An Ed to Face

Synopsis: A sad, sad novel of death, responsibility, revenge, the fine line of sanity, suicide, love, and letting go of the past. But this is all hard, after all utter hell broke out in the Cul-de-sac seven years ago...

Note: To completely understand this story, please read "Peach, Ach Creek" and "E verses K". As usual, you don't have to read them in order to comprehend this story, because I will explain as we go through this, but I think it would be best, so you're not guessing and jolted everywhere. That's what happened to my spaghetti legs and look... I can't put them back right.

Note #2: This story will have an extreme plot twist ending, so beware, and try your best to figure out what this plot twist is. Another thing, this story will get extremely sad and weird, and I've included every character in the show in this story. Please review the story; I don't like updating for blind eyes. Oh, and I'm loyal, so don't worry about me cutting this story off halfway.

Note #3: There will be a whole bunch of flashbacks in this story, and they will be italicized.

Rating: This story is rated T for self-inflicted violence, moderate gore, adult content, violence, and a massive dose of angst and darkness.

Chapter One

"How Could This Have Happened?"

"How could this have happened?" he thought when the verdict finally sunk far enough into his mind. He heard Ed's parents crying, Johnny's mother weeping; Edd's parents starting out of the broad room coldly. Marie stood next to him, sniffling; he saw her mother staring in a crippled fixation. Her cousins were angry, crying their eyes to pieces. He looked at the one next to him especially, sighing heavily. Nazz and Kevin silent, terrorized, with not a blink of the eye. And last of all, he saw Johnny's sick and distressed expression. He felt the pain gripping his heart and tears sting his eyes. He looked around at the stone interior, white and black tile, and bright windows of that courthouse, which did not seem to give in enough light. His ears were pricked by the sound of the handcuffs being slapped onto Johnny's wrists. In the heavy deliberations of this case, there was illegal drug possession, the giving of drugs to a minor, two counts of involvement in murder, and only one blame for all. Johnny gave Sarah that coke, he told her about Edd's fiance, told Rolf that Lee was alone... Eddy knew there was more. And now the survivors and the victims wept. His punishment was not sufficient. Sure he was most certainly a madman, but a plead of insanity? Where was the justice? Where was the peace?

The drive was long. It gave him time to think quietly though, time to remember, but he didn't want it. Once he thought about it though, it wasn't such a long drive. To him, driving a million miles would be a short drive when it came to her. She made him reminisce; it hurt so much.

He sat in the passenger's seat, his mother bitter, quiet. He knew why his mother would be so bitter, the girl that sat in the back seat, reminding her of her son's mistakes and her own weak points as a parent. Eddy turned to the back seat where Marie sat, with a hand on her abdomen. No one wanted anything to do with those two anymore, if Eddy wasn't so remorseful for what he had done, wishing he could undo it, trying to make amends for it. He even was asking Marie to marry him, even though she seemed distant, cold, and unwilling. He tried to smile at her, yet he couldn't be happy. The car passed telephone poles with missing person signs posted on them. It hurt that teenager to look at them; however, he could not ignore the multitude of them. It was like a smack in the face, consecutively, over and over. He looked at the pictures on those papers, two were on them, one of a yellow-skinned, dopey boy with a unibrow and the other of a blonde girl, equally dopey. Eddy closed his eyes tightly, hoping it would all go away. He had believed he would see his beloved friend again when those flyers had first been posted. But now, with the papers falling and fading, he was starting to doubt. He bit his nails as he tried to refrain from thinking about what could have happened to his friend.

He squinted and almost began to cry. He gasped hard, breaking the solitude of the car. Each yellow line that seemed to pass him made him closer, he couldn't wait. Turning to the left, he got off the freeway and into the small airport parking lot. This lot was large however, and empty. Up front, Beckon was nothing like Chicago, so he had no trouble coming up close to the terminal. As soon as the car bounced into a stop, the passenger door was opened and a woman draped in black looked in. She threw her luggage in the open trunk and got in, Eddy driving off at the sound of the door snap. She had to open it again and slam it shut since the first time wasn't sufficient. Not a word was spoken by either one of them. Old, close friends seeing each other for the first time in five years didn't say anything. Eddy looked at her, studying her features, attire, and face until she looked back. He kept looking back at the road then at her as she stared hard. She noticed his clothing first, a forest green shirt and dark jeans. His face was smooth, he had a mellow complexion, and a caring, heart broken stare. It seemed that the only physical property that had not changed about him was those three strands of hair on the top of his- her heart almost jumped at the sight she perceived, he had hair. A smile crawled up his face at that subtle movement. She had not changed much, except for the blue streaks through her long brown hair, and all the darkness, black pants and bell sleeved shirt and her old blue boots. At least he thought they were the same from their childhood. He admired her curvy, yet lanky figure. As always, he enjoyed just looking at her, and his eyes rode every curve. When he restrained himself, she frowned. He grinned back, and she pointed to the road.

