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"Damn! I haven't seen weather like this for years!" a man said, ducking his head down to get a better look at the sky. He was coming home from his work later than usual, driving his red '69 Chevy Nova. He worked as a carpenter, doing personal and commercial requests.

He was quietly anticipating getting home to his fourteen-year old daughter, Trixanity, to give her a special present. Today was her birthday and she was turning fifteen.

In the backseat was a paper package with an irregular shape. In it was a small wooden fox on a marble base with the word "Vulpentine" engraved in it. The wooden fox was sitting on the marble base looking out with a wise and mystical stare. At the base of its feet was a sword.

He was hoping that she would enjoy it, since he knew how much into foxes she was. His daughter had been introduced to the fox species when he had disappeared six years before.

Ever since he returned, he tried to make it up to her as much as possible. A few weeks ago, he had given her a book called A Vixen with the Heart of Fire & Ice. She fell in love with it immediately, constantly reading it.

Since he was a very talented carpenter and loved to carve things for Trixanity, he's been getting into carving not only foxes, but mythological creatures as well. One thing he noticed about Trixanity was whenever he brought home a new creation to her, she would start talking to it, like it was alive. He never really paid any mind to it.

Since he was coming home rather late, traffic was backed up pretty bad, as much as a quarter of a mile from the off-ramp. And since he was in Utah (notorious for some of the worst drivers in the U.S.) driving down I-15, going northbound at five o'clock in the evening, traffic was at its worst.

He was getting ready to turn on the off-ramp, his turning signal on, when a large semi in lane next to him began to hydroplane on the wet asphalt of the freeway.

The semi looked as if it had things under control when it suddenly jackknifed. The trailer hit the back of his Chevy and sent him flying across the pavement, making him miss the off-ramp, and into an old Ford pick-up. The front of his car rammed into the back of the Ford sending his car into a deadly roll.

As he was rolling, his life began to flash before his eyes. Memories and thoughts flashed through his mind as he continued to roll across the median and into southbound traffic.

Will I get to see Trixanity and my lovely wife again? How will this end? Will Trixanity discover the chest? …Will I make it out alive?

His last thought was soon to be answered. His car quit rolling in the middle of the southbound traffic. He was upside-down when car after car hit their brakes to avoid him and ended up swerving out of control crashing into other cars. This chain reaction caused one of the biggest…and deadliest…multi-car crashes for the records on this stretch of Utah freeway.

Several cars did hit him, sending him farther down the road. His windshield had completely shattered while he was rolling and several shards were stuck in his head, face, and arms. Desperation kicking in, he tried to unbuckle himself, but couldn't. His seatbelt was jammed.

The Dodge Challenger that was right next to his Nova was on its side. Gasoline and oil was leaking out of the vehicle, a steady stream flowing towards his car. Smoke was billowing out of the passenger side window.

Suddenly, without any warning, the Dodge's gas tank exploded, sending glass, as well as large and small pieces of metal shrapnel flying outward in all directions.

A small piece of metal shrapnel flew his way when the Dodge exploded for a second and final time. The metal piece impaled the man, but it didn't kill him immediately. He only stared in horror as blood rushed poured down onto the roof of the upside-down Nova.

After several moments, the man's eyes closed for a final time as the hands that were pulling vigorously at the seatbelt dropped into the pool of blood.

Not too far away from where the crash was, a small charred paper package lay in the grass. In the distance sirens could be heard faintly.

At home

A girl in her teens woke up, screaming, tears coursing down her cheeks. Almost immediately, her mother came rushing to her bedside and began to comfort her.

"Trixanity, what's wrong? Did you have another one of those nightmares of yours? I told your father to not-!!" her mother stopped abruptly, realizing that her daughter was crying.

"What's wrong?"

Trixanity looked up at her mother and flew into chest, desperate for someone's touch. "H-he's dead, Mom! DEAD!" she said, tears streaming down her face.

Realizing her daughter was on the verge of hyperventilating, she began to worry. Sure, Trixanity had nightmares ever now and then, but she never broke down like this. She was never in such a state of panic.

"Trixanity, tell me who died! Tell me this instant!" she commanded, trying to be firm, yet gentle with her.

"F-FATHER! He's dead! He died in a car crash!" Trixanity screamed before breaking down completely. She continued to sob into her mother's thin night shirt, completely saturating it.

Her mother looked down at her daughter. She knew her daughter. Normally when she had nightmares like this, they were either going to happen in the near future, or were happening. But she was never on such a larger scale of panic and fear.

"No…it…it just isn't possible," she whispered, tears beginning to run down her face. "…No…"

The Next Week

Trixanity and her mother were both attending her father's funeral.

Trixanity was wearing a plain black dress with black tights and black shoes. Her orange shoulder length hair was pulled back with a black bow making her hair standing out even more than it already was. Her violet eyes not once leaving her father's coffin. Her mother was wearing a black dress similar in style. She wore a black, broad rimmed, hat with a black veil hiding her tears.

Trixanity was standing solemnly next to her mother, no longer shedding tears, for she had no tears left to cry.

"Good bye, Dad. I hope you are in a happier and brighter place. I hope you will also continue to watch over Mom and me, like you always used to. I will miss you dearly, Daddy," she said, a small tear sliding down her face, the last tear she will cry for her father.

Three Years Later

"Trixie," her mother asked nicely from the kitchen. "Can you do me a favor and clean out the attic today?" Her mother was downstairs in the kitchen making some kind of salad.

Trixanity, who now goes by "Trixie" has barely turned seventeen and has matured so much since that fateful day. She finally got over it and moved on, knowing that her father was in a better place, rather in this war-ridden world.

Sighing heavily, she put down A Vixen with the Heart of Fire & Ice, the book her father gave her a few weeks before his untimely and tragic death. "Do I have to, Mom? You know I hate cleaning," Trixie complained at the ceiling of her room. "And you know how much the attic gives me the heebie-jeebies!"

"You can do it, sweetie," her mother said bluntly, her voice being heard by unwilling ears. "Besides, you clean it today, and you won't have to do it again."

"But…Mom!" Trixie shouted down to her mother in the kitchen.

"I don't want to hear any of your 'ifs, ands, or buts' young lady! You're almost an adult now, so start acting like one!" shouted a mother on the verge of walking up to a certain seventeen-year olds room and grounding some sense into her.


The cry of the disgruntled teenager fell on deaf ears. Her mother ignored her and that only added to her anger.

"FINE!" Trixie yelled, getting up off her bed where she was laying before their unnecessary and pointless argument began.

Trixie stomped out of her room and into the hall where she jumped for the string to pull down the ladder to the attic. She climbed up the ladder, muttering about mother's who love to anger their daughters and whatnot.

This had better be worth it. I don't like wasting my time! Trixie thought as she stepped on to the floor of the attic.

Trixie wasn't ready for was what was lying up in the attic. She wasn't prepared for the adventure she would soon pursue. She wasn't even aware of what or where her destiny would lead her or that her fate had been seal.

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