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It always seems that when you're waiting for the right moment to get something off your chest, it never shows up. That's usually a very good excuse to avoid getting it done, and it can sometimes be mistaken for luck.

Yamato wasn't a very lucky person. His right moment came way too quickly and was way too good.

The picnic only lasted a short while after the couple's come-out, and soon they were all ready to pack up. Sora suggested continuing the get-together somewhere else, but Yamato quickly told them that he had a headache and should get home. He managed to mention something about band practise too, which was often –too often- what got in the way of spending time with his friends. That was why they had a pretty bitter attitude towards practically anything having to do with Yamato's band. The poor guys had experienced this more than once.

They all muttered 'alright, see you some other time' and began packing up, discussing where to go next. Then, a miracle:

"I've got football-practise tonight, so I guess I should head home too." The brunet mumbled, a bit more sadly than Yamato had sounded.

Simply because it was expected, -hell it was an unwritten law- and would certainly be questioned if it didn't happen, Yamato waited for his best friend and they waved goodbye and started walking home side by side.

Damn it.

There's a big difference between the times when Yagami Taichi is relaxed and when he's tense. Emotions are very visible on him, and he sucks at hiding them. The walk soon began to get unbearable. They hadn't even got out of the park when Yamato decided to speak.


"Mm?" came the muttered reply. He sounded like he was waiting to get caught and now was the time.

"We need to talk." Yamato stated dully. He'd never thought he would use that line, ever. It was a very hated line, though that wasn't why he didn't like using it; it was just so old.

"Huh. 'Bout what?"

"Well… there's something you're hiding from me." He sighed. Yet another old line.

"No there's not" Taichi said stubbornly, and it sounded so stupid that Yamato considered laughing. But then he remembered what the situation was all about and he instantly got serious.

"Yes there is. And you don't have the guts telling me." Yamato turned his head to look at him. The brunet's face was just like he'd expected. Guilty and uncomfortable. "Why can't you at least say it!" he demanded, stopping. Taichi didn't, he continued walking. By now they had put half of the way out of the beautiful park behind them. Surrounded by trees, blossoming flowers and bushes it looked quite out of place for two good friends to be arguing.

Yamato realised that Taichi wasn't going to talk unless he was forced to. They was no smooth way to get it done. Even though the blond knew it was stupid to press it out of him, even though the fear would easily grow into hate, he caught up with him and grabbed his arm. "Stop lying! Don't you even have the balls to tell me what you think!"

Taichi jerked his arm away, partly angry but mostly scared. "You don't even know so leave me the fuck alone!"

"Course I know!" Yamato yelled back, realising now was the right moment. He didn't want it to be, he wanted to think it over and hide for once. He wanted to keep up their friendship just a little bit longer, even though it didn't really exist anymore. But the words jumped out before he could shut his mouth. "You're a fucking homophobe! And stupid thing is, even if I've always been prepared for idiots like that, I never expected you!"

Taichi shook his head. "That's not-"

"Yes it is!" he interrupted, not able to stop now that he'd already started. He hadn't even been aware of that he had anything more to say than the first line. "I saw it in your eyes -do you know how easy it is to see what you're thinking by looking at your eyes? Know what I saw, Tai?"

The brunet stared at him in horror, looking like a dear in headlights.

"I saw the thing that causes all that shit. That causes racism, and stereotyping, and hate. All of that. Know what I saw?" Yamato's brain and mouth weren't cooperating that much for the moment.

Taichi was starting to space out, seemingly having his mind on something else, but he managed to shake his head anyway.

"Fear." Yamato threw his arms out. The keyword to everything. "Fear. Now that you're aware of me being gay, suddenly you don't know me anymore. Suddenly I've changed, I'm not the one you thought I was. Right? And you're fucking scared."

Taichi snapped back to reality and nodded, stamping nervously. "You're right. I'm scared shitless."

Even though that meant he was right, it felt like a hit in the face. For once, couldn't he just have been wrong?

"But not because of that." Taichi's gaze refused to meet his. "What bothers me makes a whole lot more sense. And it's a much better reason to be scared."

"Alright, what the hell are you scared of then?" Yamato growled, confused and frustrated.

"Well… wh-" Taichi stared at the ground, gulping. "What if… what if I'm hooked?" he changed foot frantically, running his hand through his hair.

Yamato didn't even have to say anything to let him know that he didn't get it. He looked like a human question mark.