He pulled up in front of a small house in a rural area. It was a dirty white and very charming. The closest neighbor was a quarter mile down and behind the house was a vast, hilly field with few trees to interrupt the view down. He got of the car and drove his key into the trunk lock. Lifting the door, he took out two suitcases and a bag. He thought she had packed a lot; this was good, it meant she'd stay longer. He heard the car door shut and saw her standing there, ready to lug the bags. He stepped forward and grasped her in his arms. Limply, she lay there, and then put her arms around him. Against the cold, damp day, they were warm together. He grasped her tighter, and kissed her forehead. Her lips lay on his cheek as she stretched her arms around his body more. A tear ran down his face as he heard her crying in his chest. They held the other there for eight minutes. She didn't use words to tell him how much she had missed him, how sorry she was for leaving the only 'Ed' she had left alone; she just let him tell by the way she held him and kissed his face.

"I missed you too," he replied, "I missed you so much."

He could hear the screams coming from the basement. The darkness of the cellar was frightening, leaving an impression in his mind as he turned to Marie. She clenched her ears in her hands, tears filling the cracks of her grimacing, tight face. She kept her eyes closed, mumbling, moaning one word.

"No... no," His hands shook on her, one looming to her lower waist, holding her symbolically. As if he would protect the unborn baby growing inside of her. He heard the gasping shout of another person from the basement, saw Nazz run up the stone steps of the cellar into the sunlight of that dark day. He watched her run to a tree and almost fall over. Rolf was running to the front yard... Lee's cousin following, trying to tear him to pieces for what he had done. "No, no... no... no..." Marie's lips trembled as she continued to shut out the world with her fingers drove up her ears. He could smell the stench coming from the basement, the darkness of the door a massive, haunting hole, letting out evil, letting out death. Marie looked up from the crippled stance she was in to him, her face soaked in her own bodily fluids. "Where's Lee?" She asked horribly with a raspy voice. He glared at her, not moving. There was an answer to give, an answer so close... But this was her sister, her sister Lee, who was all powerful and tough as long as her sisters were with her. But since she had fought with Marie over Eddy, and no one knew where May was at this moment, Lee had been vulnerable, all alone. And Rolf had taken advantage of this, for something they would later understand as a sacrificial ceremony, one of the many evils of his old country. "Where's Lee?" He looked into the eyes of his lover, his heart beating the wall of his chest, the smell of the cellar choking the air in his lungs out. They heard shouting from the front, Nazz yelling at Lee's cousin to stop beating Rolf, that it wasn't worth it. They ran to the front, just it time to see Rolf escape his hands and run into the road, where Kevin was coming down the street in his car at an abnormal speed. He didn't see Rolf in the way...

As soon as they entered the house, they felt the warmth. He shut the abnormal cold out and his eyes wandered around for his...

"Heah Eddy, is this her?" A tall man with a mustache that matched his sparse red hair came into the living room and smiled at his roommate.

"No, it's Barry White, I found him wandering around!" He answered with a laugh. The man stepped up to the two friends. "Veronica, Kevin, I reintroduce ya'." Kevin looked at their guest carefully, then at Eddy.

"Man, it's been a while." He could see memories coming up in his own mind, the ones he was trying so hard to forget. Guilt from an accident he could not prevent flowed through his troubled heart. Eddy saw this, and sighed.

"How 'bout we give her a tour of the house?"

Kevin shut off the burner, and then turned to Eddy with a smiling face.

"I'm sorry guys, the rice burnt."

