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Chapter 21: Going Home

Danny flew over the buildings lip, Sam fell, her legs tensed. Her feet brushed the buildings side and she sprung with inhuman strength across the gap to the next building. She passed through the glass. Danny followed.

Sam moved through apartments kicking in doors, ghosting through those that didn't yield the first time or a wall to lose him. Every time Danny got close to her she'd twist or turn and dodge him. Scared faces flashed past them in more than one apartment, he ignored them.

Down a hall, another apartment. At the stairwell Sam jumped over the banister and fell several stories before springing out an emergency exit. Danny flew over the street watching her. She ran up a steep hill like a marathon runner.

After several blocks, at the hills peak, Sam stopped and crouched behind a wall of vines. She was on a small overlook that presented a view of the city. Danny appeared behind her. "Sam, what's going on."

She spun around; her skin was deathly pail, covered in sweat. Deep purple bags hung under her eyes, her hair clung to her head. "And I thought I had finally lost you. You're good."

Danny shivered, it wasn't Sam's voice, it wasn't even female. "Who are you?"

"Who knows, its been so long. You know you made me waist another night in this body. It has maybe one or two left in it. It was a good one though."

"Get out of Sam now!" green energy sounded Danny's hands.

"Why would I do that? She's been so useful to me. Besides even if it's only another night or two I intend to use this body to the fullest before I move onto the next."

Danny's fired a wave of energy at Sam. She smiled and slipped through the ground. Danny was about to follow but tires screeched behind him. He turned and found Sam's father with a gun pointed at him. "Phantom I take it? If it hadn't been for your light show I'd have never stopped."

"I don't have time for this." Danny ghosted through the ground, catching a last glimpse of a shocked inspector.

He spent hours searching the city, even checking her apartment. But there was no sign of Sam. As dawn approached he had to admit he needed help. No matter the cost. As the sky turned pink he flew towards his home.

Danny landed in the small yard behind his home. It didn't look any different. He walked to the wall and pressed his hand against it, he had planned to ghost into his parents lab and take as much gear as he could grab. Hopefully they'd have something that could track a ghost overshadowing a person. But he couldn't pass through the wall. He floated around the building, but everywhere besides the doors and window he met resistance. "Of Couse they'd figure out a way to ghost proof the place."

He slipped through the kitchen window, turning back into his human form. There were no lights on, everyone must have still been asleep. It had been so long since he had stood there, everything seemed the same. The fridge was covered in papers, Jazz's reports, and A's. And his third grade assignment on astronauts.

He walked quietly towards the basement stairs, half his mind screaming for him to get out of there and half wanting to go to his room and just lay in his bed. But both half's agreed he had to save Sam.

His parent's lab was just as messy as he remembered. Their finished projects hung on the walls. He grabbed a pack and started shoving everything he could grab into it.

The lights flicked on, Danny froze, slowly he turned to the stairs. Jazz stood at the bottom watching him with a combination of shock, confusing and relief. Danny took in his escape options. The only clean path was through Jazz. She smiled. "Don't worry mom and dad are still looking for you up and the ski resort."

Danny flinched; he hated how she could read his mind so easily. "Jazz, i."

"You didn't come back to stay did you?"

"No, I have to do something."

She looked at the pack. "Involving ghosts?"

He nodded. She looked thoughtful for a moment, arguing with herself. Then she grabbed a ghost rifle by the door. Danny was sure he was about to be shot again, but she only popped off a panel and pulled out a chip. "Dad's been putting tracking chips in all their inventions for months. He's convinced the government wants them. Better take them out of your toys."


"Danny. Listen I know you're busy. I can see that. But promise you'll come back? You don't even have to see mom and dad. But I'm always here for you, and I miss you."

Danny tried not to become emotional. He had to focus. Jazz walked to a small alcove and pressed several hidden buttons. It slide away to show several carefully labeled weapons. And an odd assortment of what looked like house hold cleaning items. "Mom hid some of the best stuff from dad, he caused too much trouble with these."

He picked up a small hand vac. "I'm not sure this will help much."

"It's supposed to be able to suck a ghost out of a person, all i know is that it's great for taking off a teacher wig."

Danny put it into his pack. "Thanks Jazz."

"Anytime." She pulled him into a hug; he returned it for a moment before wiggling free and running up the stairs. Jazz smiled and pulled out her cell phone. On it was a map of the city, a small dot moved away from their house. "Just cause I'll keep mom and dad from finding you doesn't mean I won't track you down myself."

Then she frowned, the dot had speed up. "Did he get into a jet?"

Danny ran into the alley behind his house before transforming. He flew towards the north side of the city, trying to call Tucker again. The entire night he had been getting his voice mail. The dawn broke over the horizon and Danny hovered by a skyscraper. The tracking device his parents had been using to watch the city for ghost activity rested in his hand. A small green circle over laid a much larger map of the city. "Maybe I can boost the signal."

