda was being mulled by Akumas. There were to many to handle alone, although most were just corpses on the ground. Blood streaked his chest, he was panting hard from the lack of blood and sevre damage. His vision blurred once in a while, making it hard to pint point the akuma and losing accuracy of mugen's strike.

An akuma was close in range and Kanda made a false swipe at it. The akuma was ready to fire at the weakened teen. Kanda prepared for the worst, firmly gripping his mugen to fend of fatal blows. Just when the akuma was about to fire, a white blurr dashed across his vision. He stared blankly and the next thing he knew was that the akuma exploded. Another one exploded momentarily after. Kanda, confused on what was going on just watched the blurry dances of white and exploding akuma figures. He didn't have the strength to stand any longer and fainted on the streets.


Kanda woke up to find himself in a hostpital bed. His vision blurred a while ajdusting to the scene. He rubbed his aching head. He looked around the room to find it was ordinary as always. He sighed knowing he had failed his mission on finding Cross and take his request. As if his thought was spoken out loud Cross came in the room with a small figure closely behind him.

"Hmph. You couldn't handle a few akumas to come to my request, so I have to come to you." Cross spat out at the raven haired teen. Kanda was about to make his own remark when he notice that his hairs was being batted about. He glared at the small figure it quickly hid behind General Cross. He thought saw a blurr of white same as last night's savior. Kanda lost the intrest in replying and looked towards where the white haired child hid. The child peered from the tall man and ducked again when he noticed he was being watched. Kanda swore he saw a cat like ear hidden in his white hair.

"Who..." Kanda finally spoke a word. Cross looked down at him indifferently.

"This is the request I was talking about." He scooted the shy child forward. Placing firm hands on the shoulders to assure him there. "This is Allen. He's a compatiable of an innocence like you only he's not a full fledged exorcist. I'd like for you to take him to the Black Order."

Kanda speechless looked at the small boy he seemed around 12 years old. Along with the fact of his fluffy tail. "Wait, how do you know if he is a compatible to an innocence?" He was curious that Cross had said he "was" compatible not "have a feeling he is".

Cross expecting the disbelief. Looked down to the boy who looked back at him. "Show him your innocence, it's ok to activate it." Allen's ears flicked at the command. He was hesistant but reluctant to activate it. His hands turned into small white claws flames dancing at the end of his wrist and his shoes disappeared to allow his feet turned into white clawed shoes also with dancing light green flames. After a few moments he deactived it and ran behind Cross. The General walked to a chair and comfortably seated himself.

"I've found him few months ago, and he has keen sense of scenting and hearing. I watched his movements concluded the fact he can detect a akuma before it strikes by his senses. Surprisingly though he can't speak, prior to the fact he was abused when I found him." He looked at the shy little guy who was hiding under Kanda's sight and played with his loose black hair, deciding Allen wasn't too nervous to of Yuu, he went on. "All the trace I got prior to finding him is the collar around his neck. Other than that Timcanpy has most of the record on him." The tiny golden golem flew off of Cross's hat and trailed around the room. Allen noticing lost interest in the raven hair and went after the little goldem just out of his reach. "That's all I have to tell you. Take him to the Black Order he may become useful in getting rid of all the akumas."

"Oi! Why the hell do I have to take him? Your in a better condition to take him there!!!" He yelled after the General.

"I'm not going back there... So hurry up and heal so that you can take him!" He shoved the responsiblities to Kanda nad slammed the door after it.

"Damn that general! He always go off giving minumum information!!" Allen looked confused at Kanda, then the door, back and forth. Yuu sat up and started to take off most of the stuffy bandages. Most of his wounds were healed during the last conversation. Grumbling he noticed little Allen hanging on the edge of the bed his ears pricked forward in caution, confusion, and curiosity. Kanda looked at the kid clearly. His ears flicked back and forward again. Deciding he had no choice but to be stuck with the kid. He tried to reach out to Allen. As a hand close in above his head Allen folded his ears back in fear and hid under the bed.

"Gugh!" Kanda smacked his hand on his face dragged it down the face. 'Great. I got a frightened kitten to take care of and I have no clue on how to handle a kid. And I can't abandon him since he's compatible with an innocence!' He peered under the bed. Allen looked at him with wide blue eyes. Quivering in his cringed form. Kanda decided he was gonna need to get friendlier with him, which was going to kill his morality and crush his rep. Kanda graoned at the thought. But first off the priority list was to get Allen to trust him. Yuu took a deep breath, and tried to look the friendliest possible he could. His face turn out awkwardly since Allen's tail swished and his mouth covered his giggle. Kanda climbed down from his bead and extened his hand out. This time Allen accepted the hand by taking a sniff and giving his own hand out.

Kanda pulled the hand out and caught the frightened little guy. Allen frantically struggled and stopped when he felt soft stroke on his head. The kitten fell into a soft sleep. Kanda sighed and thought 'That's enough for day 1'