"Not the good pan!" Eddy laid a knife beside chopped peppers to rush over to the stove. "AHHH!!" Veronica heard him yell as she sat at the counter that sat in the center of the small kitchen with four barstools around it. She couldn't help but smile humorously. "Kevin this was our only good pot. Now what?" he asked looking up at him.

"I say we order pizza," he answered mystically, strolling over to the refrigerator and analyzing all the pizza place magnets with a hand on his chin.

"Then you're picking it up!" Eddy answered, throwing the pot in the garbage bin with an awful odor coming from it. Veronica waited to say it, but they weren't noticing it, so she spoke up.

"Eddy the pan will melt the plastic trash bag."

"Oh great," he mumbled, picking the pot out of the bin and setting it in the sink. He turned around to see Kevin leaning on the table.

"Eddy's not really good with the cooking thing either."

"Yeah I am!" He lashed defensively.

Kevin looked at the clock between bites of pizza, then at Eddy. He smirked, recalling what they had just been talking about.

"What?" Eddy asked him, dealing the each of them five cards.

"Well, you two knew Ed the best, did he have an illness?"

He shook his head, "He didn't have an illness, he was just kind of slow," he said looking at his cards, planning his moves.

"But he was always... spacey. You never noticed it?" He glanced at Veronica as Eddy's head went down, all color out of his face.

"Was? He might still be 'spacey', you don't know, now do you?" He answered a bit hurt. Kevin studied him in a sort of awkward state. Did he really believe Ed was still alive? Veronica exchanged glances with Kevin as Eddy proceeded to deal them new cards and pick up the discards. He hid his sighing, and the liquid his eyes held by keeping his head down. They became quiet, at a disagreement with such a topic. The clock ticked around the short hand pointing on the bold two of the face. Eddy tried to ignore the, trying to continue the game. "I open with ten." Kevin folded, but Veronica threw in two chips. "Raising me eh?" Eddy snickered, with his roommate watching carefully. "I raise you ten." Throwing in two more chips, she looked to her now nonexistent stack of chips. Eddy's eyebrows rose. Kevin watched them stare each other down, laying their hands down. "Throw in your bra and go all in." Kevin put a hand on his head, mumbling something.

"Oh no," he shook his head, although he thought it was getting interesting. Veronica blushed, putting a hand on her bra strap and pulling it into view just to tuck it back under her shirt.

"Well okay," Eddy shrugged it off, and their eyes fell to their hands. He looked away from his flush to her... "STRAIGHT!?" She laughed aloud. He stared at her with an evil eye. "Rematch."

"Not for me, it's two. I've got to work tomorrow. Goodnight." Kevin stood and made his way to the hall in the living room. She smiled at him as he left.

"Night," Eddy hollered with his annoying voice, however, it had matured slightly. But slightly. He turned to a teasing Veronica who was handing him the deck. She lost her smile as he spoke. "I know you don't talk much anymore, but I really want to talk, about everything." She nodded, then proceeded to say what was on her mind.

"I don't understand it. You and Kevin were worst enemies, and now you are friends?"

He smiled, "A lot has changed."

"I've noticed," she patted his head jokingly, "You know, I have to go back to New York in three weeks."

"Maybe I can convince you to move back," he said plainly.

It was his idea really. But he was afraid to go. The frailty inside him unearthed every once in the while. This was something he felt he couldn't deal with. The distant memory haunted him enough, he didn't need new and vivid visions to kill him. However, he decided he needed to take it. He could not run from his life. He pulled his blue clunker up to a house but dared not go into the empty driveway. This was Veronica's fault. She had driven the desire to visit the Cul-de-sac in him. He was alone on this trip; she was doing other visiting in a taxi. Eddy got out of his car and stared at the house. It was the most familiar of all he'd ever seen. Clenching his teeth and fists, he would walk up the driveway, pavement, and knock on the door, ring the doorbell. His finger felt as if it had been smashed as he pressed the button. He heard someone coming to the door, but looked over to the beginning of the street. That house with the three glass paned door... he knew it well. He wished their son still lived there. The door opened; an average heighted man with glasses, light brown hair, and wrinkles stood at the door. But now Eddy stood at the end of the driveway looking down at a green, spiky piece of plastic, half covered in dirt. A few feet away was a doll head, weathered and grey. No one had picked them up; it would have burned to do so. It had happened so fast, they were such good kids. In a short time it came. The one had become homicidal and full of cocaine, until she died herself. And now her black heart rot in a grave. Mr. and Mrs. Miller could not bury their son though, he was probably dead. He had gone looking for May, the heart that, surprisingly, matched his own. For seven years they had been missing. What were the chances of them... were they dead or alive? No one wanted to care anymore, but they did. Oh, how they wanted peace. Peace that didn't seem would ever come. Eddy looked to the man in the doorway finally.


