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Sun, Moon, and Starlight: Marry Me

Chapter 1: Wait...what?!

When all you know has ended, it can be the new beginnings that call you home.


Katara's jaw dropped. Literally. Picture her jaw falling right off her mouth and hitting the ice she stood on, and that was her. There was probably some drool there too. But surprisingly, she wasn't the only one. Sokka stood right next to her, his jaw probably buried in the ice and popping out at the Southern pole.

Aang was looking away..his eyes on the distance. He didn't look at Katara, he didn't want to say anything to her.

Chief Arnook sighed, running a hand through his dark hair. "I know this is sudden Katara...but you see..ever since I lost my daughter, we have struggled to find a suitable person.."

Sokka's jaw rose slightly and he blinked several times..the memory of Yue was still strong..still painful. She was beautiful, he could remember her in his mind's eye with the white hair and soft blue eyes..he could still feel her touch..Was this his fault?

"Are you saying..that my little sister, Katara..has to marry into the Fire Nation?!"

Katara looked at Aang, her blue eyes watering slightly as they saw the Airbender, now Avatar. Saw him with his eyes downcast, his matured face upon the ground.

Five years. It had been five years since the two of them had met. Since the day Sokka and Katara had chipped at the ice to find the peculiar boy with an arrow on his head. And it was that day he looked up at her and spoke, asking her that friendly question that made her heart warm, just to see him smile.

"Will you go penguin sledding with me?"

"Aang please..tell me this isn't true.."

Aang didn't look at her. "Katara.." he said, his voice weak. "I don't like it any more than you do..but we've been trying to keep peace for the past two one knows where Azula and Ozai are.. Zuko is on the throne, true, but we don't know how long the peace will stay."

His words fell on numb ears. For the past seven days the council had discussed- the council designed by Aang, called "Spirit Council". For seven days they had stayed caught up in that building, ambassadors from the Fire Nation, the Earth Kingdom, the Water Tribes, all gathered and discussing what to do to keep peace among the people.

And it had come to this.

The Chief was speaking again. "See Katara..we believe that if a Water Tribe woman is taken as Zuko's bride, then perhaps the hatred between the Nations, particularly the Water Tribes and Fire Nation, will settle. You are known by all, so many in the Earth Kingdom speak your name with honor and respect. You are the close friend of two Earth nobles, Haru and Toph. You are a Water bender and a healer. You have fought in the war. And to top it all off, you are the companion of the Avatar. You could give hope the people, inspire the Fire Nation, teach them that they need not hate us..they need not fear us.."

Katara blinked, tears coming to her eyes as she held them back. She was of nineteen years old now..she shouldn't cry..she shouldn't be so upset. But she felt her older brother's arms wrap around her as if to protect her from the world, to shield her from everything. It was moments like these that she loved Sokka so dearly, that she cared for her brother more than anyone else in the world. His arm was always outstretched in front of her.

"You need to find someone else. Wouldn't it be better to find someone who the Fire Nation doesn't know as a former threat? Someone who didn't fight as much in the war?" Sokka was pleading..he hardly ever pleaded..

The man shook his head. "We can't. The only eligible people are men..were the heir Azula I would send Hahn, but none are as skilled Waterbenders as Katara.."

Aang sighed, finally looking up to Katara. She could feel his eyes upon her, and it was that which caused her to look up, tears welling in the azure eyes, but not yet falling down her dark cheeks.

" one will force you to do it..none of us ever could..But I'm begging you to consider it.. Sleep on it, won't you? Come back tomorrow morning with your answer? If you don't..then we'll try to find someone else..."

Katara blinked again, forcing herself to not look at him. She would break..she knew she would. The moment she kept her eyes upon her companion's, she would fall to pieces, sink to the floor in a heap of dark brown hair and blue clothing of a water bender. The charm of her mother's necklace would clink on the ground as tears would flow from her face, winding around her like the water she so bended until it appeared she bled the water...

