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Yamato sighed to himself and, once again, wondered why he wasn't somewhere else in this world.

Unfortunately, he was in the Odaiba's park and nowhere else, having picnic with the old and new digidestined, and one of Hikari's friends. It was a nice sunny afternoon - the birds were singing and the flowers blossoming.

Still, he would much rather be somewhere else but here.

Miyako was giggling so hard that she could hardly speak. She had to though; four other giggling girls were waiting impatiently. That included Mimi, Hikari, the blond what's-her-face and finally Sora.

Six months had passed by since his harassment on the goggle headed football player, also known as the beloved Hikari's big brother and the spiky haired Daisuke's idol and the former leader of the digidestined. Naturally, they were all terrified when witnessing Yamato being a tad intrusive that night so long ago. That night he had managed to twist their attitude towards the combination of Yamato and homosexuality, and he was damn proud of it.

Until today.

Today the blond singer had come to the very depressing conclusion that his life was moving in circles.

"And-and he just stared at the screen, chin dropped to the floor and everyone was all 'aaaaw',and Yamato just kept singing and then he stepped out of the TV and gave him a rose!"

"No way, that's so cute!"

"I know!"

They glanced at Yamato, grinning helplessly and greedily waiting for his reaction. When they didn't get one, Miyako continued telling others about her dream last night.

"And Koushiro went so red he was matching the rose! It was so adorable."

Said boy finally glanced up from his laptop, giving them a dark glare. The reaction thrilled the girls and they burst out in unstoppable giggles.

"and… and ….then they kissed!" the purple-haired girl gasped, clutching her stomach. The four other exclaimed their 'awww' and 'how cute' and Yamato groaned, closing his eyes. When they finally opened, he was staring at the sky. He desperately wished that he were sitting on one of those clouds. So far away…

"I think you might be on to something Yolie, they do make a cute couple."

Yamato looked back down at the group sitting around the table. Yamato's harassment had affected Taichi a whole lot, and the first weeks he'd been freaked to say the least. But now it was back to square one.

He narrowed his eyes at the other boy. "Shut it, Yagami"

Of course, a remark like that always stimulated his friend's attempt to get on his nerves, and it always made him worse.

"Aw, don't worry, Yama, we won't judge you. It's nice you've found each other" Taichi ranted with a big cheesy grin that made Yamato want to punch his face in. Still he remained surprisingly calm.

"In your dreams."

"Actually…" the redhead spoke up, peering at them over his laptop annoyingly. "In Yolie's dreams, now can we drop this please? It's giving me a headache."

Taichi shook his head, still unable to get the grin off his face. "Nah, Iz. That's the computer giving you headaches. It's not made to be spend on 24 seven."

Koushiro easily ignored him –an old habit- and returned his attention to his beloved laptop. Yamato glared back at Taichi. "He's got a great point. Drop it already."

Taichi defensively held up his hands. "S'okay Matt, I understand you don't want to talk about your lovelife in front of everyone."

"Damn right. And I think I got that message through a few months ago, if you remember? Course that lasted long…." Yamato muttered, more to himself than to the brunet.

Taichi snorted, amused. "You thought a little groping would scare me off?"

Yamato looked at him. He sounded challenging. It hadn't even been for him anyway; it was Miyako he had wanted to get off his back. Though getting Taichi off his back was right now a tempting thought.

He glared at him intensively. "What was I supposed to do? Rape you?"

The former leader leaned forward, not backing down. "Why? Would you do it?"

Yamato smirked, immediately catching on. If Taichi wanted to play this game, fine. He wouldn't disappoint him. "Would you like me to?"

Brown met blue, the gaze grew even more intense. "Would you like to?"

Yamato also leaned forward, a glint in his eye. "Would you like it?"

"Would you?" Taichi all but yelled, not even thinking of what was coming out of his mouth.

"Would that freak you out?" Yamato continued, unfazed.

"Would it freak you out?" Taichi shot back.


"…the hell?" Daisuke finally spoke up, probably speaking for all of the digidestined.