Taichi continued stressing out, stamping and gulping and almost panting. Yamato was slightly worried that he'd either throw up or faint.

"What if… shit, I… what if this… means something to me? What if I have a big fucking….stupid fangirl-crush on you?" he shouted out, as if that was the only way to get it of his chest.


When he noticed that the blond was about to start laughing his ass off, he had a fit.

"This ain't funny! I'm serious, what if I like… want to ask you out, and what if I fall in love with you and what if I want to be your boyfriend?! What if I fucking love you and want to marry you and have kids and grow old with you and spend the rest of my fucking life with you and die in your goddamned arms?!" he caught his breath and then glared at him desperately, waiting for the answer.

"Okay…" Yamato started, when all of it had sunk in. "Dare I assume that you're exaggerating just a little?"

Taichi crossed his arms, sulking. "Maybe." He pouted. "But it's still a big deal, and it's a pretty damn good reason to freak out."

Yamato was silent for a moment, choosing his words. "So… where between the fangirl-crush and dying in my arms were you starting to ramble?"

Taichi gritted his teeth as he stared hard at the ground, refusing to open his mouth. Yamato glanced behind his shoulder, starting to get a little awkward. "Dude, you're not seriously saying that you want to spend the rest of your life with me and have kids, do you? Because I might as well tell you right now, I hate kids."

His very unsuccessful try to make the other boy loosen up had Taichi glaring at him darkly. "Look, all you need to understand is that this affects me more than it affects you. I mean you obviously don't care at all, -if anything, all you want is to get into my pants."

Yamato winced inwardly. He made it sound so… mean.

"Tai, look…" he started, inhaling. Explaining things like this was something he was used to do with random girls that didn't know him at all. Saying this to a friend -a very male one at that- was unfamiliar and awkward. "I haven't given this much thought y'know? I didn't know you swing that way, or that you… wanted to die in my arms. I've never been much for hoping, or see the possibilities. Always thought you couldn't be anything but straight and would get a wife and have a bunch of kids and teach them to play soccer." He hesitated, not knowing if he should ask this. Then his curiosity and hormones got the best side of him. "So… do you want me to get into you pants?"

Taichi grimaced rather immaturely and shook his head. "No way."

The reply hurt the musician just a little and he scowled at the brunet. "Why not?" Before, he'd never wanted to get into someone's pants -at least not those who made it very clear that they wouldn't mind- but now that he actually wouldn't have anything against it, he was a bit aggrieved by the rejection.

Said boy stared at him as if he was retarded. "Why I don't want you to shove your dick up my ass? Well let's see-"

"Wow, you almost make that sound disgusting" Yamato stated, slightly amused by his friend's attitude.

Taichi shrugged, then grinned wickedly. "I'd rather have it the other way around."

The offending suggestion made the blonde's eyes grow wide. "Over my dead body!"

The football-player pretended to consider it. "Nah. That would sort of ruin it. I'd rather have you alive."

Yamato crossed his arms. "Look Yagami, I know you still think you're the leader and shit but we both know that I never listened to you anyway so you can just forget about me giving in now either."

"Oh yeah?" Taichi challenged. "Well you know that I'll just whine until I get it my way right? Hah! You can say what you want but you know that I'm way more annoying than you are!" Taichi threatened, looking ridiculously proud.

"I'm crueller than you! I could just tie you up and rape you."

Despite knowing his friend better than that, Taichi gaped at him. "Y-you wouldn't do that…"

"Oh yes I would!" Yamato purred, enjoying the frightened look on his friends face.

Taichi pointed an accusing finger at him. "See! This is why I wouldn't let you get into my pants! I knew you were a sadist!"

Even though the brown-eyed teen was only half-serious, Yamato stared at him. The accusation was just a little too close to the truth. "But… I'm nice?" he offered, shrugging.

Taichi snorted, amused. "Oh, so you're a nice sadist?" he suggested, grinning. "Well in that case, I'm all yours –take me now!"

The demand dripped with sarcasm, but the bearer of friendship still had to clench his fists to not obey. "Didn't you have football-practise?" he reminded, trying to distract himself.

The sentence was enough to end their suggestive conversation and in just a second everything was back to normal.

"Right." Taichi looked at his watch. "I'd better hurry." He looked back up, fixing him with dark-brown pools. "Um…" He looked very lost all of a sudden, putting both hands into his pockets and changing foot.

