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Uncle Vernon being the good husband dropped both children off at Old Lady Figg's house, deciding that Aunt Petunia needed a few days to recover from her terrible shock.

Old Lady Figg's house smelled of cats and old cabbage and that smell clung to Harry's nose even when he went outside. He was on the very verge of disliking it, along with Ms. Figg, and yet her mind revealed something unexpected. She was a squib and she was watching him for Dumbledore, that made the well of almost-felt emotions surge uncomfortably in his belly. Dumbledore was still interfering with his life and that made anger almost bubble up, with just a hint of rage.

Harry knew that his actions as Voldemort made most think of him as a raving madman, which he had been. Rage, anger, loneliness and hate twisted him into the Wizarding World's epitome of fear. He wasn't actually crazy per say, just very angry. But now more than ever he realized that he had been granted a great boon by losing his emotions, even more so than being in the body of his world's savior. It allow him time to reflect on his actions and improve anything he found lacking. He still had his ambition to rule the world and make those with magic be solely in power, of that there was no doubt. But at the moment the only productive thing he had done was ensure that three children would be born to serve him, learn about muggles, and acknowledge his mistakes. Displeasure at himself bubbled in his stomach and he sighed as Dudley wailed loudly from the low couch in the Family room that he was sharing with Harry, the gray light of dawn sneaking through the thick curtains.

Ms. Figg, who really wasn't old, maybe thirty, came rushing into the room, white fly-away hair, that gave the moniker Old Lady, out of its curlers. She turned on a table lamp next to the couch and sat Dudley up, sitting down next to him and murmuring to him.

Suddenly emotion bubbled up to Harry's chest and he gasped at the powerfulness of it. Sadness rushed through him and he was overwhelmed, it seemed to stretch on endlessly, until suddenly it was gone. Harry, who was unaware that he hade even started crying, let out a loud wail at the loss of the wonderfully horrible feeling, his body was shaking uncontrollably as he was being rocked gently by Ms. Figg. Her male guest that Harry had only met briefly yesterday before falling asleep poked his head into the room.

"What's wrong Belly?" he questioned in a deep voice.

"Nightmares, the both of them, Vernon only told me briefly what happened, seems his sister Marge had some sort of seizure, Petunia and the children saw it. Poor dears. Do you think I should call Albus, Edgar?" Arabella questioned worriedly.

"Nah, that old wizard has far to much fun poking his nose in private people's lives. The muggle docs say that it was a seizure right? Then a seizure it was, in any case I imagine that those brats are hungry as I am," Edgar replied in a blase manner.

By now Harry had calmed down, the sadness had retreated completely but panic simmered in the back of his mind. This was completely unexpected, and dangerous, the panic that bubble made him act impulsively, anything to rid himself of that feeling. With a thought Dudley fell back asleep as did Figg, who slid into an uncomfortable looking position. Figg too had cats that unconsciously guarded her mind so he couldn't permanently command her to look after him and forget about it after. However none of Figg's cats cared for Edgar, at all, so he was entirely unprotected mentally. Harry easily slipped into the unprotected squib's mind and the man's stance relaxed as he looked blankly around the room.

Name, Date of Birth and magical ability, Harry ordered mentally.

The man dazedly fixed his gaze onto him and replied, "Edgar Edward Rosewood, previously Rookwood, I was born in 1955, and I am a near squib."

What is the nature of your relationship with Figg?

"We're dating and I was going to propose to her soon, I've even got the ring." Rosewood replied with an edge of anxiety to his voice.

Would anyone find it strange if you married suddenly?

"No, they have been expecting it."

I see. I have a task you must preform, it is of great importance.

Edgar Rosewood calmly walked into Gringotts and requested that he have access to vault number 325l. The goblin peered at him oddly for a moment and said, "Password."

Edgar replied, "I need the wealth of vault 3251, it will aid me in my endeavors. The snake and the lion are locked in battle as the raven and the badger watch."

The goblin seemed almost disappointed at the correct recital of the password, "Correct, and here is your key, a goblin will escort you to a car. Thank you for your business."

Edgar's trip in the mine cart was uneventful and he easily stepped out of it. He slid the key into the small keyhole and it opened easily; gold coins were stacked floor to ceiling and it appeared that the vault went back for a short ways. Edgar was quite surprised by the amount but took a bottomless bag out of his robe pocket and scooped nearly a thousand galleons into it. He then got back into the cart and returned to the surface.