Taichi suddenly started to realise what he'd been yelling. In fact, he had practically been saying yes to every question by returning it. He stopped abruptly, staring at the blond in front of him.

"Tai, did you even hear everything you just said?" Sora asked doubtfully. After all, her brown-haired friend was quite good at speaking before thinking.

"…uh…" Taichi mumbled, still staring at Yamato.

"Would that shock you?" Yamato bit back, glaring at their uncomfortable faces. "Would that be too hard to accept? You know you're all a bunch of homophobes, right? You should've seen your faces that night when I hit on Tai. I only did that so that you'd get off my back. I knew you'd be too uncomfortable with it. It freaks you out, doesn't it?" He glared at them accusingly.

"You're wrong, Matt" Sora mumbled, peering at him from across the table.

He tilted his head. "You sure?" he asked mockingly. "I mean seriously…" he stood up, moving around the wooden table. "You guys tense up the second I…"

All pair of eyes stared at his hand that had placed itself on Jyou's shoulder. Yamato nodded to himself. "See? I bet you'll soon beg me to stop cuz you're actually afraid I'll do something. You just never know with those gay people, right?"

Their eyes followed his hand as it moved down over Jyou's chest.

"DON'T TOUCH HIM!" Koushiro yelled, making everyone jump. Even Yamato was startled, for a second thinking that he'd been right; that Koushiro had actually thought he was going to harass him. He soon realised there weren't much logic in that, and then, looking at the redhead's angry face, he finally got it.

He quickly removed his hand, eyes not leaving Koushiro. "I'm sorry, I wasn't going to…"

The rest stared back and forth between them, not getting it. Koushiro looked down, blushing enough for all of them to notice. They all stared at him mercilessly, both curious and confused beyond belief. Jyou was to one who decided to save him the embarrassment. He rubbed the back of his neck. "Aah…"

All eyes moved to him. He shifted, looking at his food. "I guess it's stupid that we've never told you, but… we thought it would be much simpler to just…" he shrugged helplessly, not knowing what to say as an excuse.

Yamato was the only one who nodded. "I don't blame you."

"How long?" Ken asked, not caring about the others questioning gazes. It hadn't taken him long to figure it out. It made sense to him, somehow. Plus it was rather obvious, now that he thought about it.

"Four years." Jyou mumbled, fidgeting. Yamato raised his eyebrows. He noticed that almost all of the others understood now. Koushiro half-heartedly started to mumble in disagree, and Jyou quickly nodded.

"Well, four years, more or less. It took a long time before it was official." He threw the redhead a quick glance, and said boy stared back at the table.

"Figures" Taichi commented, grinning slightly. He was met with accusing and questioning eyes and winced. "I'm just saying you guys aren't the types to be blunt about that sort of thing y'know? I didn't mean anything bad about it!" he added, growing defensive.

"Wait a minute!" Daisuke exclaimed, staring at Jyou and Koushio with wide eyes, finally putting the pieces together. "Don't tell me you two are, like…" he took a second to prepare himself for the thing he was about to suggest. The word felt weird on his tongue. "…dating?"

They all rolled their eyes at him, and he pouted unhappily, looking back and forth between everyone. "What!"

"I'm really sorry if I've offended you, I didn't mean to." Hikari said, looking at the couple. "I'm just a little protective of onii-chan. Not overprotective compared to how he is about me, but…" Her auburn eyes met Yamato's. "I didn't like the look on Tai's face when you did… that. Or the fact that you were consciously trying to embarrass him. It wasn't because you're a guy, it was because you were doing something he was uncomfortable with."

"Plus you don't really want to see you brother grope your best friend's big brother, or vice versa." Takeru added, glancing at Yamato.

The musician felt a pang of guilt building up inside, and looked away. He could understand that his little brother had reacted the way he did. If Hikari would've tried to molest his little brother, he wouldn't exactly watch with a smile on his face.

"And I don't wanna see Taichi-sempai get groped if he doesn't want to get groped! Dude or not." Daisuke declared, crossing his arms defiantly, as if daring Yamato to argue.

