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Just Like Heroine

chapter one- The rich and not so rich

A bubblegum-haired girl leaned against the glass that seperated the customers from the delicious Subway sandwhiches, her emerald eyes scanning the rather large (and messy) eating area. A wide smile graced her glossy lips as realization dawned upon her.

"It's not my turn to clean tonight!" she cheered, pumping a fist in the air. After her sudden moment of joy, she straightened her black uniform shirt and quickly ran out of the small restuarant, her sneakers scuffing up the violet tiled floor, "Naruto!" she called.

Not even a second later, a rather tall blond came out of the frozen food aisle. His unruly hair stuck up in all directions, but it framed his slender face perfectly. His figure was that of a stereotypical athlete, but not too thick. His abs weren't well-defined, but you could definitely see them through his tight black shirt. And hung low on his hips were baggy orange cargo pants, a studded belt holding them up, but not very much, exposing a bit of his checkered boxers and smooth, tan skin.

But if anyone in Wal-mart were to be asked which part of Naruto they liked the best, everyone would answer the same; his beautiful cerulean eyes. Except for one of the employees in electronics, Hirota Sai. He would be the only one to answer differently. "His penis," was always the reply.

"Yeah, Sakura-chan?" Naruto had his uniform vest slung over his right shoulder as he approached his friend.

The girl known as Sakura smiled sweetly as she tucked a stray strand of pink hair behind an ear, "It's Tuesday, Naruto, and you know what that means!"

The blond blinked slightly slanted blue eyes, "Um..."

Sakura frowned and put her hands on her hips, the golden bracelets around her wrists clanging together, "It means it's your turn to clean this place up! Now get to it, I'm sure you'll want to get home before ten," she smirked slightly(1).

Naruto's face fell and he pouted, a look you'd never expect to see on such a grown man, "B-but-- Sakura-chan, I'm tired!"

"That's no excuse!" the girl hissed, "it's your turn, so get to work," she patted her friend on the chest before going past him, muttering a good-bye to the manager as she passed him on the way out.

But I... I have to pick up Silo(2)! he practically tore his hair out and screamed, but a poke to the forehead kept him from doing so.

"You should've lengthened his watching time at the center," the manager, Jiraiya, said with a gruff voice, his long white hair tied back, as usual, "but if you think they'll kick him out...?" he scratched under his chin.

"No, I know they won't," the blond sighed, "but I promised him we'd go to the pet store as soon as I got off of work... I promised him a week ago, Ero-Sannin!"

Jiraiya groaned, He tries too hard to be a good dad, "If you go, that's fifty dollars off your pay tomorrow."

Naruto grinned widely, "I don't need it!" he jumped onto the older man and hugged him firmly, making Jiraiya cough and shove him off.

"As much as I would love you hugging me until my spine snaps, I think you should get going. Your darling little Kuma-chan needs you(3)."

"Right!" saluting, Naruto stuffed his Wal-mart vest into one of his cargo pockets and headed out the door.


Inside of the learning center, about eight children were sitting on the floor, all of them trying to put together a massive puzzle one of their watchers bought for them. One of the girls smiled when she saw her older sister walk into the room, waving for her to get her stuff.

"Coming!" she chirped, leaping off of the floor and grabbing her Dora the Explorer bag, "bye everyone!" she then blushed slightly and looked at one of the boys, "b-bye, Silo..." then she ran off, following her sister out of the center.

The boy known as Silo had short pitch black hair, but his gorgeously slanted asian eyes were a startling blue. He looked at the entrance door in confusion as his friend ran out, Why didn't she wait for me to say bye?

"Silo, are you done with your part of the puzzle yet?" one of the other boys, Caleb, asked. He moved his part in place and connected it with another.

"Um, yeah," the crow smiled and moved his in place too. He sat back and looked up at the clock, watching the red hand go around.

"I made it!" a voice screeched from the doorway, "Silo, I'm sorry I'm late, but blame Sakura-chan!"

Silo immediately shot up from his spot and grabbed his stuff, running to his dad with a large expecting smile, "I forgive you, Chichiue," the boy stated, smile still in place, "so... are we still going to the pet store like you promised?"

"Yep," Naruto grinned and lifted the small boy up, "and you can pick out any pet you want."

Silo swungs his legs excitedly and waved back to his friends, "Bye!" he said with a slight accent. Laughing as his dad lifted him onto his shoulders, he gripping tightly onto locks of blond hair.

Naruto pushed the door open and ran out into the slightly windy night, running in zigzags and smiling at his son's attempt to make airplane sounds as they reached the car parked at the end of the parking lot.

"Chichiue, I was thinking..." he let himself be pulled from his father's shoulders and he climbed into the back seat of the car, Naruto always telling him it was safer to sit back there, "do you think I could have a pet snake?"