Yamato was hit with a thought that this would be an almost perfect place to kiss him, to actually start something. He was slightly irritated that Taichi had made that image both terrifying and pointless. They had hardly talked about it and already it was complicated.

"Hey, ah… can we just ignore your very pessimistic prediction of our relationship and just try?" he stopped briefly and repeated the words in his head.

the hell?

Taichi seemed to be thinking the same way. "Huh?"

"Um… I thought that maybe we could… um…"

Have sex! his mind screamed, but he settled with something more appropriate thing to say. "…go out?"

It still shocked the other boy. "What?" he blinked, looking at him sceptically. "You actually want that?"

"Yes" Yamato said quickly, consciously too quick for his brain to argue. Heart and gut had to win sometime.

"I mean if you can force yourself to not predict and expect things to happen. We'll just see what comes, right?"

Taichi's chocolate colored eyes weren't looking at him anymore, they were glued to something behind him. "Hikari's groping Takeru." he whispered in horror.

Yamato spun around, ready to kill, but was tackled to the ground.

The ground was hard, and full off dirt and grass and bugs and all the horrible things that nature had to offer. Taichi would definitely pay for this. "Get off me, I'm gonna save my brother from your evil sister!" he yelled, trying to break free.

Taichi settled over him, legs praying down his against the ground and his hands straddling his arms. He grinned into Yamato's face, blocking his vision of Takeru (who were not being groped by Hikari after all). "I knew it."

"Knew what?" Yamato growled, still determined to save his brother but slightly distracted by the face just inches away from his.

"That I'd get my revenge." Taichi snickered, gripping the blonde's arms harder. "Now lie still, cuz I'm gonna kiss you."

Yamato stopped moving and smirked. "That's your revenge? Hate to break it to you, but I don't think I'll find your revenge that horrible."

"Oh yes you will, Yamato." Taichi said evilly, inching closer. "You're the uke."

Yamato realised that the stupid brunet was right; he was pinned to the ground by Taichi, who was lying on top of him, and was soon about to be kissed. That wasn't fair. He was taller than him, damn it!

"Asshole" he muttered, glaring at Takeru who seemed just fine. Not only had he been tackled to the ground; Taichi had fooled him into thinking that his brother was in danger.

"That's not all" Taichi whispered into his ear, making Yamato wonder if there was a special nerve that went from the ear straight to the groin. Sure seemed like it.

Taichi turned his friend's face towards him again. "I'll make you like it. I'll make you feel just the way I did before. Like a little girl. I'll make you tingle all over and whimper…"

Yamato felt his face scrunch up. This was getting harder and harder to take. His friend sounded more disgusting than anything he'd ever heard before. How Taichi pulled it off, he had no idea, but he was actually starting to feel like a girl.

"I'll do it gently. Tenderly. I'll make it look so romantic that everyone will say 'awww'…"

"I hate you" he breathed, still grimacing.

"Good" his torturer said. He then cupped his face and leaned forward in slow motion. He kissed his lips softly, and Yamato wanted to run away. The cruellest thing was that he actually was tingling. It was torture.

"Aww.." someone sighed, and the musician felt like killing himself.

"Oh sweet revenge" Taichi murmured against his mouth. Then he pulled back, grinning. "Yes I'll go out with you."

Yamato sighed, feeling destroyed and very strangely molested. "Are we even?"

Taichi nodded. "Yep."

"Good. Now let's start over" Yamato rolled them around and kissed him fiercely, taking his breath away. Taichi was soon on top again and prodded his lips open. Yamato responded hungrily, grabbing the football-player's ass for the second time in his life. He was pretty sure that he wouldn't have to apologise this time. The brunet's moan was infectious and when he started kissing his neck the teen underneath moaned as well, for a second deciding that it actually didn't matter who got into who's pants, as long as it was he and his best friend, and the pants were off.


"Wait a minute!" Daisuke exclaimed, after ten seconds of staring at the two guys. They had just finished packing up when they'd heard a yell. At first it had looked like Yamato and Taichi were fighting, but as they got closer, they saw the brunet kissing his friend underneath him (here Mimi gave Sora five bucks, sulkily muttering "since when did he get so dominant?"). Miyako exclaimed her 'aww' –hey, she is still a fangirl- and the two boys started making out in a way that seemed to be more suited for Yamato. Now Daisuke yelped in horror, pointing at them with wide eyes.

"Don't tell me they're lying on the ground making out!"

The rest stared at him in disbelief and he looked around, pouting. "WHAT!"

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