Rukia lost total control over her body as he knees felt very weak to move. Ever since she lost her memories she wasn't really good in battles, especially when she let Ichigo do all of the work. With each second passed by the Hollow came closer towards her. With it's sharp claws and its dreadful cry filling the air. She hastily closed her eyes shut. She knew it would do no good but it was a reflex.
As a moment passed by Rukia didn't feel any pain at all. She wondered if it was because she died (again).
Slowly twitching her eyes open she studied the area around her. She wondered what happened to the Hollow that was striking at her. The next moment she felt her whole world crushing down on her as she saw something she never wanted to see. The Hollow's chest was cut deep by a Zanpakuto. As it started roaring in pain the Hollow collapsed onto the ground, crying away it's voice that killed her ears. Her entire body was too stunned to even move an inch. His blood started dripping like a rain, as he stood right in front of her. He used his body as a shield to protect her.

"Ichigo…" she whispered out with a shaken voice. In front of her stood an orange haired Shinigami with his outfit soaked in blood.

He turned around and smiled very weakly at her as if everything was all right.
The Hollow cried out in pain as it fell dead on the ground. It seems as the Shinigami and the Hollow took down each other at the same time. Ichigo fell down on his knees with his injured body falling onto the ground

"Ichigo!" Rukia screamed out. At that moment she felt her body going weak with a flashback coming into her mind. She remembered it very clearly now. The day when she first met Ichigo. The day that changed her life forever.

"ICHIGO!" she cried out running up to him.

Blood came pouring out of his stomach like streaming water. She grabbed him by his arms and carefully dropped him onto the ground. She observed up into him. He was clenching his teeth, trying his best to ignore the pain that was running inside his body.
Rukia's mind was now panicking just at the sight of Ichigo. She never felt more helpless in her life ever before

"I'll raise my reiatsu so Inoue will be able to detect where we are. She can heal you!" Rukia claimed. She gently laid Ichigo on the ground and started to heal him with all the power she had. Even though he was slowly healing still felt very weak. Just looking at him made her heart turn painfully.
She remembered everything. Especially the day when she first met Ichigo. She remembered her doing the exact same thing to him. She protected him, using her body as a shield

"Ichigo" she spoke "I remembered everything now"

Tears started dropping down her cheeks but she tried hiding them. She didn't know if she was crying because Ichigo was hurt or she was happy she got her memories back. But after remembering, she wanted Ichigo more than ever. She wanted to save him.
Ichigo smiled very weakly, with is blood stained grin

"Sorry you had to remember it this way" he whispered out with all his strength.

Once again Rukia cried her tears out. She didn't know what was wrong with her. Kuchiki Rukia never cried, especially in front of Ichigo.

"Ichigo, I…"

"Rukia…" a voice called out. Rukia turned her head around to see Renji standing behind her.

"Renji" she chocked out, wiping her tears away "What are you doing here?"

Renji scratched his bright red hair and gave off an emotionless face. Rukia tried studying his expression to know what it meant but it was quite difficult. Renji opened his mouth to speak but quickly shut them again. He was hesitating to speak and she could tell it was bad news.

"Renji! Just speak!" Rukia ordered. Ichigo looked up at Renji with his blurred eyes. As each second passed by Ichigo felt himself getting more and more unconscious. Not only was it difficult to see and it felt as though someone has wrapped a gum tap around his mouth so he couldn't say a word.

What are they saying? He thought to himself why is Rukia screaming?

Darkness surrounded him as his eyes shut closed. The last thing he remembered seeing was a dismal look on Rukia's face.

"Renji!" Rukia bellowed out.

Renji felt his throat drying up like if someone poured cement down his throat. But he knew he had to say it no matter how hard it was

"Is… Ichigo gonna be all right?" he asked. It wasn't what he wanted to say but seeing how stressed Rukia was he knew he had to take things slow

"I'm healing him right now with my kidou. I also raised my reiatsu to tell Inoue and the rest where we are" she replied back. Her eyes were now focused on Ichigo.

Renji sighed quietly towards himself

"Sorry Rukia, but whether he wakes up or not, Byakuya told me you have come back to Soul Society immediately"

Rukia turned around. Shocked at his words that came out of his mouth.

