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Chapter 1

The Last Time

Lily Evans felt like the luckiest woman in the world. She and her boyfriend, James Potter, had been together for over two years and they were madly in love. It didn't matter that the wizarding world was plunged in the middle of the war against Voldemort, that it wasn't safe to walk down the street alone, or that seeing a strange face made you look over your shoulder for the rest of the day. When she was with James, all that seemed to disappeared.

Sunlight was streaming into Lily's bedroom. James was already awake, but hadn't moved much. She was lying across his chest, and since he didn't want to wake her up, he had been watching her sleep for the past few minutes. He loved the way she looked first thing in the morning. Her dark red hair was flowing down her back, and the sunlight was hitting her just right just so that her skin seemed to glow. And, not to mention of course, she was completely naked.

Lily's brilliant emerald eyes fluttered open and immediately met James's own hazel ones. "Good morning," she said softly.

"You too." He leaned forward and kissed her.

Once they broke apart, Lily asked, "What time is it?"

"Early," he replied with a slight smirk on his handsome face.

"And just how much time do we have," she said in a seductive voice as she slowly ran her hand over his tight abs. That was all it took. In one swift move, he flipped her on her back and leaned over her.

"We have plenty of time,"


Sometime later, James was changing his clothes his apartment he shared with Sirius. He was digging around in his wardrobe for a clean pair of socks when he found a small, velvet box. Knowing exactly was inside, he sighed as he opened it to reveal the impressive diamond engagement ring that he had bought last week. It had a large diamond in the middle, with two slightly smaller diamonds on each side.

He closed the box and put it in his pocket. Tonight was an anniversary of sorts for James and Lily. And if James had his way, it would be one that she would never forget.


"Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in," Rachel said playfully as Lily walked into St. Mungo's fifteen minutes late. Rachel Johnson, with her light blonde hair and deep blue eyes, had been Lily's best friend since they had first gone to Hogwarts. Even now, they still remained best friends because they worked so closely as fellow Healers.

Lily just smiled back. "Very little could ruin my mood right now, so go on...make all the jokes you want."

"I take it James put you in a good mood last night,"

"And this morning,"

They started laughing as they made there way to the hall they worked. They were reviewing some of the charts when Rachel asked, "So what are you doing tonight?" even though she knew exactly what James was planning.

"All I know is that James is coming over again tonight, but he won't tell me what we're doing. Today is kind of an anniversary for us, so I don't know what he has planned."

"But I thought you're second anniversary was, like, three months ago,"

Lily grinned. "Well, it's a different kind of anniversary,"

"Oh, I see," Rachel said, finally understanding, "you've been having sex for two years,"

"Yeah. What are you up to tonight?"

"Well, my sister is getting married next week so, being the amazing maid of honor that I am, I'm taking her and the rest of the bride's maids out to a Muggle club,"

Lily nodded. "I guess we need to get to work. See you for lunch?"

"See ya then,"


James walked through the rows of Auror cubicles, trying to avoid his boss, Rufus Scrimgeour, because he was late. He finally sat down at his own desk when Sirius's head came around the corner, "Well Mr. Prongs, you must have had a good time last night if you're twenty minutes late," he said, teasing his best friend.

"Scrimgeour hasn't been around, has he?"

"Not yet...so did you ask Lily anything last night between your sexual escapades?"

"Not yet, but I will tonight." Sirius gave James a thumbs up before he went back to his own cubicle.

James looked around his desk...a letter address to Mr. James Potter lay next to a picture he had of him and Lily. When he took the letter out of the envelop two pictures fell onto the desk, though they fell unnoticed by James.

Dear Mr. Potter,

We know a lot about you. We know that your father has been ill for some time now. We know that your best friend is your room mate, Sirius Black. We also know that you and a certain Mudblood by the name of Lily Evans have been an item for over two years. It is an unspeakable crime for you, a descendent of one the most prestigious pure blood families, to be with a mere Mudblood. And for that, you must be taught a lesson. We even know where she lives. If you look at the pictures we've sent, you'll see that we are not lying. If you want Ms. Evans to live through the night, we suggest that you listen to what we have to say.

If you end your relationship with Ms. Evans in one week or less, she will live. If you do not, she will be kidnaped, tortured, and mutilated beyond recognition so much that not even you will be able to recognize her body.

The Death Eaters

James stared at the letter, a numbness settling over him. He couldn't believe it, he just couldn't. It was then that he saw the pictures that they were talking about in the letter, lying face down on his desk. Afraid of what he would see, he picked them up anyway. The first one was of him and Lily eating diner at her flat. It looked like it had been taken from outside one of her windows. The second was also of him and Lily. But in this picture looked like it had been taken that very morning. This picture, like the first, looked like it had been taken from out of a window.

He carefully folded the letter and put it and the pictures in his robes. He took out a quill and spare piece of parchment and scribbled a note that read, the Marauder's old haunt. Six o'clock, tonight. James stood up, tossed the note right in front of Sirius, and walked away. He put a charm on his face that made him look pale, found Scrimgeour, made up a lie that he was sick, and went back to his apartment. Once there, he locked the door, windows, and pulled the curtains. He flopped on the couch, and tried to think. But he couldn't sit for long. He got up and started to pace the floor.

This couldn't be happening. It just couldn't. He loved Lily more than anything else...how could he simply break up with her because of a threat? He had promised to never hurt her, and that would crush her. Not to mention, it would kill him as well. How could he even think of living without her? That's why he bought the ring, because he wanted to spent the rest of his life with her. The same thoughts circled in his head until it was nearly six o'clock. He Disapparated to where he was meeting Sirius.

The Marauder's old haunt, James thought as he looked around the Shrieking Shack. While most of the wizarding world thought that this place was home to violent spirits, James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter knew better. This was the place where Remus transformed in a werewolf every full moon while they were at school, and where his best friends transformed into their Animagi forms.

"Is that you, Prongs?" called a voice from upstairs.

"Yeah, Padfoot, it's me," James said as he when upstairs into a bedroom with a large four poster bed.

"What's going on?" Sirius asked. "Your not getting nervous about proposing, are you?"

James nearly laughed. "I wish," he took out the letter and handed it to Sirius.

When he finished, he gave it back to James with a shocked expression on his face. "Holy shit," was all he said.

"No kidding," They fell silent.

"The letter said something about pictures..." Sirius said.

James nodded and pulled one of the pictures – the one of him and Lily eating – out of his pocket and let Sirius look at it.

"And the other?"

"Let's just say that it's a bit more...revealing...than that one,"

Sirius grinned.

James rolled his eyes. "This isn't funny. What am I suppose to do?" By now, he was getting desperate.

"Have you told anyone else?"


"It sounds like they've been watching you for a while...and they don't sound like they are going to stop anytime soon...But I honestly don't have the slightest idea of what to tell you."


Well over an hour later, James knocked on Lily's apartment door. In nearly killed him to see her face light up when she answered the door.

"There you are," she said as she threw her arms around him. "I was getting worried,"

"It's okay...I just got held up at work,"

"Well, come on in,"

That night, as much as killed him, James did not propose to the love of his life. Instead, he spent the night worshiping Lily – kissing, touching, tasting, memorizing every inch of her body...because he knew it would be the last time.