She turned..not speaking.. Sokka's hand tightened on her shoulder, a friendly compassionate squeeze. "Sleep well, sis," he said simply, as if lost for any other words.

She did not reply. No..she could not reply. Numbness etched her every step, forced her slow, surprisingly steady footsteps towards her temporary guest room, causing her to sink into the bed and pull the sheet over her.

And as soon as the sheet was over her head, it broke the numbness. And like a small child, just as she once long ago had, she wept into the cloth, knowing very well her silent weeping would go unheard by all but the stars and moon shining above..

Who will you be?

When the stars die out

And all that is left

Comes Undone

Who will you be?

- - - -

Who will I be?

When the stars die out

And all that is left

Comes Undone

Who will I be?

"Nephew, may I have a word?"

"You'll probably have one anyways...but go ahead."

The old man entered, slowly and wearily. As much spark as there was in his soul, sometimes there was no escaping age and time, and the years had left their mark upon him. He drank tea even more than often, tea to stay awake, tea for his aching back... It was always tea.

Zuko looked up from the quiet meditation, those eyes, the gentle gold still bearing the everlasting heat softening on his dear uncle. As he prepared tea, he handed Zuko a cup and the Fire Lord accepted, holding it before gently sipping the drink. Time. Time had changed his uncle into an older, and if even possible, wiser man. Yet the change on Zuko was far greater..for now the Fire Lord, once long ago a Prince, sipped at the tea- so used to the habit.

Time had changed him. For that piece of metal, formed into the shape of a crown, burning with flames licking upwards, was upon his ponytail.

Iroh smiled kindly. "Nephew...I have returned from the Spirit Council.."

Zuko stiffened slightly. With all the years that had passed by, he had still not overcome that part of him. It was branded onto him, far deeper than simply the scar on his face, he felt that slight burning rage at the slightest mention of the Avatar. Because still..Zuko could feel the rage form his father, the last time he had seen the Former-Fire Lord, when Ozai had looked down upon him and said with a hate-filled expression, "You still have not earned your honor. And you never will."

And it was for that reason, that Zuko could not face the Avatar. His uncle seemed more than happy to go to the Spirit Council in his stead.. But still, part of him burned... He had never captured the mere boy..

"Yes? What did they say Uncle?"

Iroh took a sip of the tea, sighing softly. "Ah...good tea.. You know, the Jasmine Dragon is doing very well.. Turns out Jin is a very good cook..she has been serving some bakery with the tea.."

"Uncle.." Zuko's voice was slightly harsher.

"Ah yes, the Council.. Zuko, do you remember the Waterbender Avatar Aang journeyed with? Her name was Katara? From the-"

"Yes I remember her," Zuko said impatiently. How could he forget her? It was her necklace after all, that had helped him and also hindered him. He could remember her easily..from the first day her saw her, feeling only rage at the sight of her terrified blue eyes. He could remember her touching the scar on his face..he could remember her tears, her harsh words as she screamed, "I thought you had changed!" at him, and he had retorted carelessly, hatefully, without the slight compassion for the girl who would have healed him.

"What do you think of her?"

The question snapped him from his thoughts, yet only threw him into new ones. "I don't know." Zuko sighed impatiently. "She's better than Azula. She's sort of nice.. I mean, she's a Waterbender! How should I know?! Why are you asking me this Uncle?"

"'Waterbender'... Zuko, as the Fire Lord, you certainly should not be discriminating that way."

Zuko sighed huffily, about to retort when his uncle cut him off.

"Nephew..the council has made a decision.." Iroh paused, taking a sip of his tea, as if purposefully prolonging Zuko's agony. Zuko's eyes narrowed..his patience hadn't improved much over the years.


Uncle Iroh set the cup down on the table, meeting Zuko's eyes, before smiling brightly at him. "You're going to marry Katara, nephew!"

Zuko blinked.


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