s/n: The story you are about to read is based on Kasey Michaels' book: The Butler Did It, which is one of my favorite books. If you can, try to find the book and read it. It's nice. The story is both sensual and humorous. Now, since I love the book so much, I decided to Gundam Seedify it. There'll be changes in the story, okay? Now onwards!

disclaimer: I don't own Gundam seed or it's sequel. I also don't own the book The Butler Did It; it belongs to its respective writer, Kasey Michaels.



The Butler Did It



(1)To begin with once upon a time would be, perhaps, a tad facetious…and being a copycat of Kasey Michaels'. So I'll start here with the timeline set at C.E 73; a time of unique (somewhat strange) fashion, flashy giant cars, floating colonies, gene-meddling, discrimination and scandal, druggies, and all that crap. There are giant robots, too, I might add.

Now let's introduce our characters, okay? First off, we have Athrun Zala the (2)Representative of December. He is handsome, gifted, smart, and everything a mother would love. Now despite his flawless exterior, Athrun Zala used to have a horrible temper gifted upon by his late atrocious father when his parents contributed their genes during his pre-conception. Lenore had wanted her son to be handsome, sweet, and all that motherly sap. Patrick, however, told his wife he didn't want his son to grow up to be some sissy mother's boy, so he instructed: "I want my son to have my strong personalities, so he won't be weak! I want him to be tough, no soft shell!"

Well, whoever thought that 'strong personalities' included a bad temper?

Now it was because of Athrun Zala's temper that led his former friend, Yzak Joule (Representative of Martius) and himself in a duel…As a result, Yzak Joule now parades around with a rather nasty scar on his face.

Athrun was ashamed of what he did. So, he fled to his mommy's house in December city, his homeland, in order for him to master control of his emotions, vowing never to return to the capital until he had absolute control of himself. And that took a lot of time…

But now, after two years, 10 months and three days after his eighteenth birthday, he decided he was now ready to go back to the civilized world. He was now on a shuttle headed for Aprillius city, the capital, where his manor was.

There, in the capital, he would join all sorts of soirees, parties, and such. Maybe even find a wife to gain an heir from. He had already decided to take up a quiet and serene wife, someone who would not test his patience. Let's hope he finds one…

Now, let's focus on Cagalli Yula Hibiki; a beautiful gal with hay blonde hair and amber eyes that awestruck everyone around her. She was on her way with her family to Aprillius city in order to snatch up a husband, a rich husband. You see, they were in great financial need and Cagalli decided this was the way to save her family from the poorhouse. Aprillius city was a great opportunity; it was a place crawling with rich eligible bachelors. So they packed their things, left Orb, and caught a shuttle to Aprillius.

Surely, with Cagalli's beauty, wit, and charm, she could be affianced in an instant, right?


Two things were a problem. One was a rather meager dowry. And, two was her family, which composed of a granny, mother, and younger brother.

Let's start with her mommy, Via Hibiki, widowed for three years and doesn't really think quick on her feet. She is hoping that Aprillius will get her daughter hooked up with a fine and rich gentleman. Via is sort of a close-minded person. Instead of watching TV, she listens to soap operas in the radio (surprising, things like that still exists), she reads cooking magazines and everyone in her family doubts she ever picked up a newspaper other than using it to whack a fly away. Secretly, Via hopes to find second love in her age, ah, how nice that would be.

Then there is Cagalli's brother, Kira Hibiki. He is a complete loss and a hopeless cause. He takes a lot after Via, which explains his naiveté personality and lack of common sense. He's into money-making; sometimes sneaking off cash for some smalltime gambling that he swears is legal.

Lastly, there is Talia Hibiki. Cagalli's grandmother of the father side. She is a faded beauty, she is. Full of wild history that should be kept far behind, Talia had a lot of experiences in her life and wishes she could go back to the thrill and excitement of the old days. She isn't going to Aprillius just for the sake of her granddaughter, oh no, she also plans to have a bit of fun.

Then traveling to the same capital is one Arthur Trine, a fellow who seems to keep to himself. He's polite and well mannered, a fine gentleman, you might say…but in case you didn't know, he has a hidden scheme up in his sleeves. Oh, he was so going to make sure that he'd be rich when he goes to Aprillius. Aprillius city may be full of wealth and glamour but it was also walking with the dumbest of the wealthy people. And that kind of people always made great customers.

Aside from Mr. Trine, there was a retired seamstress by the name of Mana. She is hoping to find a way to fit in with Aprillius' society and glamour. Yes, that's a lot to hope for but no one's stopping her. Quite an eater and a loud talker, she is going to have a gander of a time when she gets to the capital…and that is something to agree upon…

Finally, we shall meet the staff that attends to the Zala manor located in the heart of Aprillius city.

We have Dearka Elsman, a footman, who was just recently hired about two months ago. Quite randy he is, so females should beware. Don't let his smooth ways get you. However, that's a little too late of a warning for Miriallia Haww, a beautiful maid, who quite frankly enjoys the attention she gets from Dearka. She also loves to tease the boy and play hard-to-get. However, when it comes to work, Miriallia Haww does her job at her best. "Sigh", if only Dearka Elsman was at good at working as he was at flirting…

Then there is Murrue Ramius, the head cook. This woman may seem gentle and sweet and all that but be warned! If you work under her kitchen and rules, she will have you running around like a slave and she's uber strict when it comes to the food. She believes herself to have a good judge in taste. If you disagree with her in things especially about food, you're going to die of a beating from her good rolling pin.

And last but not least is the family treasure who has marvelously served the Zala family for a good number of years under the Zala manor. He is none other than Uzumi Nara Athha! A professional at his job, he can spot the tiniest freckle of dust on anyone's shirt (what good eyesight!), he is practically time's keeper and it's like he's everywhere around the mansion (Unbelievable!)

Yes, he is the best butler around! Maybe the best in the world…if not for one thing he's doing wrong, and that wrong thing is renting out the mansion like some hotel while Sir Athrun Zala is not around.

You see, Uzumi was tired of doing nothing for two years without anyone to serve and the staff was beginning to lose their pizzazz and were growing extremely lazy. So seeing as his master had no intention of returning—Uzumi remembers his young master exclaim he'd never return to this hellhole before stepping off, tripping down the stairs, and dashing out of the manor and hasn't since return—the good butler decided to discreetly let people stay in and out of the mansion with very strict rules for a strangely small amount of a payment, in order to keep the staff sharp and alert and all that stuff.

The guy did have good intentions, but still tsk tsk, that is not a good thing to do when the master's away…even if it does seem he doesn't intend to ever come back.

Right now, Uzumi was expecting the new tenants to arrive. In which includes a strange family of four, a scheming gentleman and a fat lady. But does Uzumi know that his master—Athrun Zala—is coming home? Expecting his small staff for a good welcome, comfy bed, delicious food, warm fire in the fireplace and all that, does Uzumi know? Hell no! And that just makes things more very interesting.

So, let's put it down pat. Cagalli and her family, Arthur Trine and retired seamstress Mana are all heading to Zala Manor for their stay in Aprillius. Uzumi and the rest of the staff are awaiting the people's arrival—but they sure as hell didn't think Athrun Zala, the lord of the house, would be coming in, boy, will they get the shock of the century.

(1) – This was the first line in Kasey's book.

(2) - In the book it was Marquis but it didn't seem to be of much place in the future, so I settled with "Representative".