A/N- On request from a reviewer of Star Gazing, I have written this Oshitari/Gakuto drabble, despite the fact that they are a complicated pairing I don't really get. I'm not sure if Oshitari even like romance novels/movies officially since writers often protray him as that type so please don't blame me! -bows deeply- I'll try my best to keep them in character!

I don't know how but this turned out sort of...fluffy. O.o What the hell? The Dirty/Naughty Pair shouldn't turn out that way! I'm a failure as a writer! -sobs-

Let's just pretend that two guys liking each other is accepted in my weird PoT world. XP

Disclaimer- I don't own Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Ohji-sama. Because if I did, it wouldn't be the same ever again. Plus, there wouldn't be annoying girls who won't stop screaming a certain someone's name.

Homework Assignment

Write a one page essay on someone you admire or love. Define why and include details.

Gakuto tapped the top of his desk with his pen, wondering what he could write about. He felt it was a stupid assignment anyway. Why would his literature teacher care about such things?

'Oh right. It was required.' he remembered bitterly. He continued tapping his desk with his pen. Someone he admired or loved? He racked his mind for anyone, someone...

Atobe? The guy's ego is large enough without him helping.

Shishido? No way in hell would he admire the drama queen.

Jirou? He does not admire a hyper fanboy who won't stop sleeping.

Then the metaphorical lightbulb lit up above his head. Gakuto gave a cross between a smile and a smirk before furiously writing on the paper before him.

He made a mental note to never mention of this assignment to Yuushi, although he was sure the tensai probably already knew of this assignment and who he would be writing about.

There is one person I admire. And no, it isn't Atobe, if that's what you're thinking. The guy doesn't need any more people admiring him. That person is Oshitari Yuushi. While he's a total sucker for romance and is the genius of the tennis team, he is someone you can depend on, something I know for certain after playing doubles with him for so long...

Twenty minutes later, he hurried up and packed his things, rushing out of the classroom after placing the essay on the basket at the teacher's desk. Walking a bit slower in the hallway as he headed to the tennis clubhouse, he bumped into his doubles partner.

"Yuushi!" Gakuto called out in surprise. The tennis genius only gave a half smirk before the two headed down to the tennis changing room so they could get practice starting.

Nothing was said as they walked, side-by-side, but it wasn't needed for they just knew each other that well.