Edgar Rosewood stopped at a jeweler's and a potion's shop in Knockturn Alley before flooing back to Privet Drive.

Harry waited until the man was safely through the floo before questioning him, Do you have everything Rosewood?

"Yes Potter."

Figg will wake up soon, go put the potion in a cup of tea and take off your robes, your fiancé may be confused as to why you changed clothes while she was unconscious.

The man complied, removing the robes that he had slipped over his muggle cloths and just as Figg was stirring Edgar reappeared with a warm cup of Earl Gray. She took the cup and looked around dazedly, confused as to what had happened. "You fainted Arabella, drink your tea it will make you feel better."

The woman took a sip of the tea, then drank it all very quickly, "That was delicious my love, what was it?"

"That's a secret, but I have a question for you." Edgar got down on one knee and pulled a little black box out of his pocket. "Will you marry me?"

Arabella burst into tears and hugged her fiancé tightly sobbing 'yes!'. All concern about Dudley and Harry going out the window.

Harry watched the very happy couple stoically, one of his many safety net accounts in Gringotts making it possible. Happiness soon bubbled out of control and overflowed into his mind, overtaking his consciousness, making him black-out and collapse. Both adults rushed over to the fallen child, and finding nothing wrong with him tucked him into the low couch.

The three months and three days since Marge's seizure and mental break, as the doctors were now calling it, had been very eventful for the Dursley family. With no hope of recovery from Marge, Vernon inherited all of the Dursley family's various holdings that Marge had been managing. Vernon had been getting a small stipend from Marge before her accident- after all he didn't take charity from his own family. Vernon and Marge's parents had died several years back and left all the family's businesses and properties to the jobless younger sister who bred bulldogs. After all their other prideful child was doing quite well in a new drilling company, but now with Marge incapacitated everything fell to Vernon.

One Colonel Fubster was hired to look after Marge's bulldogs and turn the house that Marge used to live at into a working breeding kennel. Vernon had been hesitant, but was swayed by a mental push from Harry and, after all bulldogs could bring a very large profit. Several other properties were put up for rent and others for sale. Vernon bought Petunia a vacation house in Majorca and moved to a pleasant house owned by his late parents just outside of London for her to recover in and raise their growing family in. Grunnings opened another plant just twenty minutes from their new house and appointed Vernon as the President of it, further raising his salary. The owners of Grunning Drills were suitably impressed when all potential customers that visited the Dursley household signed contracts with the company, not knowing that it was due to Harry's mental influence.

Most of the business that the Dursley family owned were left alone, like Dursley Construction, Dursley Interior Design, Dursley Realand Dursley Landscaping, but others that were only a drain on the accounts were shut down. After some mild downsizing money was flowing into the Dursleys' accounts at a very good rate.

Moving to the house in the country had posed a particular problem to Harry in the shape of the blood wards placed by Dumbledore. The wards couldn't be abandoned by those of Evans blood, otherwise they would fall and Dumbledore would notice, but they could be moved without harming the structure. Luckily the headmaster had only loosely anchored the wards to the property and Harry was able to shift the wards onto his Aunt Petunia's wedding ring, with a bit of help from Edgar as Harry still had no grasp on his magic. The ward became mobile for only a short time and after the family was suitably settled into the new house Edgar tied it semi-permanently to the house itself. With some persuasion from her loving husband, they had been married the week after he proposed, Arabella Rosewood didn't breath a word of the move to Dumbledore. The house that they moved to was very large, it had seven bedrooms, three full bathrooms, living room, formal dining room, family room, a play room for the children, spacious kitchen, two offices, an attic, a basement, and a three car garage. The house sat on a fifteen acre property with a small creek that ran through it and there was also a guest house with two bedrooms and a bathroom. The house was in good condition and there had been a caretaker, Hunter Hike, looking after it since Vernon's parents had died. The middle-aged man was moved into the basement and the guest house was occupied by two young orphans Greta, at age 17, and Lisa, at age 19, best friends for as long as they could remember. Lisa's parents had died in a tragic car crash when she was 12 and she had been adopted by Greta's father, who was a friend of Vernon's and who had died of cancer not a week after the Dursleys had moved in. Vernon offered them a place to stay and work, they both gladly accepted.

