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You Too?

Ise Nanao sighed. She and her captain had been assigned to watch a city called Central in the country of Amatris, but as was expected he was slacking off again. She walked into the tavern and found her captain sitting with an attractive man in a blue military uniform. Both looking more than intoxicated.

"Kyoraku-taicho, what are you doing here, we have a lot of paperwork to do?" asked Nanao. Kyoraku looked at his fukutaicho and smiled warmly.

"Ahhh my little Nanao-chan, have you come to join me for a drink?" he said slurring his speech.

"No I haven't."

"That's too bad my lovely Nanao-chan, hey Roy-kun this is the one I was telling you about." The man next to Kyoraku looked at Nanao.

"Say she does look like Riza, what you say we go out later?" said Roy, Nanao's eye twitched. And she hit both of them with her book. She walked up to the bar and sat down and ordered a very strong whiskey.

"Idiots!" she whispered harshly before slugging her drink. After about a half hour Nanao heard two gunshots and a blonde woman sat next to her at the bar and ordered a whiskey as well.

"Idiots!" she mumbled before taking a swig. Nanao looked at the woman and sighed.

"You Too?"

Well that concludes this little one-shot, when I first saw Kyoraku and Nanao I immediately thought of Roy and Riza.