Die a Little More by Archica

He was waiting for Ino in the seedy hotel room when she gave three knocks on the door. It flew open within seconds, and she stepped inside slowly. She felt dirty just standing there, the air in the room smelling of sweat, cigarettes, and liquor, undoubtedly a result of countless sinful trysts occuring in that very room over the past few years. But Ino really didn't have the right to judge. Her own tryst in this room was perhaps the most sinful of all.

Hidan was wearing nothing but black pants, his cloak and shoes discarded on the floor. His hair was wet, indicating that he'd just showered. He was such a stickler for cleanliness, it surprised Ino that he could stand being there at all.

"You're late," he said, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Ino slid her purse from her shoulder and dropped it on the nearby table. "It was hard to get away."

He said nothing else, but looked at her and scooted a little on the bed, giving her room to sit down. The fact that he was ready to get started was written all over his face.

"Geez, offer me some tea or something first, will you?"

He gave her a slightly annoyed look. "I don't have tea. There's a vending machine down the hall if you want some."

"You're a horrible host."

He grinned and Ino found it only a little upsetting that he always seemed flattered by her intended insults. Unless she called him stupid, of course.

She sighed and walked over to the bed, sitting down beside him and pulling off her shoes. Then she leaned in close enough to kiss him, and he pulled the both of them down, Ino on her back. He pulled at her clothes and she lifted her arms to allow him to slip her top off.

It was so easy. Hidan was easy. He never refused, never tried to resist, even though their nurmerous encounters had made her intentions clear. In the beginning she had worked hard to perfect the seduction, but in the end, all that work was useless. She could've just showed up, pulled her shirt off, and he'd have jumped in the bed with her right away.

She often wondered if he was simply a pervert who'd sleep with any female who came along, or if there were some other motive at work. Did he delight in knowing she was his enemy, that she was betraying everything she loved, that she hated him with the fury of a thousand suns?

Regardless, when his pants were thrown to the side and her skirt pulled down and over her ankles, Ino seemed to forget about reasons or motives. She hated him for being so good at it. She hated him for quickly figuring out what made her scream. But more than anything, she hated his satisfied grin when he looked down at her, knowing the reaction he could provoke.

She suddenly rolled over, positioning herself on top of him. He looked surprised for a moment as she moved back and forth in an unusual display of boldness. He nearly choked on a groan, his eyes closing for a few seconds.

Ino immediately noticed this, and before he could open his eyes again she had pulled a kunai from under the pillow, something she had planted as they were pulling off each other's clothes. Just as he looked back up at her, she drove the weapon into his chest, piercing his right lung.

He choked as blood bubbled up from his mouth, his eyes wide. He convulsed beneath her for several minutes before knocking her away and rolling over onto his stomach. He leaned his face over the edge of the bed and coughed up blood. Ino watched it pour from his mouth like water from a faucet.

He turned and looked back at her. "Look what a fucking mess you made!"

She frowned but remained on the bed. "Yeah, too bad."

He grinned again, and the blood all over his face made it all the more upsetting. "So you went for the lung this time. Nice try. But at least let me fucking finish before you try that shit."

Without another word she climbed back on top of him, startling him into coughing suddenly, spraying blood all over her. She wiped it off with the back of her hand, glaring at him. He laughed at that and she grabbed a nearby pillow, shoving it into his face and holding it there.

He reached up and pulled it away. "Hey, you already tried suffocation. You can't make two attempts at a time."

"Then shut up," Ino told him, grinding into him with a little too much force. She hated him and felt sick being with him like this but her body demanded that she finish, that she get a release. And well, she was already there and they were both still naked and it seemed like a waste to just leave.

Finally it was over and Ino fell back onto the bed beside him. Immediately she felt deep regret and shame and self-loathing. But this was nothing new. It was always like this. She always felt like a filfthy whore after being with Hidan, with the man who killed someone she cared so much for.

But it was worth it, she told herself.

She was panting and Hidan turned to look at her. He hadn't bothered to wipe the blood from his face and so he looked horrifying to her. "That's nine. You only get one more."

"I know."

"Don't forget our deal. If you can't kill me in ten tries-"

"Then you get to use your curse jutsu on me. I told you, I know."

He sat up and stared down at her, a smug look on his face. "So next time, when you can't kill me, I'll really make you scream. I'll take my time at first. We'll have some real fun."

Ino sat up and reached for her skirt, suddenly uncomfortable under his gaze. "You ass, stop being so cheerful when you say that stuff."

He smiled as he watched her dress. "I can't wait to feel it. When I stab myself through the heart, and I get to feel you dying... just thinking about it gets me-"

"Off?" Ino suddenly asked, narrowing her eyes. "You didn't seem to have any trouble getting off a few minutes ago."

"Neither did you."

Ino nearly growled. "I wish there were words in a human language to describe how much I despise you."

"And yet you moan like a whore when I fuck you."

Ino reached into her purse and jerked out three kunai, throwing them at him with all the fury she could muster. He caught two in his hand, but the third landed in his right arm. He sighed and jerked it out, spraying more blood on the sheets. "You keep this up and I'll have to kill you now."

She dropped her hands to her sides. She knew she couldn't defeat him and it would be pointless to get herself killed before making her tenth attempt to kill him. If she came back the next week she would at least have time to come up with another idea.

She felt powerless and defeated. Before her laid the man she wanted dead more than anything else in the world, but she could do nothing to him. She had made a horrible deal with him, a deal he only agreed to in the first place because Ino offered to sleep with him in exchange for each of the ten attempts. On its own, the deal wasn't that bad, but the fact that he pushed her over the edge every single time made her hate herself almost as much as she hated him. How could she be so weak?

She felt her eyes becoming wet, then the first tears drip down her cheeks. She turned her back to him quickly, knowing that such a humiliating display would only delight him even more. "I'll be back in a week," she said, trying to keep her voice from breaking.

She could almost feel Hidan's eyes on her back. She expected him to have some sort of remark, some parting insult or jab. Instead, there was silence until she put her hand on the door knob.

"You don't have to come back, you know."

She turned around to look at him over her shoulder.

He was not grinning smugly, not smiling or laughing. In fact, she couldn't quite tell what his expression was. It seemed serious, for once. "You don't have to come back. I won't go after you if you don't show up."

Ino's eyes widened, and she completely forgot that tears were still falling down her face. "I thought you were looking forward to feeling me die."

He looked away from her eyes. "I feel you die every time you come here."

Ino looked down, then turned the knob and opened the door. As she stepped outside, he looked back at her and she took a deep breath. "I'll be back in a week."

And she felt his eyes on her as she turned her back to him and shut the door behind her. She walked back toward Konoha alone in the dark.

"I die every time. But I deserve to die a little more."


Notes: Ah, so I finally did a serious Hidan/Ino. I really wish more people would write this pairing. I certainly wish someone had the guts to do a hardcore Hidan/Ino lemon, because I sure don't. If you do, even if it's not on this site, please point me in its direction! Also, I would give so much love to anyone who'd do Hidan/Ino fanart. Seriously. SO MUCH LOVE.