"I don't like groping" Iori muttered, and that was his simple offence.

"I was ashamed" Miyako mumbled. "You were mad at me for not backing off, and you took it out on Taichi. So it was my fault. I'm sorry for letting the fan-girl side of me take over."

Yamato smirked at those last words and shrugged. "It's alright. I get what you're saying. Who would wanna see your friend in a situation he doesn't want to be in?" He gave Taichi a glance. "I'm not gonna apologise, though. I had my reasons."

"But you grabbed his ass!" Daisuke burst out, throwing his arms out. "You can't grab a persons ass without saying you're sorry."

Yamato noticed his brown-headed friend rubbing his eyes, seemingly wanting to disappear.

"It was part of the plan!" the blond protested, hardly keeping himself from grinning. "If it had been under other circumstances I would definitely apologise."

"Well, that depends on what circumstance it would be." Takeru pointed out. "I mean, if he wanted you to grab his ass, you wouldn't have to apologise, now would you?"

He received a surprised look from his brother –among giggles from the others- and shrugged. "What? I'm supposed to be annoying, aren't I? That's what siblings are all about, right Kari?"

Said girl giggled and nodded in agreement.

"You're doing a great job, TK." Yamato retorted, smirking at usual grimace.

"So, Matt…" Daisuke spoke up quickly, as if he'd been waiting for his turn to get this out. He observed the blond with a glint in his eye that betrayed with he was about to say. "What's up? Are you gay or is this just some kind of moral outbreak?"

Yamato took a moment to smirk back, just to torture them a little –sadistic son of a bitch that he was- but was shocked when the answer caught in his throat.

Ever since he'd found out himself he had known that the reactions were going to be mixed, and mostly negative. He'd known that people sometimes wouldn't understand his way of living or how he could possibly feel and think that way, and many people would probably wish that he didn't exist. He knew that. After months of trying to lie to himself he was determined to never to that again, he would open his eyes and not hide from the truth, he would be realistic.

However, he had not for a second thought that it would be hard to say it. He'd thought that when he finally confessed, he would be able to look people in the eye, hold his head up and not just admit it as a freaking sin –trying to apologise for existing.

Now, standing face to face with people that knew him better than most others, he was actually sweating. Without a warning, his heart tried to beat itself out of his chest and he felt both nauseous and dizzy.

Knowing he couldn't back down now, he tried to pretend that the little brat had just asked him if he had band practise today.


They all looked surprised, confused and just a little disappointed. Yamato felt a sudden urge to kick himself.

"I mean yes."

Way to go, Einstein, you were supposed to pretend it was a question that you could answer yes to.

Daisuke raised an eyebrow in a way that made him look strangely lot like Yamato himself. "Yes or no, Matt. What is your final answer?"

"Dude, do you even have to ask?" Takeru commented, grinning wickedly at his big brother. "Just look at his hair!"

For a split second everyone fought to hold back laughter, not sure of whether it was okay to laugh at that. But when the elder brother gave Takeru the finger, they cracked up.

Yamato didn't even get mad; he was busy being relieved for everyone actually accepting him.

His gaze wandered over to the brunet, and was met with a flash of chocolate brown before his friend's gaze was turned away to look at something else.

He forced himself to look away and resisted the frown that wanted to form on his face. It was sometimes scary how easy it was to see what Taichi was thinking by just looking into his eyes. He tried to ignore it, tried to tell himself that he couldn't be sure, but a thought kept running through his head.

"Seriously, he spends hours taking care of and styling his hair, and hell breaks through if dad forgot to buy him his hair gel."

They laughed at Takeru who grinned proudly. If it was one thing he was good at, it was getting on his brother's nerves.

Yamato watched him too, but didn't listen. He made sure it looked like he was listening, but his mind still replayed the look in Taichi's eyes just before he turned away. The only person he'd forgotten to suspect was actually the one that didn't understand. Yamato had seen many things in his eyes; almost too many to stop him from discern anyone. But he did, and the one that stuck the most was fear.

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