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White Contract

A flower swayed withering way scattering blood stained petals in the wind.

Allen blinked awake, finding himself standing before the flower curious. It was a lotus and no water was in sight. Instead it floated in a pool of blood, petals splattered absorbing the crimson liquid, the flower slowly withering. The half cat boy reached out for the dying beauty and a glimpse of realization crept upon him. A thick layer of blood dripped from his fingers. A piercing shrill rippled the stoic black skies, surprising Allen that the scream was his own. His legs gave away as his mind by the flood of memories he didn't remember. Confusion and nausea washed over him as he doubled over looking down on the blood pool.

"Hehehe." Allen's eyes widened at the reflection in the crimson waters. His shadow bore into his own eyes with a crazed hallow ones with a jagged smile that split his head in half. "Enjoying the show? Hehehe." The high pitched laughter of a child echoed the air slowly warping into a mischievous little demon's voice. "Hahaha! Hehehe! Hahaha!"

"STOP IT!" Tears started down the white haired exorcist. "You're not me! I don't wanna be like this!" He grasped his head and curled himself away from the creepy laughter.

"Heeeeeee… Are you suuuuuure you're not? I am a reflection of you. This is what you are. Tehehe." The shadow swam up from the thick red puddle. "Look! Isn't it wonderful?" It pulled its hand along with cascading blood. "It's so beautiful!" The shadow tasted the liquid.

"No…" Tears flowed down his face. "I don't want to hurt my friends! I never wanted to hurt Kanda…" A sudden sharp gasp of realization escaped his throat. "I hurt Kanda? No… I…" The unrecognizable memory flashed. "This is a lie… I-I never… It can't… No!!"

"Hehe… Why are you denying the truth? You said you hurt him yourself!" An emotionally swamped Allen raised his head towards the shadow with a fear shocked eyes. "See for your self!" The black version of Allen roughly grabbed the flower and lifted it up. With terrified face Allen brain tried to process image before his eyes. Kanda Yu held by his hair drenched in his own blood and lifeless.

A blood curdling screech scarred the still air with an echo of a joyful childish laughter.


"Aaaaallen! Allen-tan! Uuuuuuuuuuagh! Tyki! Something wrong with the kitty!" Rhode sat by the suddenly frozen dark kitten staring blankly at the Japanese exorcist his life slowly oozing out of his wound.

"Haaaa…" The tall dark man took a long drag on his cigarette while commanding all the akumas to return to their posts. "Well that's obvious." The spiky haired child puffed out her cheek pouting her frustrations loudly.

"DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!" She shouted stomping her feet. Tyki merely sighed and dropped the used up cancer stick to stomped it out. "The new program the Earl installed in him probably still has a few bugs to work out."

"Oh! Then we should take our little kitten home and let the Earl fix him up!" She giggled happily. "Neeeee! Allen did you hear that?! We're gonna take you home! UWAH!" Unexpected claws nearly grazed Rhode's nose.

"Bad kitty!" A ferocious growl replied to her comment. Fur bristled up as the darkened cat boy's eyes dangerously flashed at them.

"What the…?" Tyki looked at him slightly surprised. "The virus isn't able to fully take over him?" Cat ears with whitening fur pricked up at Tyki's voice and Allen leapt at him. Tyki easily evaded the wild move and only watched the boy closely as he landed on his feet.

"GRRRAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!" A monstrous growl rattled anything was near the source. Allen's ears flickered back and forth grasping his head. Shaking his head, Allen growled at the empty space beside him, blindly attacked whatever presence was near him. Confused if Allen's behavior was due to insanity or inner conflict the Noahs quietly watched quietly within a safe distance.


"NO! NO! NO!" Allen screeched at his inversed reflection leaping at him with his hands squeezing the breath away from the passage within the neck. "It was you! You're the one who made all this… this… Horror! This isn't something I'd do!" Tears of rage dripped down on the shadow Allen. Impassively, the shadow stared at the white half cat human trying to cut off air that never it breathed.

"Why are you so upset? We're supposed to obey the Millennium Earl's will! That's what why we exist isn't it?" Burning rage that seemed to even make an emotionless shadow flinch flashed in Allen's eyes.

"WE ARE NOT THE SAME! I WILL NEVER FOLLOW THAT MAN'S WAY. HE IS THE BAINE OF MY EXISTENCE!" A smirk slowly formed on the dark reflection of Allen.

"So… You defy him too huh?" The calm serious tone froze Allen's rage. "Well then… Let's get rid of him together…" The frozen rage shattered in shock.

"What?" Allen's quiet voice escaped his silently stunned body.

"Let's be free from that accursed man…" Whispering, the shadow slowly rose up removing still hands of white claws. "I can heighten your sense far greater than you are now… while you have the weapon to defeat that atrocious man." Curling its arm behind Allen's head its lips whispered a sweet poison into Allen's ear, "I will be your shield if you can promise that you will be my sword."


Tyki and Road tensed as the sudden rampaging Allen came to a sudden stop. The whiteness of his hair was suddenly being consumed by the black. A smug smirk appeared on the Tyki's face as he noted that the virus had own over Allen's body.

"Come now, the Earl won't wait long for us back at our home." Bending down to pick up the kitten and within a flash claws nearly grazed his hand. "What the?!"

Darkly shaded Allen purred playfully.

"Ungrateful little brat!" The tall man seethed down at the boy swishing his tail back and forth in satisfaction. The curly haired man only stared down at the mischievous crimson eyes.

"Aw! Allen wants to play!" Road sing sang as she petted the virus infected exorcist. Allen purred but his demon eyes glimmered sinisterly at Tyki. Toothy grin shot at the taller man making an involuntary shiver to quiver his body. The dark chaos beyond the smile could be felt deep within his bones.

