((Ok, so here we are. A Cosmo/Timmy fan fic. Nothing is sacred in this world. Nothing. Ha. Well, enjoy, and be sure to leave a comment.))

— — — — Slightly Queer — — — —


The sun peeked slowly over the tree tops. It's faint, half dead light crept across the navy sky, dying it pink. A chill hung in the air as the first birds began to sign. It was a very pretty morning in Fairy World. Down stairs, waffles sat on a thin paper plate, dripping with syrup. A cold glass of orange juice waited next to it.

"Cosmo!" Her voice rang through the house, beckoning him to the warm syrupy food. But he didn't want to go. He didn't want to crawl out of the warm nothingness of his bed and face the harsh world with a fake smile.

Fairy World just didn't hold the joy it used to anymore. The colors were paler, the birds more shrill. He missed the human world. No, he just missed Timmy.


"Timmy! Timmy wake up sleepy head!" Cosmo laughed, shaking the boy roughly out of bed. The alarm clock rang again and again on the bedside, completely ignored and forgotten. Timmy only grumbled, turning over in bed again. Cosmo laughed again, trying to pull the blanket off the boy.

"Now, now Timmy." Wanda said, in her motherly way, hovering above the bed. "If you don't wake up, you'll be late to your first day of school."

With a yawn, the boy sat up. His brown hair fell across his face, dirty fingernails tried to rub sleep out of his own eyes. "Yeah...School great...no more Crocker." That's right, no more Crocker. Crocker didn't teach High School, thank god.

Timmy had never been a morning person. He grumbled and fumbled as his puberty racked body hit the floor in a vain attempt to get out of bed with his blanket still wrapped around him. His light blue pajama's rode up, exposing his cold, lean stomach. Cosmo laughed at him, making Timmy break out into a laughing fit too. Wanda simply smiled. It was good to be alive.

Through the years, a lot had changed about Timmy. He had grown taller, thinner, more handsome. But some things never changed. Crash Nebula still hung on his walls, his teeth were still not straight, and his fashion sense was still rather Queer. That morning as Timmy laced up his tennis shoes, pulled a pink shirt over his head, and smoothed down his hair with a pink hat, Cosmo wondered why Timmy still dressed that way. Kids at school mocked him about all the pink, so why not try blue? Or Green? Green is a nice color after all.

Timmy ran down the stairs quickly, the god parents waiting behind in his room. Timmy had requested that they leave him alone during school these past few years. While Cosmo had felt a little hurt, Wanda explained that it was probably hard for Timmy to worry about them getting in trouble or revealing themselves all day at school. It was best that they stay safe and at home.

Cosmo waved after Timmy from the window. Timmy turned quickly, and smiled. This sent Cosmo into even more hyperactive waves as his God Child boarded the school bus. And the Freshmen was whisked away.

"Bye Timmy!" The fairy bounced on the window sill, watching the bus roll down the street. "Wow Wanda! Timmy sure has grown up, huh?" He laughed. Wanda nodded, almost looking sad for a moment, but her husband could not understand why. "Wanda? Isn't it great?" He said, trying to make her smile, or at least yell at him.

"Oh...yes. Very great." Wanda said, forcing a smile.

"Oh course it's great! Timmy is the best god child ever!" Cosmo proclaimed. "OH I see." Cosmo laughed. "You think he'll get a girlfriend! Don't worry Wanda sweetie! Even if Timmy gets a girl, we'll all be together forever."

Wanda turned away. Da Rules popped in front of Cosmo's face. When a Godchild turns 18, he will loose his God parents, and all their memories of the God parents. Because when they are 18, they are no longer children and have no use for God parents. "3 more years Cosmo. Just 3. Not forever."

Cosmo stared a the page. Oh...yeah. His heart knotted itself up in a ball. And he really, really wanted to cry. Loose Timmy? Timmy was the best God child ever.

That night, Wanda and Timmy both slept soundly. Cosmo did not. Sitting at Timmy's bed side, he watched the boy breath. Each steady rise and fall of his delicate chest made Cosmo's heart clench. Only 3 years?


When Cosmo walked down stairs finally, he saw Wanda standing in front of the hall way mirror, brushing her hair. She'd started doing that a lot lately ever since they had their forms upgraded. Rather than their small little top heavy forms, thanks to the success with Timmy, they were granted full scale bodies.

Cosmo had to admit, he rather enjoyed being tall as well. His green hair still fell untidily like a mop over his ears and eyes. But his lovely, big, full size pants and button up shirts made him feel rather adult.

"Good morning Wanda!" He called, sounding far more cheerful than he really was. He'd never left on, but losing Timmy last year had been really rough on him. Wanda had been upset too, but Cosmo felt as though all the color had been drained out of his life.

"Good morning Cosmo!" His wife said cheerfully. Her hair brush poofing away, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. "You waffles are ready. I kept them warm for you. Now, today me and the girls are going shopping. You will be ok right? Or should I call your mother to watch over you for the day?"

"Wanda! Sweetie. I can handle it." He pouted. Letting a smile over take his lips. "Thanks for the waffles though!" He laughed and ran off to the kitchen. He gulped down the waffles happily, barely waving good bye when Wanda left. As soon as she was down the side walk, Cosmo slowed his chewing, and ate the rest of the meal slowly.


Timmy could drive now. All summer he had slaved over a hot grill at Wac Mondale's Burger joint, saving up his money for this car. He even baby sat the kids down the street for extra cash. On principle he said he HAD to work for this car. Just wishing for it would be cheap. Timmy had started doing a lot of things for the principle of it. The fruit of his labors came the week after he started his second year in High School. A musty green Volvo found it's place in the driveway.

Timmy was eternally proud of the thing, though the A/C didn't always work, and the seats were peeling, and there was a rather scary orange stain on the back seat that seemed to grow. Yes, Timmy loved that car.

He would go out driving a lot, picking up Chester and AJ, joy riding. It worried Wanda to death, thinking they would be in a wreck. Cosmo would often go along, a pair of green fuzzy dice. Timmy thought it was too gay to have pink dice, so Wanda was asked to stay home and guard the fish bowl. Not that Timmy really did things to avoid the color pink often. Timmy explained once, as Cosmo and him drove home alone together, that he just wanted his joy rides to be a guys only thing. Cosmo loved being the one who got to go. He loved being the one who was special.

Timmy was so grown up now. His hair grew a little longer than most boys, curling around his ears. He was still no athlete, but his body had matured into a young man's, not a boy's. Cosmo noted the finer curves of his chest and arms under his tank top the boy slept in. Even the things he wished for had started to change. No more cheese pants or rocket power go-carts. Now it was new cell phones, cooler shoes, for the AC in his car to work, things like that.

Some habits never changed. Pink shirts still filled his drawers, and he still wore his pink hat. He'd even gotten an ear piercing. Though Cosmo wondered, as did many kids at school, he had never actually asked his God Child about WHY he turned Trixie down as soon as he got a car. Maybe it was the sheer principle of the matter, or maybe not. The maybe not filled the bottom of Cosmo's belly with a very uneasy almost pleasant feeling that humans might call doubtful hope.


Cosmo licked the last remains of the syrup off his fingers, and decided to go take a shower. The let the hot water poor over his full grown form. He enjoyed the feeling of the steamy rivets pouring over his full body. Forcing the vanilla scented shampoo through his hair, Cosmo let his mind wander.

As always, it wandered to Timmy. His Godchild, his favorite God child. The innocent little boy who made silly wishes with him, laughed with him, went for joy rides with him. The amazing, charismatic, slightly queer, perfect God child. The God child he loved so much. God, how he missed him.