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Chapter One: Cliché meeting

A loud crash sounded through the small deli, one of the cases of cut meat had fallen and scattered broken shards of glass and ham around the small room. A large man holding a butcher knife ran out from behind the counter shouting at people to get back. Several people who had been waiting for their orders pushed to the side of the room getting out of the butchers way. No one noticed a pale raven haired boy slip out the door.

Danny ducked into an ally a few doors down from the butcher shop. He clutched a tattered green backpack full of meat wrapped in newspaper he had just taken from the deli. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a squashed piece of bread, then ripping the news paper off a small cut of ham he tore open the bread and slipped the meat inside before taking a large bite. He took another large bite but chewed slower this time savoring the flavor.

Danny finished the sandwich just as an African American boy came around the corner, the boy wore baggy green cargo pants with a yellow shirt and red bray. He would normally have been easy pray for any pickpockets or gangsters but none of them messed with him for one simple reason, he was Dannys partner in crime.

Danny stood up when the African boy walked down the ally. "Hey Tuck thanks for the distraction. The Butcher didn't suspect you did he?"

Tuckers face paled slightly and his eyes got wide, "That shelf almost fell on me, I could have been killed!" Then a smile broke out on his face, "Na man, I just pretended I was scared stupid again." That's how they operated on any jobs big and small. Tucker caused a distraction, normally by hacking into a security system while Danny did the stealing. Tucker was brilliant when it came to computers, and Danny had a few talents that made stealing very easy though he had to be very careful with them.

Danny didn't like stealing but it was the only way he could survive, no one would hire a fifteen year old for any job worth doing. He had been on the streets for a little over a year and in that time had earned a reputation as a master thief, the reputation he wished he didn't have. Just the thought of stealing still made his stomach turn.

"Good work Tuck, could you see that this gets to the bridge?" Danny asked tossing the backpack to Tucker.

"Sure, then I need to head home. I have to go to some benefit ball tonight" Tucker unlike Danny didn't live on the streets. He lived with his parents, and they were one of the richest families in Amity city. Having grown up sheltered from the world he had been easy pray about a year ago for some muggers one night. Danny had stepped in and saved him and since that day they had been friends and partners in crime.

Tucker walked back to the street where a black car was waiting for him. Still being only fifteen himself he couldn't use any of his families money but he had full access to their cars and drivers. Before he got in he turned back to Danny, "Want a ride?"

"No thanks I'll walk." Danny said walking deeper into the back alleys of the city. The sun was quickly setting and the night was warm for this late in Autumn. Danny walked down the narrow streets and alleys of the city till he came out on to a wide street running next to a large river. Danny walked across the street ignoring the heavy traffic and leaned against the railing. He looked down into the river, the lights from the city were reflected like millions of stars.

Danny sighed, this was as close to seeing the stars as it was possible to get in the city, normally there was too much haze or light pollution to see the sky at night. Tonight however there was a storm settling over the city.

Once the sun had fully set and the street lights had come on Danny began to make his way back to the burned out building he had been living in for most of his life on the street. It was a three story brick apartment building in the south part of the city passed the river. It had caught fire a few years before and the first floor was a burned out shell covered in ash but the second and third stories had survived fairly well and if Danny climbed a broken beam he could get to the second story with out having to use the charred stairs. He was pretty sure they would crumble if anyone over twenty pounds climbed them.

Hardly anyone every came there so he was fairly confident that he was safe there. Most people were afraid of the building to begin with because it was supposed to be haunted by the ghost of a teenager who had died in the fire. The only down side to this was that every now and then some kids came by to try and summon the teenagers ghost. Danny didn't worry about them to much though, they never chanced the stairs and if they were there to long he made a little noise and they went running.

Sam Manson sat on a bench at the amity city police department, she wished she was there because of a protest or something like that but sadly she was here everyday after school. Her farther was the chief of police, and to make sure she didn't end up at the police station for something that would embarrass him like a protest he made her come here right after school everyday and wait till he got off work at six.

It wasn't really that bad since she didn't have anything else to do, she didn't have any friends to hang out with or anything. Plus most of the officers were pretty nice. They had a few extra offices in the station and when her father had first been promoted some of the officers had helped her turn one of them at the back of the station on the second floor into a room for her. It had an old desk and some rugs Sam had saved from the garbage down the street.

There were even some plants she had been given by to officers since for some reason people always gave the police plants as a thank you. All in all the room was pretty nice. She also had a good view of the south side of the city, or as it was called here at the station the bum slums.

Sam stared out the window watching the thick clouds wash across the sky. She rested her heavy boots on the desk, she blew a loose strand of hair out of her face for the hundredth time. She was bored out of her mind, her homework lasted about an hour after that she had to find a way to amuse herself. She was contemplating going down to the break room and seeing what had been happening when there was a loud knock on the door. "Come in"

A man of about forty walked in, Sam didn't bother taking her boots off the desk since every officer was used to her pretty much doing as she wanted. "Hello little chief" It was an inside joke at the station to call Sam little chief. "Sorry but your dad is swamped with work tonight and he probably won't be done till about nine. He said I could take you home though during my dinner break if you want."

