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"And maybe he could convince her to give him a few kisses with those full lips. Light, he dreamed about that sometimes!" - KoD, pg. 192

The village green was bathed in moonlight, and the air hummed softly with the susurration of many voices. Mat looked around, catching glimpses of his family; Bode and Eldrin, his Da, his Ma. He considered walking over to them, but Bode and Eldrin would be all giggles, and his Da and Ma were deep in conversation. Anyway, it was Winternight, and the celebration would be in full swing for a while yet. There would be plenty of time later to be with his family.

He turned his attention to the part of the wide green lawn where gaily dressed couples danced to the sounds of the fiddle. Suddenly Mat was swept up in the steps by a laughing Egwene, who nearly hit him in the face with her swinging braid. He ducked backwards to avoid decapitation, knowing he was going to fall, but something blurred and then he had always been executing a perfectly normal twirl. He spun and dipped Egwene as the music demanded, and in truth he was so caught up in the dance that he did not so much as blink when suddenly he was dancing with Melindhra. And why should he? Melindhra became Aludra, braids swaying, and then suddenly Tylin was on the receiving end of a particularly daring dip. Nothing was out of the ordinary, each partner was the same.

Then, though, Mat did start. Suddenly the woman he was spinning was Tuon. It was unmistakably her, though her dress was not of either Seanchan or Two Rivers cut. If anything, it was Domani. Mat quickly brought his eyes back to her face.

The music slowed and shifted to a slower tune, perhaps a waltz, as Tuon looked up at him through her impossibly long eyelashes. He was still holding her hand, he noticed vaguely. Slowly, he moved his free hand to her slender waist, half-wondering if she would turn and bolt, or perhaps punch him. She gave a tiny smile of assent, and placed her hand on his shoulder.

They danced. He wondered how she knew the steps, but realized that the music had become better suited to a court than a village green. Come to think of it, there didn't seem to be many people around now. But he had other things to think about. Like how lightly she stepped, or how her big liquid eyes shone, or if she would laugh when he spun her like this--

Or if she would particularly liked to be kissed right now, because suddenly she was in his arms, and Mat was nothing if not a man of opportunity. "Tuon."

"Yes, Mat?"

He couldn't stop the grin, or the warm, elated feeling in his chest. "May I--"

He broke off in surprise as she stood on her tiptoes and stole a kiss. Recovering quickly, he bent to reciprocate--

Egeanin gave a particularly loud snore and the dream skittered away like a frightened doe. "Blood and bloody ashes!" Mat swore into the pillow before throwing it at the Seanchan sailor. Why did the light-blasted woman always wake him up just at the good part?

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