((chapter 3. So this one took longer than the others. It's also the longest, and (I think) The end. So enjoy.))


Philip slid through Cosmo's fingers slowly, over his ring finger, under his pinky. It soothed him. It made him think of Timmy. He had found Philip while with Timmy. Yes, he loved this little nickle. She had served him well. Philip IS a girl nickle after all. He smiled, letting his silly thoughtless laugh fill his lungs, pumping out his whispering tear filled gasps. He just laughed and laughed for no reason at all.

Wanda would be home soon. He had to put on a good face for her. He had mellowed out some since they got their new bodies, but if he failed to be his happy, hyper, dim witted self Wanda would worry. And he really didn't want Wanda to worry over him. He needed a vacation. Maybe he would drop by Dairy world. He was in the mood for cheese. Yes, he needed a vacation. Philip wanted a vacation too

— —

Dairy world was terrific. Cosmo had a great time. Even Wanda enjoyed herself. One month of the highest quality of cheese in the known universe can put anyone in a good mood.

Then time, as it often does, continued flowing. Soon enough, the vacation ended, and a new god child entered Cosmo's life. Little six year old Allison, miserable in her little apartment and single mother, was graced with fairies. Cute little blond pig tails were held in place with little pink ribbons, and she smiled at Cosmo with her light blue eyes.

Allison, like many children do, chose her favorite quickly. Wanda was favored naturally. Soon the two girls spent hours painting each others nails and having tea parties, playing with dolls and dressing up Allison's pet rabbit (Mrs. Fluffnutters). Cosmo was left to himself most of the time.

He missed Timmy more than ever. Timmy, the little boy who wished for Cheese Pants and Alien friends, action figures and super heros, and other boy things. Timmy who wished for his AC to work in his crummy little car, and for the weights in gym class to be lighter when he HAD to work out. Timmy who didn't have tea parties with Mrs. Fluffnutters.

Most children can't keep their fairies for more than a year. Allison lasted 8 months. Their next child, 13 year old Mary didn't last long either. After a little more than a year and a half of wishes more cute boy friends and scented candles, she lost them too.

Then came little 8 year old Kimmy. She was a cutie, and like the other girls, preferred Wanda. Kimmy wanted a new kitten, a new bike, a nice base ball glove, books by Shakespear and Soccer jersey's. Kimmy lasted for years. Years of this little Tom boy of a girl. But finally, like all the others, she was gone too.

Cosmo still missed Timmy.


They had new God children now. Yes, god Children. A brother and sister plagued by a Baby sitter that made their lives hell. They received the notice while eating lunch, the magical little slip over paper poofing in front of Wanda. She read the names, and smiled, and handed it to Cosmo.

Tommy and Tammy Turner.

— —

Tommy was a bright eyed little boy, so like his father. A strange little pink hat, his pink shirt, even his adorably over sized buck teeth. The girl seemed to be a blend of the girl who wanted Timmy since she was 10, and the girl who wanted him since he got a car: Tootie and Trixie. Who children these were puzzled Cosmo. But never mind their mother. He had Tommy now.

Cute little Tommy with his father's love of comic books, and super heros. Tommy with his father's fashion sense. Tommy who wished that Cosmo was a teddy bear so he could sleep with him at night.

Tommy would sleep in late in the mornings, giving Cosmo time to slip out of the boy's grasp and steal a few, yearning glances as Timmy went off to work. Then as the car, the same musty green Volvo, pulled around the corner, Cosmo would return back to his love's 8 year old son. But soon enough, the bright eyed boy and his sister caught on.

"Cosmo?" Tommy asked one day, sitting in his room, flipping through a Clef the Boy Chin Wonder comic book. Tammy say on the floor (She often played in her brother's room on weekends), Wanda painting her nails pink. "Did you know my Dad? Like...were you his fairy?" Timmy had unbearably smart children.

Both fairies stopped, forgetting to breath. Well, they couldn't really LIE to the children. They told them the truth. They were their father's fairies. For eight years they had made him laugh. For eight years they had done everything for him. Tammy and Tommy smiled, enjoying the stories of their Daddy wishing for silly things like they wished for. Finally the children got bored, and Tammy took Wanda outside to have a tea party. And so all was calm for a few hours.

— —

Later, night fell upon the house hold. Tammy and Wanda had gone to what used to be the spare bedroom, but was now the girl's bedroom. Tommy curled up in Timmy's old bed, snug under the warm covers. Cosmo stared out the window, thinking about Timmy. He lay on his back next to the 8 year old boy.

"Cosmo?" Tommy asked, rolling onto his back. His raven hair fell over his eyes a little bit. Cosmo made a soft throaty "hm", smiling at the ceiling, still lost in his memories of Timmy. "Do you want to talk to my Dad again?"

Cosmo rocketed up, facing this eight year old little boy. "Talk to Timmy?" He gasped. No way. Impossible. Never going to happen. Was such a thing possible? He nodded slowly, running one of his hands through his green hair. "But...I don't know...Rules...and stuff."

"But as long as Daddy doesn't know you're MY fairy, it's ok right?" Tommy said happily, obviously pleased with his own wit. Such an unbearably smart child. "So as long as you make it sound like you're just visiting, it'll be ok!" Cosmo thought about that. Certainly there would be a problem if Timmy knew he was Tommy's god parent. But if Timmy didn't know...maybe...

