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V. Uh-oh, Am I Your Mother?

GINNY WAS STILL REELING FROM THE NEWS that she was Harry Potter's first wife. Draco didn't seem too happy to hear this bit of news either.

"You had a kid with Potter?" Draco questioned her when they were alone in the kitchen that morning after everyone's gone to bed and the two of them were too pumped-up with adrenaline and information to fall asleep.

"I—I think so," she shrugged while nursing a mug of hot chocolate. "Luna only said I was Harry's first wife, she didn't say anything else about me being Molly Noelle's mother."

Draco made a face at her then. "Don't be daft, Weasley. Of course you are that brat's mother. I instantly saw your face the first time we saw her."

Ginny looked at him, her dark brown eyes filled with hope. Draco mentally cursed when she saw that longing look in her eyes. Face it, Malfoy, she fancies Potter still. You were nothing but just a mere diversion to her chaotic world.

"If I was her mother, then why is she treating me indifferently?" she questioned.

"Merlin knows why your child with Potter is rude to you," he snarled.

Ginny swatted him on the arm then. Draco yelped and glared at the feisty redhead seated across from him at the kitchen table.

"I still need to know if I am Molly Noelle's mother," she insisted.

"And how will you find that out?"


"I beg your pardon?"

Ginny met Draco's stunned gaze. "I'll ask my ex-husband if Molly Noelle is our daughter."

HARRY!" GINNY CALLED OUT WHEN SHE saw him walk out of the kitchen door to the back where she was appointed babysitter of her nieces and nephews (she couldn't believe how many of them there were).

Harry stopped, pivoted and squinted to where Ginny was sitting on the swing while she watched the kids play. She was waving him to come over to where she was. He took a quick scan of the place, searching for Malfoy who seemed to dog Ginny since they were brought to the Burrow by Molly Noelle a couple of nights ago. When he didn't find Ginny's shadow anywhere he crossed the yard to where she seated quite comfortably on the swing.

"Hi," she smiled at him when he was close enough. "Are you in a hurry to go somewhere?"

"Why? What's wrong?" Harry frowned as he neared his former flame.

"Nothing's wrong. The kids are being little angels and Draco's helping the ladies bring in some wood to stoke the oven and fireplace," she answered.

"Ah," he nodded. "I was beginning to wonder where your shadow was when I didn't find him anywhere near you," he grinned.

Ginny glared at him. "Draco is not my shadow, Harry," she scolded.

Harry couldn't help from raising an eyebrow at the easy way Malfoy's name slipped from her lips. "You and Malfoy on cozy terms now, Gin?"

"No," she denied. "Anyway, forget about Malfoy. I've been meaning to ask you something."

"What is it?"

"Are you sure you have the time? I know I am watching the kids, but they're all playing nicely out here so I don't think they'll be too much of a bother."

Harry studied his former flame and wife carefully. Luna told him last night that the women accidentally let it slip that they – Luna and him – were expecting their second child; Ginny was under the impression that Molly Noelle was their first child and Ginny was surprised that they waited so long to add to their family, so Luna was left to explain the situation to her confused friend.

"You want to talk about us." It wasn't a question. It was a statement.

Ginny looked relieved that she didn't have to beat around the bush. She was having a hard time as it was trying to bring the subject up about them ending up getting married, but she knew she had to confront Harry about their marriage in order for her to figure the mystery of them being here.

"Luna told me, albeit reluctantly, last night that we got married. What I want to know is…Molly Noelle. Is she ours?"

Harry saw uncertainty cloud those pretty brown eyes of hers. He had to think fast and figure out a way of answering her question without revealing too much to her. Luna warned him last night, and Hermione did the same too this morning when she saw him, that Ginny would be asking questions about their relationship and about Molly Noelle as well. He was told not to reveal too much about Molly Noelle. He could talk about their relationship, give Ginny some ideas but not to the point of him revealing what happened to her.


"Let's get one of the older kids to watch over the little ones while we go talk," Harry cupped Ginny's elbow and let her precede him. He called over his shoulders to the children to behave and that he'll send Bill and Fleur's eldest, Roman, to watch them.

MOLLY NOELLE WATCHED FROM HER ATTIC bedroom window while her father and mother spoke. She'd been glued to her bedroom window since she heard Ginny announce she'd watch over the little kids in the backyard.

Since the Burrow's reconstruction two years after she was born, the Weasleys and Potters added extensions to the place to accommodate the Weasleys and Potters' growing family. She remained living in the main Burrow house with her Uncles Ron, Fred, George, their wives and kids. The three eldest Weasley brothers occupied the extension house added beside this already existing one.

Molly Noelle barely remembered her mother during the time the new Burrow was being reconstructed. All she could remember was her scent, and she definitely smelt it last night whenever she was near Ginny Weasley. She couldn't help her heart from breaking bit by bit every time she was in her presence.

When her Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron, as well as her father and Aunt Luna – she decided to call her stepmother 'aunt' – talked to her about her intention to go back in time and right what went wrong, they warned her of the possibility she might be gambling with her emotions. She reassured them that she was raised to become a tough young woman, learned advanced magic for the sake of her own safety, and most importantly she had her father's blood coursing through her veins; she could be as tough, imposing and vile as he was, looking down her nose at those people whom she thought to be beneath her.

Little did she know she was more her mother's daughter than her father's when it came to reining in her emotions. She applauded herself for not collapsing last night when she faced them for the first time; she knew she had to school her face and act indifferently or else risk ruining everything she and her family worked so damn hard for to achieve. She still didn't know why the spell backfired; what was the side effect of the spell when cast?

"You know your parents are going to be talking about you," came a stranger's voice from her doorway, but he wasn't really a stranger, not at all anyway.

Molly Noelle whirled around and came face to face with Draco Malfoy lounging against her bedroom door's doorframe. He had one foot crossed over the other while he stood a few feet away from her, watching her watch Harry and Ginny outside.

"What are you talking about?"

Draco cocked an eyebrow. "Don't play dumb with me, Potter. Luna spilled the beans last night. Harry was once married to Ginny, and you are Harry's first child from his first marriage. I don't really need Granger to help me put two and two together, you know?" He sounded uber smug that he got everything figured out.

Oh, if only you knew the whole truth, Draco Malfoy, you wouldn't be smirking like that right now, Molly Noelle thought but bit her tongue from saying those words out loud. She needed to control herself or risk revealing way too much. They needed to figure out a way to reverse this future of theirs ruled by that blasted Dark Lord who should've been defeated years ago – long before she was born.

Molly Noelle jutted her chin to the air, her silver gray eyes meeting and holding the same pair of silver gray eyes belonging to the man responsible for this messed-up world she was currently living in.

"Why? Are you jealous? So what if they're going to be talking about me? And who's to say that I am really their child? For all you know Harry knocked-up some other chick before he and Ginny got hitched." she challenged.

"Jealous?" echoed Draco. "What made you think that I am jealous of your father having a one-on-one conversation with Ginny?"

"You fancy her." It was a bold statement, and the look in her eyes challenged him to deny her claim.

"You're bloody daft, little girl."

Molly Noelle applauded him for keeping a straight face. He sure was a master of masking his emotions. No wonder Ginny fell for him hook, line and sinker. Who would've thought the spawn of the devil would change its ways? In the end he burned not only the woman who loved him, but everyone else who believed in him.