"Thanks but I couldn't make you waist your dinner break Steve." Sam had other reasons for wanting to be on her own that particular night but better to keep those to herself.

"Oh its no problem at all, I never have anything to do anyways" Steve chuckled, "I have to go do a drive around but I'll be back about seven." He closed the door as he left.

Sam walked over to the door and listened to make sure no one was in the hall, then she grabbed her back pack and tossed on a denim jacket. She walked over to the window and opened it, there had once been a fire escape outside the window and even though it had been removed a long time ago there were still rivets sticking out of the wall. Sam stuck one foot out then the other, she had done this a few times before and knew just where to put her feet.

She quickly made her way down to the ground, then hopped a chain link fence to an ally. She raced down the ally to the street and slowed a little, she had just over an hour to get to where she was going and back again before someone would know she was missing.

Half an hour later she was in the bum slums, garbage littered the street and gutters. She walked fast so as not to be mistaken for on of the girls standing along street corners wearing way too much make up. Then around one more corner she could see her destination, a burned out apartment building. Word around school was that a kid had died in the fire and that his ghost was now trapped in the building.

Sam walked up the steps and pushed on the large blackened door, it gave just enough for her to slip inside. Sam stood still just over the thresh hold trying to let her eyes adjust to the dim light inside. Soon she could see that she was in a hallway with crumbling walls. She took a few steps inside and grew more confident in her night vision.

Most of the walls had large holes in them. Allowing Sam to see into darker rooms deeper with in. Sam made her way into the kitchen, the burned cabinets and counters were still there, no sink, and a table the must have been put in after the fire because it wasn't burned. On the table was a large board with letters painted on it. Must have been left by other kids trying to contact the ghost.

Sam studied the board for a minute, from the layer of dust on it Sam guessed no one had braved to come this far in for awhile. Sam was thinking of asking the board a question just for the heck of it when she heard a clunking from above her. Sam almost jumped but managed to keep her feet on the ground, her heart though was still beating like crazy. "It was just the wind, blowing something over."

Sam started walking again, she went back into the hall and froze, a cold wind blew across her back. And she spun around but there was nothing there. "Clam down Sam, there are no ghosts here. Its just the storm"

Sam had almost convinced herself it was just the storm when a sharp noise came from behind her. She was routed to the spot as new foot steps grew louder. Finally she brought herself to turn around and look at the stairs. As soon as she did the squeaking stopped. Sam thought about bolting for the front door but forced herself to take a step towards the stairs.

Danny had gotten back to the apartment building later then he had hoped because a corner girl had stopped him and it had taken forever to get away, which had taken him two blocks farther away from home then he had started at. He was just climbing the wooden beam when he heard someone open the front door. Hurrying the rest of the way up Danny quietly made his way to right above the main hallway. A girl wearing a denim jacket over a black tank top and purple and black plaid skirt was looking around. She looked up and Danny saw a beautiful face framed by raven hair like his, her eyes were a light purple color her couldn't quiet name.

Danny shook his head to clear it, the girl might be pretty but he needed to get her out of here as soon as he could. She had moved to the kitchen and was examining the board two high school jocks had left there five months ago. Danny took a few heavy steps, this was normally enough to make people want to leave. Danny looked through a hole to see the girl looking around and saying something to herself that Danny couldn't quiet make out.

She then walked back into the hallway, Danny hoped she was getting ready to run for the door and leave but she stood still for a long time, finally he decided this called for something more serious. It would probably be safe this far away from down town. In a quick flash Dannys face had paled and his hair had turned pure white. Sharp glowing green eyes had replaced his ice blue ones and all his clothes were now black except for his gloves boots and a D on his chest that were white.

He turned invisible and floated to the stairs, putting just enough weight on each on to make a loud squeak. He walked about half way down the stairs, he was sure she was about to make a mad dash for the door but instead she turned around and started walking to the stairs.

Danny floated back up to the second story. "What's up with this girl, she should be screaming by now." He looked around, most of his things were on the third floor but he still didn't want the girl to get this far. He might have to turn visible again and scare her in person though he really didn't want to have to do that.

Sam walked towards the stairs, her heart was pounding so hard she could barely hear her boots on the floor. The stairs looked old but she put one boot on them then the other. Slowly she made her way towards the second story, the stairs groaned against her weight but so far they had held up. The wind outside howled and whistled through the apartment building and the storm grasped the city. Sam ran her hand along the railing as the staircase climbed upwards. She was half way to the second floor and felt confident there wasn't anything to be afraid of when the stairs fell out from under her. Her head snapped up and she shot down, the last thing she saw were two glowing green eyes.

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