"But, Timmy doesn't remember me." Cosmo said, pointing out the obvious flaw. The 8 year old looked at his god father, and smiled.

"Cosmo." He whispered, rolling onto the older one's stomach. Laying his head down on his chest, the child sighed. "Cosmo, I love you." He said softly. Cosmo's breath hitched. Surely this child meant it platonically. Surely he meant it like father and son. "I really, really do. And, I want you to be happy. I love you that much Cosmo."

Cosmo smiled oddly, enjoying the feel of the boy on top of him, so warm and soft. "Aww, Tommy." He wasn't sure what to say.

"I wish." Tommy started. Cosmo's heart fluttered. He was nervous, oh so nervous. Could this really work? "I wish that my Dad would remember Cosmo, and that you would talk to him!" Said his god child, smiling knowingly at the green haired fairy. So damn smart.

— —

Timmy wasn't sure exactly when he remembered he used to have fairies. He couldn't really remember when he forgot. But as he stood in the kitchen, pouring himself a glass of coffee, a wave of recognition washed over him, flooding his senses. He staggered back, falling into his chair. Cosmo and Wanda. He used to have fairies. And then, foot steps on the staircase made him spin around and look.

"Cosmo?" He gasped. It looked like Cosmo. A grown up Cosmo. An adult, nervous looking Cosmo.

— —

The stairs creaked with every step. There, in the kitchen, not yards away, was Timmy. Grown up, 28 year old Timmy. Tears welled in his eyes. Timmy, wonderful beautiful, perfect, all grown up Timmy.

Cosmo rushed at him, leaping into his arms and nuzzling into Timmy's shoulder. Timmy. He still smelled the same, like comic books and cheap soap. But Timmy was no child any more. His strong grown up arms wrapped around the fairy's waist, pulling him closer.

"Cosmo...what?" He gasped, laughing. "What are you doing here?" Timmy's voice had gotten deeper, his muscles firmer against Cosmo's wiry frame.

"Came for a visit." Cosmo said, his voice muffled in Timmy's shirt. "Miss me?" Cosmo felt very small in that moment, like he was the child in Timmy's arms. After all, he was eternal, and Timmy had grown up. But still, like a good wine, Timmy had only gotten better with time. More handsome, more dashing, and an irresistible smile.

"Let me get you a snack." He said, knowing Cosmo's weakness for sweets. Cosmo managed to let go of the boy, allowing him to saunter (Yes, Timmy could now saunter) over to the cabinet and extract a bow of sweets. Little Debbie snake cakes. Cosmo's eyes lit up. Oh, Timmy knew him so well.

And so, sitting at the kitchen table eating Little Debbie snack cakes, Timmy talked about his job at the office where he did menial things all day for little money, and about his wonderful children, who Cosmo really should meet some time. Cosmo talked about all the God children he had, and why they weren't as good as Timmy, and about his vacation to Dairy world, and that Philip was doing well. Hours melted away in their conversation, long after Tommy and Tammy had gone to sleep.

In time they ventured to the living room and sat on the sofa. Cosmo managed to entangle himself in Timmy's limbs, curling his fingers in Timmy's pink night shirt. A moment of Deja vu hit the fairy, remembering Timmy wrapped in his arms. He smiled.

"Timmy. I don't think you'll remember me tomorrow." Cosmo whispered. Everything was ok now. He knew everything would be fine. After all, he had Tommy. Timmy started to question him, confused, and sad. "Don't worry Timmy." Cosmo smiled. "You're all grown up."

"But...Cosmo...That's not fair! I'll never see you again..." He seemed sad. When he was 18, Timmy craved independence, ready to abandon his fairies and go out to the world. Now at 28 he missed his childhood, and losing Cosmo was just another piece of his past that he might loose forever.

"Timmy." Cosmo said, and smiled his care free smile. "I love you." But he would not be misunderstood again. This may be his final chance ever, and he would not let Timmy misunderstand.

He pressed his lips against Timmy's softly. Timmy kissed back. Almost urgently, it quickly escalated. Lips parted, hot and steamy, timid tongues intertwined, Cosmo ran his fingers through Timmy's soft brown hair. But, the wedding band on Timmy's finger, and the knowledge that Wanda lay upstairs could not allow them anything further. In time they separated.

"Timmy, I love you." And Timmy finally understood.

"I love you too Cosmo."

"Good bye Timmy." He smiled. It was a weak smile, a tired smile, but it was a smile. Timmy knew, he knew. Even if Timmy's memories were fleeting, to be whisked away in his sleep that night, their love was sealed with that kiss. That glorious kiss.

— —

Tommy slept soundly upstairs, curling up in the soft cushion of his bed. He deserved thanks. Cosmo parted the boy's hair. Such a pretty child. He really was Timmy's son. With a small kiss on the cheek, Cosmo said good night to the boy. And now, finally, he too could have a good night's rest. He loved Timmy. He always would.

But he had Tommy now, and that was almost as good.

— — – —

((The end guys. Unless I get some amazing stroke of inspiration. I am considering writing a smutty C/T one shot. So cross you fingers.))