He smiled bitter sweetly, "Yes." They walked into the house and into a large living area. They sat down, Mr. Miller staring at him.

"I heard Veronica was back. She didn't come with you?" he seemed a bit anxious.

"No, she's doing some visiting."

"Where's your wife?"

"In the kitchen." Eddy now remembered why Mr. Miller might be anxious about Veronica seeing his wife...

A funeral home, he had been crying too much to see details of the place, thus not remembering any. The service was over when he had noticed Ed's mother sitting in the back. The woman was staring ahead with a broken heart. Mrs. Miller had apologized to Edd's parents so remorsefully. How do you apologize for giving birth to the murderer of a person's son? She was mourning herself. And how do you apologize to the finance of your daughter's victim, a victim of her, herself? Mrs. Miller approached her son's best friend Eddy who had his arm around Veronica. They were walking out of the room now when she confronted them.

"Eddy? Veronica?" she asked. I ask again, how do you apologize to the best friends of your daughter's victim? They turned toward her, both their eyes red from crying. The tears flowed down their faces with every thought of him.

"Yeah?" Eddy responded, "Yes Mrs. Miller?"

"I'm sorry," she said quietly. Veronica just cried harder, as Eddy tried to be strong, tried to think of what he could do with his life now. "My Sarah was so stubborn..."

"Mrs. Miller, don't take this wrong, but your daughter wasn't stubborn, she was heartless, cruel, STUPID!" Veronica yelled, "You couldn't tell something was wrong with her? She slit my throat for crying out loud! You didn't freakin' punish her? WHY did she get away with it so she could take him from us? He didn't deserve to die!" She screamed in a rage. Mrs. Miller was in shock. "He was the first boy I ever kissed and he was supposed to be the last! Do you see this?" She held up her trembling hand to reveal an engagement ring. "He was my finance, I LOVE HIM!" Mrs. Miller slapped her impolite mouth.

"Shut up you slut! I know what you were doing with him at the time! You're not innocent missy! I lost my own baby girl and my son is missing! You aren't the only one! I've tried to apologize, I didn't kill him!" Eddy saw his friend step forward with her fists ready for a hit, so he quickly grabbed both her arms, just for her to try to pull away.

"I haven't done anything wrong! You have, YOU let her kill him. And that is just as bad. You let her!" Veronica fought his restraint to hold her back from getting at Mrs. Miller, "YOU LET HER!"

Eddy looked at Mr. Miller with a sigh, "How's she been?"

"Fine, as good as she can. She stopped going to the police station last week," he answered, glancing to the kitchen. His tired face gleamed with misery. "I'm sorry Eddy. I know you were good friends with Ed and Edd, but there isn't anything we can tell you. It was just a mistake. I thought my little girl was good, I didn't think someone so young could do something like that. All I am now is... afraid for Ed. He was never the brightest boy; I can't imagine where he'd be now, or why he didn't come back. You know?" he paused, gasping for breath. He looked out the large window, "He doesn't even know that his sister is gone. He doesn't know how much we need him now. "

Through a gate with an unlocked padlock she went, folding her arms to keep warm as a nippingly cold breeze passed. She walked along the fence letting her arms now sway weakly at her side. A rose was clasped in her hand. She clenched it and the thorns pierced her palm. Ignoring the pain, she was busy staring at the grave she was in front of. A frown was on her face like a sign saying, "I hate you." Her mouth quivered. She stepped up to the flat faced stone and kicked it hard. Pain leapt through her foot and leg. She kicked it again and again. The request "DIE!" was in vain. She was already dead.

"Leave me peace, just give me it," she begged, "You've already done enough." She put her hand on her neck where it had been cut shallowly, and then her heart deeply. It had been gouged out. 1992-2006; if only she had died a year earlier, never had been born... The bitterness in her broken heart and selfish mind would not die. She blamed everything on the person whose body fertilized the grass beneath her feet, "Die!"

