Chapter Nine

Prepare for happiness and sorry all in one!




Tak stormed into the room; cuffs around her wrist, and a scowl on her face. She looked extremely pissed. Red had summoned her a month ago, yet only now did the damn officers allow her to leave. She stood on the platform, arms in front of her, looking for Red. She shut her eyes and counted to ten. Her anger issue was kicking in again. She was almost at tall as Red, yet a good head and a half shorter. Bless her height.

Red was sitting on a couch not far away, legs crossed, arms resting on the chair. He was watching her storm about the platform muttering to herself; and sometimes about him. He found comfort that he filled her with rage. He decided to watch a bit longer and think on what he was going to say.

"Red!" She fumed spinning around looking at the darkened room room. Lucky for him where he sat was dark, and where she stood was bright. She let out a snarl as she dropped down and sat cross-legged on the floor. Her arms crossed, the chains making a noise as she did so.

"That isn't the most flattering way to sit you know?" he called across the room. Her head spun around to his direction to glare. "Don't look that way, it isn't becoming." He sighed and rose floating to the platform. She continued to glare at him as he stood towering over her.

"Why did you release me?" She ground out, her teeth clenched together.

He laughed; and it wasn't pleasant, it was rather loud and harsh. "I like you! Isn't it obvious?" She felt like spitting at him. When he noticed the look his sighed and slouched. "I need information about Zim." She perked up, her interest flared; she still hadn't gotten over what he did to her. "He…is…well…there is a lot of things that have happened these past years you have been in jail." Sighing he did something odd, he sat down across from her, arms resting on his knees.

"We need to bring him back here, but we all know that by now he wouldn't do that freely." With the confused look on her face he sighed. "Zim became…tall." Her head jumped back a bit, that was a major thing.

"How tall?"

"Taller than me."

She gasped. "The control Brain! It must know about that!"

"It always knew, and it is enraged at Purple and my lack of care. It striped us of power, our PAK's have been reprogrammed," he pulled a bag of chips from nowhere and grabbed a handful of chips. "Unless we get him to return we have no power, and Irk has no ruler." He popped a chip into his mouth and chewed loudly.

"What do you want me to do than Red?" She delighted in the disrespect she was allowed.

His glare was stuck to his face for a full minute before he replied.




Gaz 'wooted' in delight as she beat Zim once again and 'Rampage of the Monkies". The alien sucked at these games. She tossed the controller at the ground and leaned back on a giant pillow. Zim was glaring at the screen, fingers still above the analog stick.

"You suck." That was such a human thing to say too. She smirked as she looked at her nails, no dirt; clean.

"Yeah, I do don't I?" She let out a maniacal laugh at that and then pushed against the pillow before grabbing at the controller to play survival mode alone as he moped at losing to a girl. "How is Gir?" She asked as she destroyed New York. He put the control down and stood up, moving to a room attached to the one they currently were in, the one they played in was filled with giant screens. He used to talk to the Tallest on that thing. He typed into a pad on the wall to check the levels. "Zim?"

"Another minute or so and he can be stable." He plopped back down next to her to watch. "How can you obsess with such a game?!"

"Shut it. Besides, you like destruction, so why can't I?" She muttered moving her body along with the monkey. She was already on level five. Only twenty-seven more to go. "Why did he fall apart anyway?" Her eyes were open enough to show the pupils.

"Age, and the fact that he is so advanced compared to other SIRS. And I do like destruction, destruction is nice! You, though, don't need to like it becau-" He had a small screen pop up before him moments later, the words TALLEST flashing in green on the screen. He groaned and looked over at her. "I think you should leave."

"No way in hell." She muttered saving her game. "I want to see these Tallest of yours that you once looked up too." She pulled her legs up to her chest and watched.

He sneered and looked to the screen after allowing them though. Purple sat in a spinning chair, as he spun he greeted Zim. He would say Zim's name, only if Red wasn't around. Zim nodded. He liked Purple far more than Red, if only because he was far more pleasant, and stupid. "Zim!" He said happily. "Human girl!"