"Road, get away from him…" The words instinctively warned his kin petting clueless to the silent danger before her.

"Wha do you mean by tha-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!" Within less than a second Road's arm was torn away with blood profusely pouring from the burning wound. Allen purred in satisfaction as the useless limb was thrown on the ground. "WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THIS?!" Her widened eyes stared at Allen with his fur that was still black. "YOU SHOULD BE OBEYING US!" Golden orbs of a bewildered Noah fell to his claws with his innocence activated. "No… No.. NO. NO! NO! NO! NO! YOU CAN'T BE USING THAT RETCHED THING! YOU SHOULD BE DESTROYING IT! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" The spiky haired girl screeched her tantrum to the skies. "HOW DARE YOU BETRAY US!!!!!"

A bright white claw aimed the claw off the screaming head until a hand fazed through his back freezing him in mid-motion with wary eyes at the man . "I'd really like to get rid of you before you come to kill us first…" His sharp yellow eyes leered at bloody red ones. No fear of death was found on the face as Tyki kept still with his hand on the Allen's beating heart. "The Earl ordered us to take you back alive, so just co-"

"ALLEN!!!" Their staring contest was cut short by a certain Chinese exorcist flying in to kick the Noahs to the next century followed by a ridiculously large hammer heading down to earth. Confused crimson eyes stared in empty shock as the man holding his heart captive dodged the sudden attacks. Calculating the situation the only sane Noah of the two decided to retreat seeing that this was beyond the mission requirement told by the Earl.

"COME BACK HERE YOU COWARD!" A furious red haired and one eyed exorcist roared as he swung his giant hammer at the disappearing form of the Noah. The fired up teen was prepared to chase the bastard to the ends of earth if the retreating akuma hadn't reassembled to defend their masters as they retreated. With an infuriated frustration Lavi struck his fire stamp and blasted away a heavy number of them. Allen joined the fray as his white claws tore away at the hard shells of the akuma as if it was nothing more than butter along with Leenalee crashing through majority of them away from her companions. As the numbers of the mass shrunk away so did the trail of the Noah.


"Damn we lost sight of them!" Lavi panted out looking around the battle ground of slain enemies while Leenalee made her way to a pale body decorated in dry blood. Crimson cat slit eyes followed Leenalee as his obsidian ears trailed the sounds of her foot steps.

"Kanda…" Leenalee voice was filled with remorse as she spotted mess that was a Japanese exorcist. She fell to her knees as she covered her face with her hands to sob.

'…Kanda.' All thoughts drifted to the unfamiliar memories within Allen. The memory of claws slashing Kanda before his eyes burned in his heart.

"Fucking damn those Noahs! I will never forgive them." Lavi tightly gripped his fists and gritted his teeth as he looked to the side. Rage seeped stealthily into the atmosphere until a whisper etched away at the hardening air.

"…i… I'm sorry…" Allen's dry voice quietly made a presence as his ears sank as the ebony black fur retreated while the silvery white color returned. Tears were forming at the corners of his eyes. "I'm so sorry…" His tail fell to the ground as did his tears.

"Allen… why are you apolo-"

"I-I was the one who at-attacked Kanda. I wu-was the one who made that wu-wound. He's d-dead because of m-me… All b-because me…" The boy with a ten-year-old body started to wipe away his tears and try to talk with the hiccups.

"It's not…" Lavi sighed as his rage and sympathy clashed along with sorrows. He needed to calm down. Getting angry won't bring the dead back. "Don't blame this on yourself." Lavi tried to be calm as possible to suppress his enraged and grief-stricken heart from surfacing. "The Noahs are the ones that forced you to."

"But I… My claws… They…" A pair of gentle arms brought the kitten to warm embrace. Confused, Allen stayed still not sure what to do.

"You tried to avenge Kanda, didn't you? That's enough." Leenalee smiled while tears stung her eyes.


"Uuuuuuugh… It's damn noisy..."

"…" The three exorcists looked at the direction of the familiar voice. "Kanda?!" All three of them rushed to the place where the near-to-being-a-corpse-bloody body laid.

"What the fuck… Did something die?" Kanda squinted his eyes to see three mess of battle tattered and blood stain covered people.

"Man, we thought YOU died!" Lavi exclaimed in relief as Kanda sat up slowly.

"Like I'll die with a scratch from a house cat." He scoffed looking down at the closed wound that still throbbed with pain.

"KANDA!" Leenalee hugged the injured man as his vein popped up on his temple.

"Shut up and let go of me dammit!" He growled at the two exorcists fussing about him. Then suddenly he glared at the smallest exorcist who hadn't said a word. "What are you staring at for? Looking to kill me again?"

'He's not dead… I didn't lose him to the Millennium Earl…' Allen looked happily at Kanda. 'Thank god…' "Thank… god…" The silver hair half cat exorcist uttered before falling over on his side before their eyes.

"Oi, what's wrong with fluffy?"

"Allen?!" Lavi rushed to pick up the limp boy and check up on him to find that he was only unconscious. "Ha… I think he fainted. He's probably drained from being tormented around by those Noahs… He'll need some rest along with you Kanda."

"Tch, I'm happier laying here in the dirt than having that furball next to me in a hospital bed."

"Don't say that Kanda!" Leenalee scolded at him. "Try to accept someone as your ally for once!" She puffed her cheeks out at him.


Mist seeped from the bamboo forest.

"Uh… More importantly… We need to find a place to crash."

Footsteps quietly followed the Mist.

"It's late… How are we gonna find our way back to town?"

A figure stood aloof from the four specks of bodies lost in the dusk. Without fear the mysterious figure approaches them.

"Hey what the fuck are you guys doing there!" With a shocked expression they all looked up at the new character.


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