Naruto practically choked on his spit, "A-A snake?"

"Yeah!" Silo cheered excitedly, "Jack and Aaron were talking about them today and--"

"I'm scared of snakes."

The crow blinked, "You're scared of them?"

"Could we not get something so... slithery?" Naruto laughed nervously and got into the driver's side of the car, "even a spider would be better than a snake."

Silo smiled widely, "How about a tiger?"

"Those are illegal," Naruto started the car.

"Ummmm, fine, I'll stick with a puppy," Silo put his seatbelt on and wiggled around in his seat, excited, "and I'll name him Doscha!"


A silver-haired man stood by the cinnamon roll shop inside one of the terminals at the Dulles International Airport, his face from the nose down covered with some sort of dark fishnet cloth. He flipped through an orange book, his black and red eyes scanning every page thoroughly, a grin apparent under his mask.

He didn't even notice someone approach him until he heard them clear their throat. Looking up, the man chuckled, "Welcome to the states, Sasuke."

"There aren't many people," the teen named Sasuke commented with a quick glance over the crowd. He wore an expensive Emporio Armani jacket, waisted with a single button, blue lapels, in blue textured velvet; and he had on a grey cardigan with grapeskin purple features. His trousers were in blue wool with a side pocket and his shoes were derby style in a glossy croc print colour rich brown(4). His raven hair stuck out in the back and long bangs framed his handsome face, the color (along with his obsidian eyes) contrasting well against his pale skin.

"Isn't that a good thing?" the man raised a brow, "I doubt you'd want your fans swarming you in America as well," he smiled, but then lifted a small bag up from beside him, "ah, I have your favorite bag."

Sasuke took it and put it over his shoulder, "Kakashi, I expect that you're the only one who will know of my location for the next two weeks?"

"No one will be bothering you," the man now called Kakashi replied amusedly, "and I bet the news of your disappearance will spread over the globe like wildfire," he held back a laugh, "'Uchiha Sasuke, world famous actor, disappears over night'."

Sasuke smirked and pulled a pair of dark blue Giorgio Armani sunglasses from his trousers, putting them on, "I wanted a vacation to get away from all of that, but it seems I'll only be gaining myself more attention."

"Well, you'll just deal with it all once you return to Tokyo. Right now, you're going to be on vacation," Kakashi tucked his orange book away and stepped over to the luggage belt, grabbing Sasuke's two bags, "I've called Kiba and he has a room ready for you."

Sasuke frowned, "I thought I was staying in a hotel."

"You were, but then I thought it would be nice if you spent time with your old friend. He seemed overly excited when I told him you'd be staying there," Kakashi smiled.

Sasuke held back a smirk, "I suppose I could stay with him. I haven't seen him in a while."

"And I know you're on a break, but I think this would be the perfect time to pick a partner for your upcoming film," the man led them through the airport, "you won't have any stress from your brother while you're here, so it should be easier," Kakashi grinned under his mask, "and American men are just so hot, don't you think?"

Sasuke scowled at his manager.


Silo tugged on the doors of the pet supermarket, but they wouldn't budge, his happy expression slipping off of his face immediately, "Ch-Chichiue..." he tried to keep the whining out of his voice, but he failed miserably, tears welling up in his eyes, "the doors are locked..."

Shit, Naruto went up and looked through the glass. The lights were on and workers were bustling around, cleaning and turning the night lamps on for the nocturnal animals and reptiles. He knocked on the glass, but the people ignored him.

"This place closes at 9:00, dammit! It's only 8:35!" he sighed and looked down at his son, the boy on the verge of crying, "I'm sorry..."

Silo sniffled and wiped his eyes, "I-it's ok..." he mumbled, his voice trembling, "w-we can come back some other time, right?"

Naruto bent down and pulled the boy into a hug, I suck as a dad... "How about we go tomorrow? I get off early since it's pay day."

The crow buried his head against Naruto's shoulder and nodded.


As they drove down one of the many highways in Maryland, Sasuke's cellphone rang and he carefully looked at the name, not wanting to answer if it was someone from his brother's company. Taking his sunglasses off, he smirked when he saw the name Inuzuka Kiba. Flipping the phone open, he answered, "Were you too excited to wait for me?"

His friend snorted on the other end, "As if, Uchiha, don't flatter yourself. You're not the least bit fun to be with."

Sasuke frowned at that.

"I was kidding."


"Che, same old bastard. But hey, I called to ask you a favor. You think you could stop and pick me up some dog food and chicken feed? I'm all out, man."

Sasuke crossed his legs and ran a thumb over the tip of his shoe, "You want me to get feed for your farm animals?" he asked, not really excited about it.

