WHEN THE REAL SWAN CROSSED-(based on a true story)

WHEN THE REAL SWAN CROSSED-(based on a true story)

Down in the rapids of Texas, Glory, Sydney, JT and Garret where all on a camping trip to get away from it all. The guy who rented them the rafts had given them a good deal; he had thrown in three free inner tubes to float down the river in when not in the big raft.

JT reclined in the big raft, shirtless working on his tan, while Sydney, Garret, and Glory shrieked with joy riding the rapids and splashing in the waves. About an hour into their trip, Sydney was swept up ahead by the current while Glory was stranded on a rock. JT and Garret looked ahead and saw a "majestic, powerful, serene, graceful, peaceful" looking swan calmly float up ahead to where Sydney was being swept to.

"Aw, it wants to mate with her," laughed glory.

"Wow, look how close to her it's getting," commented JT. Suddenly as Sydney, helplessly trying to backpaddle away from the large creature which now floated right up to the foot of her inner tube, and -as if in slow motion- rose up to a huge, towering height. It hovered there for a second-but then it struck. Gravity on it's side, the very inexplicable forces of nature seemingly twisted into a freakishly morbid and destructive power, orchestrated the brutal, brutal swan lynching. It rose over and over again, each time decending in a flurry of feathers and hard bone-like, knobby joints and wings all over the loud sounds of paralysing fear rising up in terror from Sydney.

Glory, still stuck on her rock looked on in horror as Garret dove from his inner tube to try and draw off the attack. JT trying hard but making slow progress in the large, fort/tank-like raft. As the raft slowly neared, JT reached his paddle out to try and fend the hell demon off of his friend Sydney who by now was in hysterics.

Finally the demonic hell beast floated off away from the enormous barge and serenely as ever made its way off to find another defenseless victim to terrorize and scar for life.

Once on the raft again, poor Sydney could do nothing but shake.


MORAL: swans aren't what they seem!. all the characters survived their experience and returned to their respective homesdespite emotional damage. Stay away from the enemy-they have a bet on our heads!