A buzzed head boy with pale skin for lack of sunlight, and light blue clothes sat at a table. He wrote things. Things that had gotten him in here. This is how he spent his afternoons, his evenings, his nights. But something was different today; he had a visitor. Suddenly, a man with dark brown hair, a stubby body, and a height of about five nine sat down opposite him. The teenaged boy would not look at his visitor, he knew who it was. He had not been told, but he knew. He felt the hatred the man put on him.

"What do you want to yell at me for what everyone else, including yourself, hasn't?" He saw a hand as it banged onto the metal table. The boy jumped, he hadn't heard such a loud noise in a while, not in this heavily protected institution room.

"Cut the crap Johnny."

"Well what do you want? You are the one, as it seems, 'pulling the crap'." Eddy grabbed his shirt collar and stood, holding the boy over the table.

"Where's Ed you miserable beast?"

"You know I did help Sarah kill your friend, and Lee, and eventually Rolf. Oh yes, I had plans for you too, but I did not hurt Ed. Myself, no. Did I make him disappear? No. That just came with Lee and Marie's fighting over you, which made May run away." Eddy shook him violently until everyone in the room at the other tables were staring at him.

"Don't you try to blame this one me! Where is he!?" he shouted. Johnny tried to gain back his composure.

"I don't know! It just seems one problem makes so many more."

Another grave. This was too mellow dramatic. They were cousins, enemies, and worlds apart. So many problems she had caused in her lifetime, however, petty compared to these. She was missed, by everyone, as a sign that everything was over.

Lee Kanker


Her feet were hesitant as she reached the last grave on her mind. The rose still clenched in her hand all the way across this empty cemetery. She could not stop her tears, she could not control them. Her feet wanted to run to him, but all she found was it. There, quietly sitting among the grass and short weeds. The words engraved in the tombstone were engraved in her memory. Her fist clenched that rose harder and blood matching the redness of the petals filled the cracks of her fist and dripped to the ground. The ring on her other hand almost burned her. She gasped, looking at the grave again, crying harder and harder.

"Why did you shield me?" She asked; wind blew her hair and she jumped in surprise. Looking behind her, her eyes lingered to see what wasn't there. No one was there. Eyes on the grave again, she studied the name in the stone admiringly, as a preteen girl looks into the eyes of her new crush. "Oh, Double D, I want you to come back to me." She knew he couldn't hear her, or feel her, and she knew she couldn't bring him back. Veronica took off her engagement ring and rolled it in her fingers. "I still love you more than any person on this whole planet." She sniffled and knelt down on the ground. Gently, she laid the bloody rose by the tombstone of her heart and future. "It's not fair," she sobbed, sliding her ring back on.

"I love you."His voice played back in her mind.

"I know it would it be a while before we actually could, but I want to know Veronica. Would you marry me?"

Her eyes blurred.

"Ah, she's crying." She jumped at the familiar voice and looked to the right. There stood two people next to the edge of the cemetery, yards away. The shorter was a girl in a light blue t-shirt and red shorts. Her blonde hair was stiff in the wind, if unaffected. One of her hands was placed on a tall and husky boy's chest. He was wearing a red and white striped shirt with a green jacket over dark jeans. An immensely friendly and innocent smile was on his face as he gave the girl an Eskimo kiss. She giggled, both of them turning to the troubled woman some distance away, staring at them in disbelief. She looked on, a tear trespassing her eyelids and falling down her face. She heard footsteps behind her and jumped, looking in every direction, her hands flailing everywhere. Then she ended up hitting a body.

"Ow!" Eddy yelled. She stopped and looked up at him.

"I'm sorry Eddy, are you alright?"

"Yes," he glared at the disgruntled girl; her hair covered her tears and stuck to her face. "I figured I pick you up, save some money on the taxi." He stepped right at her and pushed the hair in her face behind her ears. He looked at the tears and smiled. "Why do you hide what I know you're doing?"

"Why do you hold them in?" Both of them knew there was some fault to that comment.

"Did you see Ed and May?" He asked as he put an arm around her. They stared at Edd's grave sadly. Tears began to form in Eddy's eyes for the wind to dry them gently.


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