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Chapter 3: The Vexing Vixen and the Gargantuan Gate

Everywhere there was darkness. She could feel see it as it consumed her body into its motionless mass. She could smell it, taste it as it entered her body through her nose and mouth. She could hear the oblivion of it in its dead silent realm. She could see it as its dark fingers danced across her eyes.

After what seem like hours were mere minutes as her body finally touched solid ground…or what she thought was as solid. The ground was damp and it felt like she was lying in a bed of shredded paper.

Then suddenly, in a flash, a dim light appeared off in the nonentity of the black abyss her body resided in.

Carefully standing up, Trixie got to her feet. Although unsteady, she slowly began to make her journey toward the soft glow of the light in the distant dark.

As she was walking, she noticed a slight change in her surroundings. No longer was everything consumed by the dark void she first came in contact with. No, now she could make out shapes, shadows, and silhouettes.

Looking around her, she saw that she would've been standing in an open plain. Tall mountains that seemed to touch the sky stood up proud to the North as a vast range of trees, shrubs, and flowers grew and flourished south of her. And all around her, rocks of all shapes and sizes were scattered haphazardly all across the plain.

Smiling slightly to herself, she imagined what it would look like if it were in bright, vibrant colors instead of its dark, dreary blacks and grays. She closed her eyes and sighed at its imaginary beauty.

Standing still, lost in her thoughts and vast imagination, Trixie was interrupted from her visionary image by the soft padding of paws on the ground.

Opening her eyes, she looked down in front of her and blinked in utter confusion. Sitting in front of her, licking the bottom of its paws was a small fox. She couldn't make out definite details, but she could tell it was a rustic red.

Bending down to one knee, she got a slightly better view and gasped when it opened its ghostly purple eyes and stared at her. Suddenly getting back to her feet, Trixie backed up a little, not sure of how to handle the situation.

"Who are you…and…and how did you get here?"

A soft whispery chuckle surrounded her mind. She gasped in surprised and looked around for the source of it as the fox just sat there, silently snickering to itself.

Trixie stopped her frantic search for the mysterious laugh when the thought hit her. What if it was the fox that laughed at her? She glanced down and sure enough, the little fox was shaking with mirth. She glared and crossed her arms over her chest, staring the fox down.

"And what in the Hell is just so funny, you conniving creature?" She almost was about to smack herself in the head for asking a creature incapable of speech. "Great, I'm asking an animal a question. Well, that's just fine and dandy. Now all someone needs to do is stamp my forehead and sign me up for the Looney bin…"

Looking up, the fox stopped laughing and gave Trixie a toothy grin.

'Humans are the most entertaining creatures to listen to. Especially when they rant to themselves,' The fox said facetiously, pretending to talk to itself.

"I am not ranting, you vexing vixen!"

'Really? Could've fooled my by a long shot…'

With that said and done, Trixie screamed in agitation and lunged at the fox, attempting to grab it. The fox merely dodged and yipped in amusement, allowing Trixie to chase her and throw a string of profanities in several different languages.

"Dannazione tu! Helvedes jer! Förbanna du! Verdammen Sie!"

The fox suddenly stopped, tripping Trixie and sending her flying head over heels into the ground. Laughing lightly, the fox turned and faced her.

'I never would've imagined a girl like yourself to know what "Damn you!" means in four different languages…but I'm getting off the point. Earlier, you asked me who I was and how I got here, correct?'

"Um…correct." Trixie's reply was slightly muffled by the ground still being in contact with her face. Groaning, she managed to get herself to her hands and knees. "I was hoping you were going to tell me before we started this little fracas of ours."

'Yes…well, I am the Vixen Gatekeeper,' the fox said in a somber tone.

Trixie blinked several times at the fox and then blinked some more. She wasn't sure if she misheard the little creature or if her mind just wasn't comprehending the situation properly.

"You…you're the Vixen Gatekeeper? As in…the ärm Vixen Gatekeeper?"

Nodding, the fox continued to explain.

'Yes, but I'm also known as Vulpentine to the natives of MÄR Heaven. How I got here is simple. I control a small portion of the dimensional space between here and your world. Currently, we are in the limbo of your world and mine.'

Nodding, Trixie was slightly surprised that she found the little vixen to actually make sense. Pondering this for a moment, she wondered if her father ever met the Vixen Gatekeeper.

"Hey…if you're the Vixen Gatekeeper…then you must know my father Di-"

'Dimitrius Slive. Yes, I remember your father quite well, Trixanity. He had much the same reaction you did,' Vulpentine said, her voice smooth.

Trixie gasped and stared at Vulpentine. Memories of her father flooded back to her in a rush that it took her breath away. Tears of sorrow came to her eyes as some memories were happy while others were dark and baleful.

"You met my father? What…what did he say to you? Did he say anything?" Trixie's voice cracked slightly as she wiped at her eyes. Vulpentine laughed and nodded.

'Your father was…different.'

"What did he say…do?"

'He told me to get the hell away from him and quit using my voodoo magic on him or else he'd unleash his fists of fury on me…'

Trixie dramatically sighed and shook her head, laughing slightly.

"Yeah…that's my dear old dad for you. Always coming up with the worst threats that even a fly could think up better ones."

Vulpentine smirked to herself and got to her feet. She began to walk toward the dim light. Looking back, she waited for Trixie.

Glancing up, she saw that Vulpentine had moved toward the light and was now staring at her. Getting up, she walked up to Vulpentine and stood next to her, staring into the light.

All of a sudden, the light flashed and there in front of both the girl and the fox stood a gate; one that looked like a much larger replica of the one on the ring she bore on her finger.

'Trixanity Slive…this is your ticket to MAR Heaven…only you have the ability to activate it completely and use its powers to the max.'

Trixie walked up to the gate and stared at it. She blinked when she noticed something was different. Gasping slightly, she looked down at the Vixen Gatekeeper on her finger and then back up at the gate. The fox that was sitting in front of the left door of the gate with the sword at the bottom of her feet was gone. Then only thing that left evidence for Trixie was the sword.

Turning around, Trixie started to ask Vulpentine what happened to the fox sitting in front of the gate.

"Hey, Vulpentine, where's the…fox…at…"

Trixie searched everywhere behind her, but strangely, Vulpentine had mysteriously vanished into thin air without a trace of her ever being there.

Suddenly, the gate in front of her started to open and a blinding white light shone through from the other side. Whipping around, Trixie shielded her eyes and squinted to see into the light.

'Trixanity Slive, go now, into the gate. Accept your fate and follow the path the Destiny has laid out for you. Follow your destiny into the world of MÄR Heaven!'

An invisible force started to push her forward, into the open mouth of the gate. Trixie tried to dig her heels into the ground but nothing was giving her any resistance. She soon decided that struggling wasn't going to get her anywhere so she quit and was suddenly shoved into the blinding light.

Blinking in a daze, she floated there for a few seconds before a silhouette came into her view. She blinked as the silhouette looked much like the fox she saw when she first entered the gate from her world.

'Trixanity…do well, my child…and accept my gift…'

The silhouette of the fox suddenly jumped at her and began to merge with her vulnerable body. Trixie screamed in agony as the fox slowly began to combine with her. Her body felt like every atom was getting ripped out and then forcefully pushed back into her.

And just as soon as the pain started…it ended. Feeling true solid ground on her back, Trixie sighed in relief and opened her eyes just a tiny bit. She was welcomed with a bright blue sky with few clouds dotting the massive blue expanse. Smiling slightly, she let her eyes close once more, the image imprinted into her mind as she once again let herself sink into the dark depths of unconsciousness.

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