Harry's emotional outbursts had continued and he'd had fourteen to date, none of them ever being the same emotion and the emotions always overwhelmed him completely. Luckily the help had no resistance to his mental commands and he took it a step further and created constructs in their minds that seemed to be permanent. The constructs created by his telepathy, as he learned to call it, allowed him to act oddly in front of them and for them to think he was behaving normally.They responded easily to his commands, and unlike before he didn't need to step into their minds mentally every time. Harry had also learned how to sufficiently use the bathroom, so he no longer wore diapers. Dudley had started going to school and was getting along well with the other children due to some mental discipline from Harry. Yesterday, relatively speaking, since it was four in the morning now, had been his birthday and Lisa and Greta had taken him clothes shopping, as Petunia was in no condition to do it, she had later been admitted to the hospital for observation because she had start her contractions.

Dudley was snoring quietly, curled up in a ball and Harry was lightly dozing in Lisa's lap, who was blankly staring at a housekeeping magazine she had read at least three times. Vernon was in the room sitting with Petunia getting his hand nearly crushed by her grip. A short while later buzz of anticipation and excitement awoke Harry from his light slumber and he blinked his eyes to get the sleep out of them. Vernon came into the hallway, woke Dudley and motioned for the nanny, Lisa, to come in with Harry, who remained as silent as always. Petunia laid weakly on the bed, doctors still buzzing about, one attaching a oxygen mask to her face to ease her tired body.

The triplets lay snoozing in odd clear plastic crib-like things next to Petunia so she could easily see them. When everyone came in the doctors nodded at Vernon and left, and the room suddenly seemed far less crowded. Harry brushed Vernon's mind and his uncle sat down on the chair next to the bed and fell asleep as did Dudley.

"Vernon?" Petunia questioned confusedly. Harry brought all the memories of him to the surface and Petunia shuddered slightly and gasped loudly, "What do you want?"

"We have a deal Petunia, and I am simply here to remind you of that and to ensure that you know that it is being carried out." Petunia looked at Lisa in surprise as she spoke, as Harry was reaching through the young girl to control her speech. Lisa walked around the bed and towards the babies, finger tracing the plastic footboard of Petunia's bed as she easily held Harry in the other arm. His aunt looked at the nanny in distress as she placed a finger on the first child's head. In actuality Harry was scanning the child's magic from where he was held on Lisa hip. The child, a girl judging by her pink cap, wiggled slightly and gurgled in confusion, "She's good," Lisa said as she moved onto the next, one with a blue cap who was fussing, and she frowned and moved onto the next, also with a blue cap, golden hair peaking out from underneath, who lay quietly staring at everything.

Petunia couldn't stand the look that showed on Lisa face. "What is it? What's wrong?"

"The girl has magic, as does the last boy, but he has too much of it, so he must have taken it from the boy in the middle," Lisa said unhappily, and along with Harry stared at the second child intently, examining the child closely as he felt the child weak mental shield. It was a highly unusual medical condition that sometimes happened with multiple babies in the womb. One baby somehow took another's magical core, leaving one child very powerful and the other a squib. The child slowly stopped fussing and grew still, trying to focus on Lisa, but Petunia interrupted her nephew.

"What are you doing?" she screeched.

"A servant with no magic has very little use to me," Lisa said looking at Petunia, whilst Harry's gaze remained locked on the baby, pressing lightly on the shield.

"But you swore to me that you'd take care of the triplets, you promised!" Petunia protested loudly.

"I did, but if he lives he will suffer," Lisa said emphatically, looking at Harry's aunt with pity.

"You swore, you mustn't kill him, you are the reason he was born." Petunia's eyes were bright with unshed tears and she pleaded for the baby's life.

"Yes, and I am trying to fix my mistake. If he lives he will hate you," Lisa said harshly.

"I don't care, he is my flesh and blood. I hold you to your word Harry James Potter," Petunia cried, no longer looking at Lisa but instead Harry who had finally looked up at her, his green eyes holding no emotion.

"Very well, have you named them yet?" Lisa asked, Petunia mutely shook her head.

"I shall then, Fern for the boy with magic and pretty green eyes, Nettle for the boy with no magic and dark eyes, and Belladonna for the girl, after my dear Bella, may she be blessed with her namesake's power," Lisa said. Petunia didn't answer; she was weeping quietly into the side of the bed, turned away from the children and Harry.

Once Harry had hidden Petunia's knowledge of him again he woke Vernon and Dudley up again. Everyone cooed over how cute the children were and Vernon told Lisa that she should take a taxi back to the Dursley mansion, as Dudley was looking tired. In the back of the taxi Harry fell asleep and didn't even awake when Lisa carried him into the house and put him in his room. A peaceful look came over him when he slept and tonight was no different, but the peace wouldn't last for long

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