Slowly the green circle expanded a few blocks. "Ok guess I'll have to search the whole city."

If any of the morning commuters had looked up that day they might have seen a white haired ghost criss-crossing the city. But by noon he was no closer to finding Sam then he had been eight hours before. The city had never seemed so big before either. Now he found himself on the outskirts of the city near an abandoned hospital he had briefly used as shelter when he first ended up on the streets. He'd had to find a new place because Tucker refused to come near here.

As the sun set Danny could barely keep himself in the air. It felt likes week since he had slept and he had reached the south end of the city without any sign of Sam. As he flew over some old warehouses a red dot appeared in the circle. Danny shot down and through the roof. "Alright where are you!"

Silence, then. "BEWARE!"

Several empty boxes shot at Danny. He phased through them. "I don't have time for this."

"BEWARE child, for I am the master of all things square and rectangular!"

"Fine go back to playing with your boxes." Danny checked the tracker again but there was no signal other than his and the box ghosts.

"I will play, WITH YOUR DOOM!" more boxes rose and flew towards him.

Danny didn't bother phasing this time; he just burned them with a beam of energy. "OH, that is not fair! How dare you damage the property of the box ghost!"

"I already said I don't have time to deal with you." The tracker shot from his hand to the box ghosts.

"I claim this box for myself!"

Energy gathered at Danny's hand. "Give that back, now."

"Why? It is mine! Besides you will never find your girlfriend with this."

Danny shot across the distance between them, grabbed the Box ghost's shirt collar and slammed him against the wall. "How did you know I was looking for Sam?"

"I spoke with her; the ghost controlling her has taken domain of the boxes containing words."

Danny shook him. "When! Where is she now?"

"Last week, and I shall not reveal her location."

More energy gathered in Dannys hand until it lit the building. "Tell me everything you know or we'll find out right here and now if ghosts can die."

"Alright alright! The ghost is old and powerful, but it has no form of its own anymore so it steals bodies. Its true spirit resides in the glasses. You must get them off of her, but even then as long as she is near them it will retain some control."

"Good, now where is she?"

"The building, where you lived until you went with her."

Danny released him, after taking the tracker back. The Box ghost flew up to the ceiling. "BEWARE!"

Danny raced across the city. The tracker didn't show any ghost activity inside the building but it was his only lead. He ghosted inside; everything looked the same, except nearly every available surface was covered in books.

He floated through the ceiling to the room he had lived in. Sam sat against a back wall. Her skin was as pale as ice, the purple circles under her eyes were larger and he could see her cheek bones. She stirred and looked at him, her eyes were dark and dulled. Her voice was a weak whisper. "Danny?"

He moved towards her, her hand came up and slipped the glasses onto her face. She shuddered. "You again. This body has hours left and you intend to make me waist them."

"Get out of Sam now." Danny said trying to keep his voice as level as possible.

"I will be out soon enough. But I will use what time I have left to insure that you can not interfere next time." A bolt of violet energy shot from Sam's hand and just missed Danny.

He dodged several more blasts; her aim seemed to become worse with each one. "Curse it, the longer you are near the weaker my hold becomes. Fine I will end this now, forgive me my dear friends."

Sam raised her hands in an exaggerated gesture. A single sheet of paper rose through a crack in the floor. It floated over and stuck to Danny's leg. Another one floated up, and another. Paper rushed through the floor and door.

Danny's hands flashed green as he burned off the paper, but there was too much. It wrapped around his waist pressing in, weighing him down. He tried to phase through it but it didn't work and in the split second he stopped burning the paper to try, it overwhelmed him.

He reached out towards Sam, the ghost controlling her just grinned as the paper covered his head. Everything was still for a moment before the paper started tightening. A muted flash showed he had been forced back into his human form. "I can't imagine how horrible it must be to be strangled and crushed alive in there."

Absently she reached out and ran her hand over where his cheek would be. He fingers froze, it felt like electricity was running through her. "What's going on?"

Her other hand moved in jerking motions towards her face. "No, you can't be in control, I own you now!"

The hand didn't stop, she leaned back trying to move her face away from her fingers. "I said no! this is impossible. I am in control!"

Her fingers brushed the glasses, and knocked them to the floor. Sam collapsed.

A sheet of paper fell away from the cocoon around Danny, then another, then chunks came away. Danny gasped for breath as his head was exposed. As more paper broke away he fell to the floor. He took out a thermos he had taken from his parent's lab that was supposed to be able to capture ghosts and shoved the glasses in closing the cap.

Sam shuddered, then rolled onto her back. "I feel like crap, best I've felt all week."

"Sam!" Danny scoped her up in his arms, she felt so light now.

"Can we go home? I really want to get out of this stupide leotard." She said with a weak smile.

"Sure thing." Danny ghosted them through the roof and flew across town to her apartment. Surprisingly her grandmother was waiting in Sam's kitchen when they arrived. "What in the world happened to you?"

