Well, its that time again. The time where another chapter of this story has closed. First, it was "What if?" & now its "Bloodloving for Me". I've loved every minute of writing this story & even though I'm sad it has to end, I'll move on to make even more Naruto stories. It's almost like the circle of life. When one story ends, a new one begins. I hope you all have enjoyed this story to the most I can give. It'll hold a special place in my heart & I'll look back on it, from time to time, in remembrance of it.

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Okay, before I start getting all teary-eyed, I better start the story. Here's the final chapter of "Bloodloving for Me"!


8 years later…

Feet pitter-pattered against the ground as young Ansum ran through the street. His messenger bag bounced slightly against his waist as he ran, a smile on his face. Stopping slightly to say "hi" to random people that he passed, he continued on to his destination. He had just finished the day at the Academy and was anxious to get home.

'Today's the day Father gets back from his mission!' was all that he was thinking as turned a corner, running towards what used to be the Uchiha compound. Seeing as the only remained relative was a rouge ninja, there was no need to keep it, so they tore it down. In its place, they built more houses for their every growing village. In the heart of it, at the very end of the street, sat the Uzumaki household.

Ansum had grown up to be a fine eight year-old boy. His blonde hair was an exact copy of his father's, except when it gets caught in the sun at just the right angle. Then, you'll be able to tell of his red roots, similar to his mom. His blue-green eyes have darkened since he was born, becoming a mixture of dark green and light blue. Of course, he had many attributes of both Naruto and Sakura, some being a love of ramen and a great control of chakra.

Ansum ran even faster, seeing his house in sight. Reaching it, he jumped over the gate, not bothering to open it. He was too excited! He reached the door, sliding it open hastily as he ran inside, closing it behind him. He stopped at the steps, taking off his shoes and messenger bag, walking over them. He turned right, running slightly as he entered the kitchen. He saw his mom at the sink, fixing something for dinner.

"Mother!" he yelled, running up to hug her. "Is Father home yet?!"

Sakura turned, looking down at her son as she hugged him back. "Not yet Ansum," she replied, seeing his face sadden at it. "But he'll be home soon. Now go wash up. Dinner will be ready soon."

Ansum nodded his head, running off into another room. Sakura sighed, shaking her head softly as his energeticness. 'He's becoming more like his father each and every day.' Speaking of his father, Sakura heard the door slid open, smiling to herself. 'He's back.'

"Sakura-chan!" he yelled out, walking into the kitchen. "I'm home!"

She turned around, smiling at him. "How was the mission Naruto-kun?" she asked as he scratched the back of his head.

"Well… you know…" he said, pulling off his ANBU mask and setting it on the counter. "Same old, same old."

"Father!!" Ansum yelled as he ran into the room, hearing his dad's voice. "You're home!"

"Ansum!" Naruto yelled, bending down as he picked him up, grinning. "It's great to see you!" Ansum laughed with Naruto, hugging him.

"Alright Naruto, get ready for dinner," Sakura said, pulling off her apron as Naruto set Ansum back down.

"What are we having?" Naruto asked, Ansum eagerly nodding his head, wanting to know as well.

Sakura smiled. "We're having my homemade ramen, in honor of you returning from your mission."

Naruto and Ansum's eyes lit up, as they began to go on about how delicious it was and how they couldn't wait to eat. "Oh, Dad!" Ansum said, stopping his rant as Naruto looked down at him. "Can you watch me with my shuriken training? I've gotten really good since you left!"

Naruto smiled, reaching down to rub his son's spiky hair. "Sure. Come on, let's go outside." The walked, opening another door which lead to the backyard. Out there were target boards, along with one lone tree in the corner.

Ansum ran ahead, standing in front of one of the targets. "Dad, watch this!" he yelled, throwing three shuriken that he had grabbed before they went outside. All three hit the target, two on the far-left and one close to the middle. He beamed, looking up at his father. "How was that?!"

Naruto grinned back, showing how proud he was. "That was GREAT son! Just keep practicing, and soon all three of them will hit the middle!"

"Dad! Can you show me how to do it?! Please?" Ansum begged, watching his father chuckle.

"Sure son," he said, grabbing some shuriken out of his holster. "Okay, now first. You gotta be in the right stance," Naruto instructed, crouching down as Ansum mimicked him. "Next, line up the shuriken with the target." Naruto closed one eye, looking back and forth from the shuriken to the target.

"And then… you throw it!" Naruto said, releasing the shuriken as they all hit the middle, one after the other. Ansum looked at him in amazement, jumping up and down.

"Wow, that was great! And I'm gonna get to be as good as you?" he asked, his dad nodding his head.

"Yep! With lots of practice of course," he said, flashing a thumbs-up.

"Naruto-kun! Ansum! Time for dinner!" Sakura yelled, the two immediately running back inside the house. Ansum immediately sat down in his seat, giggling slightly to himself as Naruto used to when he was younger. Naruto also sat down, opposite of Ansum, as Sakura placed their bowls down, sitting beside Naruto.

Ansum quickly grabbed his bowl and chopsticks, slurping down the noodles. "Naruto, I told you to be a good example for your son," Sakura scolded, softly shaking her head. "Look at him!"

Naruto grinned sheepishly, telling him apologies to Sakura. "So, Ansum, how was the Academy today?" Naruto asked, changing the subject.

Ansum gasped, setting the bowl down as his face shined with the same expression as before. "We got our results from the test today!" he announced.

"Well, what did you get?" Sakura asked, Naruto agreeing.

Ansum grinned. "They said my scores were the highest of the class!" Naruto and Sakura gasped, immediately praising their son afterwards. "They said with dad's great fighting techniques and mom's quick thinking, I could be the greatest ninja ever!"

"Hmm… I'd have to agree with them," Sakura noted, Ansum slightly blushing at the comment.

"Of course our son will be great!" Naruto proclaimed, making Ansum giggle as Sakura rolled her eyes at his over-eagerness. "With our blood running through your veins, there's no doubt that you'll be Hokage after your dad!"

Ansum nodded, giving his dad a thumbs-up. "Of course! After all, that's my dream!"

Naruto grinned before slurping down the last of his noodles, Ansum doing the same as they both stood, placing the dishes in the sink. "I'm gonna keep practicing now!" Ansum stated. "So I can get better until I'm able to beat you dad!" With that said, he rushed back outside, eager to train.

Naruto chuckled, Sakura coming up to stand beside him as they stood in the doorway, watching their son. "He really is a splitting image of you," Sakura said as she looped her arm in his, inter-twirling their fingers together.

"I don't know," Naruto said, looking down at her. "He gets his smarts from your side."

Sakura smiled back, leaning up to kiss him. "One thing's true though," she whispered to him, Naruto already knowing what she was going to say.

"He'll be the greatest ninja ever."

Well, there it is. The end. I know you guys really loved the story & I hope you love the ending too! Now, onto other things. First off, I based their house off of what I saw some of Sasuke's. That's also where I got the idea of Ansum's messenger bag, like how Sasuke had one when he was little. It seemed fit to keep his spirit alive, even if the Uzumakis don't notice. hehe! Also, lots of happiness & exclamation points goin' on in this chapter. Everyone's happy! Of course, you would expect that. I think I got Naruto & Sakura's personality down… fairly well. I'd see Naruto as a dad who wouldn't act his age. So he relates to his kid more, ya know? And he's an ANBU too! Yay for Naruto! Sakura as the mothering type, yet she still thinks Naruto is a doofuss sometimes. hehe!

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