Gaz looked at him, her head turned to the side. "Hi."

Zim waited for Purple to get to the point. "Zim, I have called to warn you about something that needs your attention." Zim looked skeptical before nodded for him to continue. "The Control Brain wants you to return to Irk. Irk is without a ruler at this time. Since Red had us not bring you back the Brain became enraged!" He made movements with his hands. "So Red and I need you to return."

"You know I wont, I just shall let you two control things-"

"No!" He exclaimed jumping up from the chair, and arm outstretched. "Our PAK's have been re-programmed Zim. You know what that means! We have no power. You must tell the Brain about this. And Red, oh Red! He is so angry right now! He has this whole plan to-" The screen blacked out with an Irken symbol was on the screen, indicating that they were to wait. Zim was suddenly worried a bit. Red was planning something.


"I think you should go home now Gaz." He unplugged the system and handed it to her. Gaz muttered something and then glared at the screen.

"You aren't going back are you?"

"I don't know right now. I don't plan too."

She 'hmphed' then left the base, heading to home. Zim continued to stare at the screen. What could he do about this? If Purple was worried than there must be a problem. What could they possibly do? For the first time in a long while Zim wanted Gir around to relieve the tension. The screen eventually blacked out, meaning the transmission was canceled. He grabbed a corner or a pillow and tossed it against a wall, the other one following soon after. He had some planning to do. Lots of planning to do.

The first thing he did was go to the room with Gir in it. The robot was awake and floating in the containment tube looking about him and swimming in the liquid. Pressing a few buttons and making sure his levels were correct, Zim let the robot out. Gir saluted his master waiting for a command.

"How are you feeling Gir?"

"Fine my lord!" His eyes were red for a few seconds and then turned blue as he clutched his stomach and laughed. Zim nodded, this behavior no longer bothering him as it once did.

"Gir, we are going to be taking a trip in a few days. And it will be a very long trip. I want you to finish any business you have and prepare, understood? First though I want you to make sure Gaz is at her home. Then I want you to set the defenses again." He knew that most of this would not even register for the robot but he had to at least make sure the purple haired girl got home okay and wasn't doing stupid things again. "Gir!" he snapped his fingers a few times in front of the robots face. "Check on Gaz than you can goof off okay?" He nodded as the red flashed in Gir's eyes. "I'll be trying to contact Purple."




Dib was standing at Zim's doorstep, Zita next to him poking at the puffin-fish on sticks. "Such odd things aren't they?" She delighted as they came back up as she poked them. "So is he home?"

"I don't know, hang on." He peeked in through a window, to check for anything strange. Upon finding nothing he pushed open the door. When no Gir showed up he was a little peeved. The house had no sign of life in it. "I guess now." He turned to walk down the path and stopped at the end of the yard; not only to wait on Zita but because he heard a noise. It was like a metallic crunching noise. Maybe Gir was around here somewhere. He looked about the yard and ended up finding the robot in a tree with a box of pizza. The grease was running down his face; momentarily he wondered if Gir actually digested this food or if it was stored inside his hollow body.

Zita looked at it with large eyes and tugged on Dib's sleeve hoping he would explain. "Zim's sidekick." His lip curled up at her expression. "Told you." He walked over to the tree until he was directly under Gir before he jumped a bit and caught a branch. He did this until he was across from Gir on the same branch. The robot offered him the last piece before tossing the box down to the ground. Dib held the piece, not eating it, as he spoke. "Gir? Where was Zim today?"

"I don't know." He was watching Zita. "Her hair reminds me of a balloon!" He was about to jump down when Dib put a hand on his head.

"Was he with Gaz?"

The robot stared at him a moment, mouth open, before he exclaimed almost in a panicked voice. "I was supposed to find her!" He jumped up and the rockets in his feet went off in the direction of Professor Membrane's house.