Sam had fallen asleep on the flight back so Danny tried to explain. "Sam put on a pair of possessed glasses and a ghost took over her so it could steal books."

Her grandmother studied him for a moment. "Alright, go put her in bed; I'll take care of things here. Then go do whatever you need to with those glasses. May I suggest an arch welder? I have one in my broom closet if you want."

"Uh thanks, but that probably wouldn't be the best idea."

"Phowe, you're as bad as my son. Never liking my ideas."

Danny set Sam in bed then ghost onto the building's roof and looked at the thermos. He really had no idea what to do with it. Back when he had first gotten his powers he'd fought a lot of ghosts, he'd win and they'd leave. He'd never caught one before, and really didn't know what to do with one. Still, it was a thief so maybe.

He stood; this was either a good idea or a very very bad one. But only one way to find.

Sam's father sat at his desk when he sensed someone behind him, he spun drawing his gun. Phantom stood by his window.

Danny watched Sam's father, puzzled when he put his gun away. "Not much use since it can't hurt you. Only'd blow a hole in my wall. What do you want? If it was to get rid of me you'd have already done it, you are a professional after all."

"A thief, not a murderer. There is a line."

"Not much of one."

"Enough of one. I'm here to tell you I haven't been the one stealing books."

"Oh? And who has? Another ghost maybe?"

"Yes." He set the thermos on his desk. "insides a pair of glasses, there's a ghost in them that takes over people. It was the one stealing the books."

Sam's father studied him. "Alright I'll buy that for now. I can't think of any reason for you to lie to me about this. Besides I can easily find out what's really in here, I know the Fentons."

Danny nodded, he figured Sam's father would do something like that. "Just make sure Jack doesn't try to put them on." He turned to leave but the inspector's next words stopped him dead.

"Anyone ever tell you, you look a lot like the Fentons missing son Danny?"

Danny hoped Sam's father hadn't seen the way he shivered at the question. "They mentioned it the last time they were shooting at me." Then he disappeared.

Back at Sam's apartment he found a note on the table.

Taken Sam to the hospital with a bad case of the flu.

Danny flew to the hospital, and after ghosting through the first two floors finally checked a computer at a nurses station for Sam's name. surprisingly they already had her in a private room. When he got there he had to wait for a doctor to leave before he could show himself.

Sam was wearing a hospital gown with pink dots. She was scowling at it so hard he worried it would burst into flames. "If you ever tell anyone I wore this I will kill the half of you that's still alive."

"Don't worry you're secrets are safe with me."

The door opened and Danny disappeared as Sam's father walked in. "Sam."

He rushed to the bed and enveloped her in a hug. Sam struggled to get out of it. "Dad, I need air. Come on the doctor says its just exhaustion; I'll be fine after a few days' rest."

"I know, but I'm a parent it's in my job description."

"I thought your job description had something to do with to serve and protect. Are you alright you seem, frazzled."

He ran a hand through his hair. "That easy to read huh? Yeah I am. You'll never guess what just happened."

"What?" Sam asked, half curious and half wanting to keep the topic off of herself.

"Phantom came to see me tonight. He's a ghost, a real one. But he's also a kid. About your age. It was unnerving. He had the same look as some kids we bring in on robbery charges. Regret and resolve. I've always tried to help the ones who still looked like they had hope. And he was full of it. But he works for the mob. That's another thing why would a ghost work for the mob? Everything just got so more complicated."

Sam shrugged. "Who knows how a ghost thinks. Besides just cause he works for them doesn't mean he has to like it."

"True, sorry for rambling. You just get some rest."

"No problem, always happy to hear about a case."

"Just like when you were little." He said and left.

Danny reappeared. Sam looked at him. "Did you really only talk to him?"

"Yeah why?"

"Cause he seemed, different. More like he was when I was little and he'd tell me all about his cases. He hasn't really done that in years."

"I have no idea." Danny said stifling a yawn.

They both jumped at a light laugh, neither had heard Sam's grandmother come into the room. "Doesn't sound like you've had a good night sleep in a while. Go on get some rest."

Danny glanced at Sam. "You'll be alright if I leave?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine Danny."

"Oh for heaven's sake! You don't have a romantic bone in your body. Just sleep on the floor next to her bed. I'll make sure no one finds you."

"I don't think Danny would be comfortable on the floor." Sam pointed out.

"You're both so tired it could be a bed of nails. But fine scoot over so he can share your bed."

"What? Grandmother!"

"Come now we both know you won't get a good night's sleep without him around so stop arguing." She said driving her scooter into the hall and closing the door.

"I can't believe her."

"I don't know, she reminds me a lot of you Sam."

"Well I do like her scooter. So, should we, share the bed?"

Danny grabbed a pillow and lay on the floor. On the side of her bed hidden from the door. "Nah it'll be easier for me to disappear here. Night Sam."

"Night Danny."

As Danny drifted off her saw Sam's hand hanging over the side of the bed, he reached up and intertwined his fingers with hers.

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