"I'd really appreciate it. I don't wanna give Akamaru table scraps 'cause then he'll get fat and the chicken feed is almost gone. Oh, and the market'll probably be closed, but I'm sure you could get in. Just use your rich person influence!"

The raven sighed, "Tell me the address and I'll log it into my phone," he listened intently before saying good-bye and ending his call. Opening the directions box at the bottom of the screen, he began texting in the address. He kept it open and as they turned into the exit that led to Frederick, a voice from the cell phone told Kakashi where to go in order to get to the supermarket.

"So, we're going on an errand?" Kakashi's voice hinted that he was smiling in amusement.

"Just keep quiet and drive," Sasuke looked out the window, watching two teenagers on bikes zoom by.


"I guess we should get home," Naruto sighed, lifting the upset little boy into his arms, "unless... maybe you want some icecream first?" he smiled.

Silo wiped his eyes again and nodded cutely, "Pumpkin pie icecream?"

Naruto grinned and bounced the boy up and down in his arms, "As much as you want."

His mood becoming brighter, Silo wrapped his arms around Naruto's neck, "Arigato, Chichiue!"

The blond was happy that his son wasn't crying anymore. He felt like the child was always sad, even though he smiled and laughed just as much as Naruto did. It was just... all of the tears Silo had shed when his mother left, it left a scar in Naruto's heart. It was so hard to see his own son cry and ask if it was his fault his mommy was gone.

Carrying the boy to the car, he opened the door, but squinted as the headlights of a car shined in his eyes. The vehicle parked beside his and a raven-haired teenager stepped out, his stylish and expensive brand of clothes making Naruto feel slightly inferior.

Not even glancing at the blond, Sasuke approached the doors and knocked until he finally got the attention of someone, the girl rushing to the door and unlocking it, a blush on her cheeks, "I'm so sorry, sir, but the store is--"

Naruto watched as Sasuke held up what he could only suspect to be an ID. He raised both golden brows as the girl stuttered and somehow, her face become even more red as she opened the door to let him in. Eyes widening, Naruto ran to them before the doors could close, Silo still in his arms, confused.

"E-Excuse me!"

Both the girl and Sasuke turned.

"Since you let him in... do you think we could come in too? I promised my son I'd bring him tonight and when we got here, the doors were locked. Please, it'll only take a--"

"I'm sorry, but we can't let people in after hours," the girl stated.

Naruto growled, "Then what is he doing here?" he pointed to Sasuke, "I'm sure he doesn't work here with the way he's dressed!"


"Please, I promised my son!" Naruto begged, his blue eyes pleading, "I've been a bad enough father, let me just-- let me at least do something right for once."

Sasuke raised two fine brows at the tone on the blond's voice, then he let his eyes wander from him to the boy in his arms, He looks to be around the age of five... he glanced back up to Naruto, and he seems to be around twenty...

"Why don't you just come back tomorrow?" the girl asked, frustrated.

"Let him come in. He's with me," Sasuke said smoothly, causing both the worker and Naruto to look at him in surprise.

He doesn't even know you! the girl inwardly scowled.

Naruto suddenly grinned, "Yeah! I'm with him!" he put Silo down and the crow happily ran to the animals, curious as to what kinds of snakes they had, even though he knew he couldn't get one.

"R-right, I'll go open a register for you two when you're done," the girl glared at Naruto before going to one of the registers.

"Thank you so much, um..."

"Uchiha Sasuke."

Huh... that name sounds familiar... Naruto held out his hand, "Another brother from Japan, eh?" he grinned, "the name's Uzumaki Naruto."

"Charmed," Sasuke stared at the blond's dazzling smile and bright blue eyes, his hand reaching out to shake back.

"Chichiue!" Silo called, pointing to a furry white rabbit, "I want this bunny!"

"I thought you wanted a dog," Naruto let go of Sasuke's hand and smiled to him, "thanks again, Sasuke," he then bowed sloppily before running off to his son.

Sighing, Sasuke looked around, finding a large bag of chicken feed, as well as a bag of dog food. Carrying them both to the register, he paid for them, then went on his way to the exit, stopping only once to glance back at the blond boy and his son.

"Need help?"

The raven looked by the door to see Kakashi there, his eyes in upturned 'u's. Tossing both bags into his manager's arms, he walked past him, "Let's get to Kiba's. I'm tired."

"Yes, sir," Kakashi teased.

(1)- Even though Wal-mart's open, like, 24/ 7, I'm sure the Subway closes early.

(2)- Yes, his name's not Japanese. You'll see why he's called that later on. But personally, I love the name Silo. Pronounced Sai-low.

(3)- Jiraiya's nickname for Silo.

(4)- Just another version of Giorgio Armani.

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