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Gaz let out an angry sigh as she dropped her Game Slave 2 on the table. Cursed vampire piggy. They killed her once again. She tapped her fingers on the table. The kitchen was oddly quiet this morning. Dib wasn't talking about Zim yet. He wasn't anywhere nearby, that was a bit bothersome. The clock on the wall signaled that it was ten o' clock on Sunday. He was normal up and preparing to spy on the green 'alien' by now. She looked about her and noticed how eerie it was. She closed the game slave and went to the living room. No sound or screams. She sighed and sat on the couch turning on the TV to see what her dad was up too. She hated how she had to depend on the media to tell her how her father was, yet she also didn't care. He wasn't the fatherly figure in her life; he wasn't really the man in her life. Truth be told that was Dib, though she would never say that to anyone.

Turning of the TV she sighed. It was boring around here. Dib wasn't in his room; she looked earlier that morning, and nowhere in sight. If she wanted to have any entertainment today she would have to go pay a visit to Zim. If Zim was there, Dib was probably nearby trying to prove him to be an alien. Even if it had been five years, the two hadn't changed; they simply had an understanding about their roles in each others lives.

Zim still wanted to rule the Earth. No longer for the recognition of the tallest, but for his self-gratification; or so it seemed to Gaz. She smirked as she put on her hoodie. She was too lazy to shower so her hair was to be covered up from the world. Plus she hated sunlight. Her sweatpants had a grey hue to them as well. She was never the type to wear bright colors.

Tossing her keys in her pocket she locked the door behind her and took off to the oddly placed building that Zim had come to call home

Dib was feverously writing down notes in his laptop from the tree across the street from Zim's home. Gir was watering the gnomes and sparks were flying about, yet none of the neighbors noticed this; pity. He closed the laptop and relaxed against the tree. Life was good. Hi Skool was okay. He wasn't as unpopular as he once was. As one gets older people become shallower; he was a rich boy related to the most brilliant mind of their time, and would one day become said man. Girls almost threw themselves at him now. Almost. They still had some dignity about them.

It was his senior year of Hi Skool. He smiled. He and Zim were seniors. Though that held little to no significance to the alien it meant a lot to him. That meant that he would hold more power in his fathers company and people would listen to his ideas. Bigfoot would be revealed. He laughed manically; it was only a matter of time. Gir screeched at the noise and ran inside, something about tacos. Dib sighed and rolled his eyes at the robots actions. Even after all this time Zim had made no modifications to the little robot.

Dib dropped to the ground with a loud 'clink' from his boots. His laptop was secured in the bag around his waist and his camera hung at his side, the band around his hand. Zim had been in the house all weekend. Only Gir or Mini-Moose came out, rare but surely they did.

Zim had changed much over the years. He wasn't as tall as most humans, but he was apparently taller then the 'tallest'. He sneered if he ever mentioned them, his respect having been lost when he gained height. They had been extremely happy when he said he was to stay on earth until its annihilation. Until then, none of the other Irkens would know that he had become the tallest of the tallest. Dib remembered Zim going to skool that day with an angry sneer at anyone that looked at him. Gaz had even gotten out of his path when he walked by.

Dib stretched and listened to his back pop. He yawned and then rubbed his eyes, the camera banging against his face a few times. He still was as awkward as ever.

He had left that morning around six, wanting to see if maybe Zim came out that day. He was wrong, Zim was still inside. He wanted to ask Gir but the robot just ran away the first time. He contemplated going home and getting some food when he noticed Gaz walking this way. He swiftly hid behind the white fence in the neighbor's yard and watched his sister walk up to the steps. The gnomes simply watched her but never fired. They never did. He didn't understand that.

Gaz grumbled terrible things under her breath as she knocked. Gir opened it up in two seconds, a taco in his hand. Gaz opened on eye a little and glared at the robot. His red eyes turned blue as he looked up at her. She was taller. Not to tall though. Still a good head or two shorter then Zim and Dib. "Where is Dib." She ground out eventually, a hand fisted and shacking at her side; she couldn't stand the stupid robot sometimes.

Now was a moment when that hate was apparent; it simply blinked at her. "Taco?" Gir finally offered holding the taco to her nose. Gaz snatched it and bit into it angrily, before dropping it back on Gir's head. The robot ran into the room screaming before bursting into a fit of laughter; shortly after Gaz followed him in. The home hadn't changed much since her last visit. She tapped her fingers on her elbow, her arms now crossed, and sneered at the robot as it sat before her and stared. "Where is Dib?" She was growing impatient.

The robot's smile grew as it looked around. "Dance with me and I'll tell you!" Gaz growled, where had she heard that before?

"No." Gir just stared at her. "Come on!" Again, empty eyes and a huge smile. Her eyes opened a bit to actually be seen as a glare and she stormed past him. The kitchen was empty, so she walked to the toilet and stood on it. "How does this work?"

Gir, forgetting the dance, told her to lift the lid and jump in. Gaz, with a disgusted look on her face did so.

Dib was amazed; the robot had just let her in?! He shot after her only to have her slam the door shut behind her and onto his face; not knowing he was behind her. The gnomes stared at him for a moment before returning to looking forward. Dib sat with his head against the door listening to Gaz and Gir talk. "Dance?" He mumbled. Shaking his head he tried to doorknob. It opened, to his amazement. He was in just in time to watch Gaz flush herself down to the labs.

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