"What?" he roared out. Renji sighed once again

"Sorry Rukia. I really am, but it's Byakuya's order"

"Well does he know that Ichigo's injured?" she asked

"You have to come with me! Now!" Renji demanded


"Kuchiki-san!" Orihime called out. Relieved, Rukia looked behind Renji to see Orihime, Chad and Ishida running up to her

"Inoue!" she cried out with relief. Orihime stood stunned at the sight in front of her. "Kurosaki-kun…" she whispered out. Both Ishida and Chad looked surprised as well. Before anyone can speak Orihime quickly sat next him Ichigo body and started healing him with her powers.

"Rukia, with Orihime he should be fine" Renji said. As much as it pained him Byakuya's orders were orders "Now let's go"

"Kuchiki-san, where are you going?" Ishida asked rather concerned. Rukia didn't know what to do or say. Ichigo was injured because of her. Who knows when it's going to be the next time she'll see him. She at least wanted to say her good-bye to him.

"Kuchiki-san, you aren't going back now are you?" Inoue asked. But her words didn't reach Rukia's head at all. Her mind was now spinning it was impossible to think straight

"Rukia, there is nothing you can do even if you stay" Renji said rather sadly. Rukia opened her mouth to protest back but what he said were true. All Rukia was able to do was watch the injured Ichigo getting healed.

Renji took out his Zanpakuto and made his way to Soul Society. Rukia on the other hand was absolutely speechless.

The next thing she knew she took a tiny step forward towards Renji. She may have heard Orihime yelling out her name but no words reached her right now. This reminded her of the first time when she left Ichigo to return to Soul Society. She left him because it was the best choice to make. It was all for his sake. She wasn't going to cry. She at least wanted Ichigo to know she is the strong woman. She wasn't going to turn back. It was all for Ichigo's sake.

Her mind was now empty as she gave a one last look at Ichigo and his friends. She gave a very weak smile. It was a very soft fragile smile that looked like it was going to disappear any second.

"You'll be back won't you?" Orihime asked while healing Ichigo at the same time "For Kurosaki-kun…"

Without saying a word Rukia disappeared into the light, along side with Renji. All three of them, Orihime, Ishida and Chad held their breaths while looking at their friend's disappearing.

"Kuchiki-san will come back right?" Orihime whispered out "She'll be back for Kurosaki-kun…"


He felt his body running cold as the rain drenched him with its freezing water. It hit his injured body like a needle falling from the sky.
At the same time he could feel his heart breaking as he saw Rukia standing in front of him. No voice came out from his mouth. No part of his bodies moved an inch. Rukia was leaving and he couldn't do anything about it. Once again she protected him.

He slowly opened his heavy eyelids from all that sleeping. His body felt very numb and he had a really bad headache. He saw the ceiling of his room as soon as his eyes were fully open.

"Kurosaki-kun!" Orihime called out. He turned his head around from his pillow only to see Orihime, Ishida and Chad sitting in his room

"Glad you are awake Ichigo" Chad said with his usual deep voice. Ishida nodded his head with agreement.

Ichigo looked down at his body. It was completely healed thanks to Orihime

"Thanks Inoue" he said. Then the flashback he just saw hit his head. Rukia…

"Where's Rukia?" he asked with curiosity. All 3 of them fell silence, as none of then knew what to say back. An uncomfortable silence built up inside the room as no one said any words.

"Where's Rukia?" Ichigo asked once again. As each second went by he demanded to know the answer even more.

"Umm…" Orihime mumbled out

"She left. Went back to Soul Society…" Ishida replied.

As everyone was left speechless in the room the rain started pouring down outside. It was exactly like the night when Rukia left him to go back to Soul Society. Once again, Ichigo felt his heart breaking into millions of pieces. Rukia left him again…


Rukia felt like screaming her head off while waiting very politely in Byakuya's mansion. She was waiting for her brother to return home so she will know why she was sent back here in Soul Society without saying a proper good-bye to Ichigo. Renji was sitting in the corner of the room with his legs crossed. He seemed very uncomfortable about the situation he was in now because he had to drag Rukia back to Soul Society. Irritated, Rukia stood up from the tatami floor and decided to storm outside to get some fresh air.

"Where you going?" Renji asked

"How long does Nii-sams expect me to wait?"

"Rukia, just sit down" Renji begged. Without listening to his order Rukia opened the shoji door and ran outside. Renji called out her name but didn't bother stopping her. He watched as she ran into the distance. After she was out of sight Renji scratched his hair, wondering what he could do for Rukia. He never seen her this stressed ever before.


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