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Summary: Naruto baths in the aftermath of what he & Sakura really did last night. And also, Sasuke's back?!

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Chapter 1: The Aftermath (Part 1)

Sunlight shone in brightly as Naruto's squinted his eyes, although they were already closed.

He let out a groan as he tried to roll over from lying on his side from sleeping that way the whole night.

Or, at least part of it.

He barely opened one eye as he felt another presence against his chest. They shot straight open as he realised what he saw was pink.

He backed his head up some to see if what was connected to the pink hair was really… what was connected to it.

And there she was. Sakura nuzzled closer to his chest, feeling her breast against it as their legs were tangled together.

Wait… what?!

If was as if Naruto got hit by a ton of bricks on the head as he remembered what happened, what he did, to her.

Part of him wanted to get out of this situation as quickly as possible, scramble back to his place to think things through correctly.

But another part wanted to stay here, enjoying the moment as if he didn't have a care in the world.

He carefully un-wrapped one of his arms from her waist, already missing the warmth that was there as he tangled it into his hair. 'Damn Naruto, what now? I really don't want to leave her, but… what if she didn't mean it? What if she hates me about this? I could explain, that it wasn't really me that did this, but I doubt that will help.'

Naruto let out a sigh at his ministrations, the air hitting her hair as she shivered slightly at it. Naruto smiled at the moment before thinking back to more important things.

'I could wait until she wakes up, hoping she doesn't regret it, though she probably does, no doubt wanting Sasuke to be her first, as she said to me.'

"You were saving yourself for the baka, right?" Naruto said, his bitter from the thought, changing from deep to his own. He could hear the Kyuubi growling inside his own mind, which made him feel even worse, taking Sakura's innocent while she wanted Sasuke.

"I wanted him to be my first…" Sakura said softly, biting her lip some to stop her from crying.

'But then, at the end, she said that she loved me… right?' Naruto pondered to himself.


Naruto was knocked out of his depression as he looked down at Sakura.

"I just wanted to say… that that was amazing. And… I think that I love you," Sakura said quietly before falling off to sleep from the exhaustion of their lovemaking.

Naruto sighed again, still not believing that it all really happened. 'One minute, I'm fighting this guy. The next, I'm, no, Kyuubi is making me fuck Sakura.'

'What's wrong? I thought you would be happy about this Kit.'

Naruto growled outwardly. 'No, I wouldn't be! Sure, it would have been nice to have sex with the girl of my dreams, but not like this you dumb fox!'

'HEY! I did you a favor kid. Besides, she said that she loved you, right? And now that that Uchiha kid is out of the way, you can fuck her yourself. Heh. Without my help, you wouldn't have done this for probably about five more years!'

'Just shut up already!' Naruto said to the fox before blocking him out, not wanting to talk or think about anymore.

But of course he did.

He leaned down to rest his head atop Sakura's, being careful not to put too much pressure on it. 'Sakura…'

He closed his eyes as he felt a few tears leak through before he opened them and the rest came. 'Sakura, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please… forgive me,' he thought as he pulled her closer to him, his arms back wrapped around her waist as he continued to cry into her hair.

Sunlight continued to shine in but all Naruto felt was darkness.

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A ninja raced through the trees, jumping from limb to limb in a second flat.

He soon stopped as he saw his destination up ahead.

A smile formed on his lips before licking them.

'Sakura-chan… I've come back for you.'

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