Hmm. . . I really feel like writing a oneshot. I'm a HUGE fan of NaruHina, so here's a little oneshot about them. I'm eventually going to do a story with Naruto and Hinata, and before that, one with some hinting of them in it. Actually one of the OC's in this, Amaya, is going to be a big character in those two stories, so you'll have to wait to find out more about her. This one shot really has nothing to do with the other stories, it just has my character in it. ANYWAY, hope you like it.

Disclaimer - I don't own Naruto, and if I did, he wouldn't still be obsessing over Sakura. . .

Hyuuga Hinata was in a very uncomfertable situation. Her best friend, Amaya, had dressed her up in some of her clothes for fun. . .or so she thought. As soon as the lavender-eyed heiress had excused herself to get changed back into her usual clothes, Amaya had blindfolded her and started randomly dragging her out of her room.

"Amaya-chan," she pleaded. "Please tell me where you're taking me!" The cat-using ninja laughed. "Now if I did that, where would all the fun be?" She looked at her blindfolded friend and laughed a little. "I'll give you a hint though, I saw one of you're friends looking kind of down, so I thought you could pay them a visit." Hinata was utterly terrified, so she did the only thing she could do. She kept quiet and let Amaya lead her to her certain undoing.


Uzumaki Naurto sat silently in his appartment. Today he had come to a big realization. Sakura was not worth his time. He hadn't even been trying to flirt with his pink-haired love interest but she still sent him flying across the street with a chakra filled punch when he asked if he could walk with her.

He sighed. "Can't a guy just ask to walk with his friend down the road anymore?" He asked himself out loud. She didn't stop with the punch, she started screaming at him about how she didn't like him that way. "Gosh Sakura-chan why?" He thought sadly. He didn't car that much, he was starting to get over her, but it still hurt.

Suddenly his ears perked up. It sounded like there was a struggle going on outside the door. He got up to listen more closely. "Where are we Amaya-chan?" He heard a soft voice call on the other side of the wall. "Hinata?" He thought. Suddenly he heard a squeak, a very Amaya-like giggle, and a knock on his door.

He pulled himself up so he could answer the door. It opened surprisingly fast, to reveal none other than Hyuuga Hinata, and a fleeing Amaya. Hinata's face was beat red, and her hair was really messed up, like someone dragged her to his door. Something very non-Hinata like caught his eye. It was what she was wearing. Instead of the usual baggy jacket and pants, she was wearing a simple cotton sundress. It wasn't really tight, but it showed the curves the shy girl was definitly hidding.

Naruto's face turned pink. "Uhh. . .Hey H-hinata w-what's up?" He asked, stuttering slightly. She blushed deeper. "S-sorry Naruto-kun, you see Amaya-chan dragged me here blindfolded. . . " she continued explaining. He didn't hear much though, it was that damn sundress. The way the dark grey material twirled with every movement the heiress made, even the simple lavender falling leaf pattern caught his interest.

"Naruto-kun?" She asked sweetly. "Since when was her voice so attractive?" Naruto thought before shaking out of his trance. "Uhh, hey it's no problem, actually I wanted someone to talk to. Do you mind staying a bit?" The lavender-eyed girl shook her head, and Naruto let her in.

He led her to the couch and told her she could have a seat. She looked around, obviously uncomfertable. After offering her something to drink, which she kindly refused, he sat down next to her. Her face was light pink, and he couldn't help but think how adorable it was. "Why am I suddenly thinking about Hinata like this?" He wondered.

After a few minutes she looked up at him. "So Naruto-kun, you said you wanted to talk." He nodded. "She didn't stutter, I guess spending time with that cat girl (A/N: Cat girl is Amaya, she's pretty outgoing) has done her some good." "Yeah, I guess, I'm just feeling kind of unimportant." He said with a sigh. "I-I think yo-you're important N-naruto-kun." She said, her face resembling a tomato. He smiled, hearing those words made his heart lift a little. "Thanks Hinata-chan." He said, giving her a big grin. It faded away slowly. "I tried to talk to Sakura-chan today. . ." Hinata's ears perked up as Naruto told her what happened.

She felt bad for him and nodded in understanding, thinking of what to say. Luckily he spoke up first. "It's just, I try so hard to get her attention, and she treats me like I'm invisible." Here Hinata let out a slightly depressed laugh. "What is it?" Naruto asked her. "I know what you mean, everyday I try harder to get someone's attention and it always seems in vain." The heiress said without stuttering once. Naruto looked at her. She had tears forming in her eyes. "Oh, hey Hinata-chan, don't cry, who is it? Is it Kiba? I'll kick his ass!" Hinata choked a laugh as the tears started to spill more.

"It's not K-kiba-kun." She said between her silent sobs. "Who is it?" Naruto asked, as he kept naming off random shinobi in the village. All of which she turned down. After a few mintutes of guessing, his eyes flew open wide. "That only leaves. . . me." He looked at her in disbelief. His heart was beating heavy in his chest. Hinata looked up at him and nodded, her face becoming bright red. He kept looking at her, here she was the quiet, shy, dark girl who was making his heart bleed with just her tears.

After a few more moments Hinata got up. "I-I'm sor-ry N-naruto-kun, I'll just leave." She said, crying harder and heading for the door. He snapped back into reality and grabbed her wrist. "Don't go." He begged. She listened and turned to look at him once more. His breath nearly left him. He couldn't believe he never noticed how beautiful she was. Her hair had grown out since he came back from training, and her eyes, they were probally the most captivating thing he had ever seen.

"I'm sorry Hinata," he said. She looked up at him, trying desprately to dry her tears. "For what?" She asked sadly. "For never noticing you before," he answered while pulling her close to him. She blushed but nuzzled her face into his shoulder and hugged back. "I promise. . ." He whispered in her ear, "I'll never make that mistake again." He slowly lifted her chin up to meet her gaze. Just looking at her love-filled eyes, sent a warmth he never knew through his body. Before she could even register what happened, she felt his lips on hers, taking her breathe away. She closed her eyes and leaned in, deepening the kiss. When they finally broke apart, they were breathless. "You really are my sunshine Hyuuga Hinata." He said leaning in for another kiss. "You've always been mine." She said closing the gap between them for the second time that day. A day which would always stick in her heart.


Amaya smiled while looking through the keyhole. "Mission accomplished." She said softly to herself. With that she walked off, leaving the two new lovers to themselves.

EEp alright there it is, I know it kind of sucks but I like it, and it's been buzzing around my head for a while. Sorry for any spelling mistakes I kind of wrote it in a hurry. Anyway, hope you all liked it, for those of you who read my One Piece story, I'll have my next chapter up in the next few days. Thanks a bunch 3