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"Stand aside you silly girl," Voldemort hissed impatiently, his victory was at hand, he just had to kill the little brat that the mudblood was shielding from view.

"No, please, please, take me, leave Harry."

"Foolish woman, Avada Kedavra," Voldemort watch impassively as the woman fell to the floor bonelessly, he turn to the crib where Harry Potter now laid squalling.

Lord Voldemort carelessly stepped over the dead mother, walked closer to the child and examined him closely. Aside from the bright green eyes the child looked completely normal, a bit on the small side though. The Dark Lord raised his want and murmured the death curse almost carelessly, the spell seemed to bounce off the child and rebounded towards Voldemort. The Dark Lord watched in surprise as it came closer and he recoiled from the bolt of death too late. Pain wracked his body and he screamed as his body was burned away by the death curse and the remnants of his soul were ripped from his body. In the haze of pain Voldemort missed that his soul had been split again. Half the soul mindlessly fled Godric's Hollow with all the magical energies that had been floating around the room.

The other fragment, unaware of both the split and the departure of its counterpart, was fading into death with nothing to latch on to to keep it in the land of the living. It latched onto the nearest source of power, the bawling child, and settled the boy's magic. Being immersed in magic eased the pain of the soul splitting and allowed the fragment to think clearly. And the first thought that flitted through its mind was 'I hate Harry Potter.' As soon as it was sure that it had enough power to leave the boy and not fade into the afterlife it broke free of magical core and proceeded to leave Harry Potter. Only too come to a abrupt halt a few feet from the still wailing child, the fragment ran into a invisible, solid, impassable wall three feet from the crib. No matter which direction it attempted to move in it was stopped short and the power it had taken from the boy was fading fast. It searched through all reason that it might be happing but it couldn't think of any.

There was only one option, one it viewed with great distaste, and that was to merge with the boy. The horcrux moved back into the boy's magical core and shifted its' 'view point' to a higher plane and moved closer to the ball of white light that was a soul. An ugly black splotch lay on one side and waves of white light seemed to be trying to repair and restrain the mark. The horcrux easily brushed aside a wave of white light that tried to prevent him from going closer and gently pressed against the mar. A familiar feeling brushed his limited senses, a latent, near complete, imprint of himself that was slowing being erased by the white waves. The horcrux plunged into the imprint, pressing it and himself far into the center of the soul, allowing the mar to surround him like a blanket. It knew it was only a matter of time before the soul would try to defend against the invasion so it moved quickly. The fragment allowed itself to disperse through the mar, into the soul, trusting the impression to keep it's consciousness from being destroyed. The soul of the boy reacted to late and tried to purge the energy, but it was too late, the soul exhausted itself and could no longer fight. Slowly the particles of dispersed soul converted the entirety of the soul to mirror that of the soul piece. When the horcrux became conscious it was very relieved, it had been hovering precariously over a endless chasm, energy slipping over the horcrux, stealing memories. It was suddenly very glad of the imprint, even now the horcrux could feel the memories of the past few days or so dissolving. But the shade didn't care, it was just glad to be alive still and laughed hysterically as the world faded to black.

The sight that the Dark Lord Voldemort was met with when he awakened was not one he recognized, an burning unknown ceiling loomed high above him. All the sound around him was almost entirely muted and he couldn't feel his limbs and the fire above him was pale pink and seemed to have a vague face-like shape. He attempted to sit up but found that he was unable to move, and received the same results when he tried to pinch himself. Voldemort also found himself oddly detached from all emotion, and couldn't bring himself to be frustrated. Which would have been annoying had he had emotion, which he didn't at the moment, which in turn would be frustrating. It was quite the quandary.

Another was how he managed to be in such a state, a bad potion maybe? Or maybe an assassination attempt gone badly, or not so badly, he might be in the final grips of a poison. Oh look, the ceiling above him came crashing down and met some sort of blue shield that encircled him. The bed, the Dark Lord was fairly sure that it was a bed, being vaguely soft, beneath him gave way and he landed softly onto the floor. Which allowed the ceiling to rest heavily against a wall, making his blue shield flicker out because it was no longer needed. Voldemort suppose that it would have been a relief to be in a magical area at least. He watched from his limited viewpoint, as he couldn't turn his head, as the house burned around him. The blue shield reappeared several times to protect him from falling debris and the occasion burst of heat that passed through the wards on his bed. When the fire finally stopped he could only see darkness and his shield had faded again, he imagined that he was several feet underground.

Voldemort lay in the darkness for a long while, but as laid he reviewed the last few days he could remember. Life had been going well, he had the Prewitt Brothers killed, received a few new recruits and a dozen more sympathizers. But after going to bed everything was a blank, he was sure that he had lost the memories, losing memories always had a particular after feeling. The Dark Lord tried fruitlessly for a few moments to retrieve the memories, and decided to move forward in his thoughts. He was buried in the ruble of an unknown magical house, the auroras would arrive soon and that wouldn't be constructive to continuing his existence. But at the moment he couldn't do anything about it, he couldn't even get a hold on his magic. It seemed to slip through his reach every time, likely another effect of the failed potion.

Loud noises and dim light broke Voldemort out of his reverie, and soon a enormously large man appeared, or maybe a small giant. The man-giant lifted him out of the hole and spoke to him softly, not that the Dark Lord could understand him, everything was still muted, nor could he see clearly. Voldemort only caught a brief, fuzzy glimpse of the devastated house as he was turned around and cradled in the giant's arms and then only the view of the giant's shirt. 'How curios,' Voldemort thought, 'He doesn't seem to recognize me.' Voldemort felt himself being carried a short ways then the giant stopped to talk to someone. The giant reply boomed through Voldemort's chest, though he still couldn't make out what was being said. Another voice replied, 'another giant then,' and sounded vaguely distressed, the two talked for a few moments before Voldemort felt them move again and then a louder noise, like that of a muggle car roared to life around them. Voldemort paused to consider what could be making such a racket and dismissed the sound when he couldn't think of what it was and moved on to why the giant hadn't recognized him. Of course giants in general weren't all that intelligent he had been having ongoing alliance talks with them, they ought to recognize him. More importantly how had he come to be in an unknown house, that had burned down, then be dug out by a giant. There weren't many giants in the British Isles and Voldemort knew that he didn't have any safe-houses near the places they were, all in all it was a very strange day. Voldemort didn't even notice as sleep crept upon him, unable to feel it.

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