"Come on Zita!" He grabbed her hand and started running towards his house. "We gotta find out what's up here."

Zita followed, still extremely confused as to what was going on.




Gaz sat on her bed with a puzzled expression. That purple Irken, Purple how original, had warned Zim about something that was going to happen if he didn't return soon. Could that affect her in any way? Surely not, after all, if had any idea what damage she could do, as long as they weren't Iggins. She tugged at the tentacle on one of her many stuffed animals. They still were her defense systems, she just had less use for them anymore. Dib wasn't as stupid as he once was, he left her alone and didn't sneak into her room.

She needed to make friends. That random thought seemed to cause her to laugh. Maybe it was the realization that Zim was leaving, and soon after Dib would too. Who would protect her next year? She bit her lip. No one would.

She got up and placed the squid on a shelf along her wall before leaving her room. Who in her school could she possibly befriend? Let alone stand to be around for more than ten seconds. She couldn't make a list, no one came to mind. Maybe that was because she never really looked at people. If anyone tried to talk to her she either threatened them death, or ignored them. Could she have missed some important things? Could she have had a good boyfriend long ago before Iggins? Could she had a best friend who would listen to her talk about video games and not laugh at her? Or someone who she could confide her darkest secret in and not kill the boy yet make him leave?

She swallowed a lump in her throat. She had someone like that already.

That terrified her.

Just as she entered the living room Gir jumped on the door causing it to fall down and the hinges to break. "My master sent me!" he said in a deep voice, his body red.

"Why?" she asked moving past him to grab a can of 'poop soda'.

Gir looked at her and then shrugged. "Ah I don't know. He told me to and I did and now I leave!" With that he flew away.

"What a strange day," she mumbled leaning against the doorframe of the kitchen as she wondered how she was going to fix the door before Membrane got home. Moments later a panting Dib and Zita entered the room. Dib, though trying to catch his breath, had a look of rage as he saw the door. "Gir," she mumbled walking past to the couch and turning on the news. "Hey Zita." She muttered flipping the channel to find her fathers face.

Zita waved from her position against the wall; her hands on her knees and her body bent forward as she huffed. After a minute Dib straitened up and adjusted his glasses that had slid down his nose a little. He checked on Zita first making sure she hadn't knocked out before he stood back to look at the door. "Damn." He muttered as he lifted it and moved it to the wall. "What was Gir doing here?" he asked as if it wasn't important. They all knew that was all he could think about.

"Zim sent him." She took a sip before getting up and handing it to Zita. Nice act of the day; now to do two hundred mean ones. She walked to the wall and typed in a few things on the hidden keypad Membrane set up years ago for house repair. A hologram of a door appeared and slowly it became a solid.

"Why would Zim send Gir to check on you?"

"Ask him not me." She shrugged and took the can back from Zita once the girl held out her hand. Zita was now fixing creases in her dress and Dib was cleaning his glasses. "On a date or something?" Zita turned beat red and Dib just laughed. Oh, bad move Dib, she isn't going to know what to think of that one.

"Nah, just hanging out." Zita went from red with embarrassment to a little angry and confused. Gaz rolled her eyes. "Uh," he seemed to notice he made a mistake, but not sure what he did. "You two want to go grab a piazza?" Gir's recent slice made him hungry. Gaz almost said yes, except Iggins worked at Bloaty's now and she had no desire to see him.

"You go with Zita. Bring me back the leftovers. I have some homework and I feel a little tired so I'll go to bed early."

"Okay, come on Zita." He headed out the new door and waited on the sidewalk for Zita. Zita turned to Gaz and smiled.

"Thank you." She then rushed out to join Dib.

Gaz stepped forward and closed the door. Her head rested on the wood and she let a small smile spread on her face. Her amber eyes opened a single tear escaped. God she wanted that.

"No problem." She promptly whipped the tear away and left the room, leaving the TV on for Dib when he got home later. Maybe she would go to bed early.




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