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Chapter 1: TSG!

Kagome was a 16 year old, she loved this one popular band that was called TSG she didn't know why they had called the band that, but she didn't care. The TSG was a hot new band.

The lead singer was a hot hanyou. He had silver hair and beautiful golden eyes and a well toned body. He was the boy Kagome thought was the hottest of them all.

The next hottest on Kagomes list was another silver haired boy, but he was nothing like the lead singer, he was hot like the lead singer, but this boy was demon and he never showed any emotions, while the lead singer always showed emotions. He was one of the guitarists.

Since the stoic boy was full demon and the lead singer was only hanyou, Kagome guessed they were half brothers, but they had never said that to the press or anyone other then the band so nobody knew their relation.

The next on the list were a human boy that had a short, low ponytail out of his short black hair. He was the second guitarist. He had almost purple eyes which were rather odd considering he wasn't a demon or hanyou. He like the others had a well toned body.

Then came a boy with long black hair pulled up in a high ponytail. He had brown eyes and was a demon as well. That was the third guitarist. He didn't look like anyone of the other band members, so Kagome didn't believe he had a relation to anyone of them, but you can never be sure of it as long as the band didn't tell anyone about them selves.

It was like this when the band should perform: They show up, they sing and they take off without saying anything.

The band had a girl on the drums, she had long, beautiful, brown hair pulled up in a high ponytail and she had brown eyes and a slim body. She was the girl background singer.

The band also had dancers. They had a dancer for all the boys and a few extra dancers who danced out to the side of the scene.

Kagome had seen them perform 4 days ago, when they performed in a stadium where Kagome lived close to. She had loved them! Everybody had...

Kagome was on her way to school when a boy jumped out in front of her, scaring her shitless.

"Who the HELL are you!?" Kagome all but yelled glaring at the boy. That's when she recognized him "Wow… you're like the lead singer of TSG!" Kagome whispered in disbelief.

"Don't say it out loud bitch! I swear if you do I'll kill you!" The singer hissed grabbing her upper arm.

"What do you want with me?!" Kagome asked in a low and freaked voice.

"You're coming with me!" He said pulling Kagome with him as he walked through the bush he jumped out from.

"Where are you taking me?!" Kagome asked with rage as the singer pulled her to sit on the back of his motorcycle. He drove of with Kagome almost falling of with the speed he drove with.

He stopped after driving half an hour.

"Why did you stop? It can't be here you are planning on taking me! There is nothing or no one in miles of a radius!" Kagome exclaimed almost getting worried about being left right there.

"Take this on!" Inuyasha said annoyed giving Kagome a clothes to tie over her eyes.

She did as said and once again the two of them took of on the motorcycle, but this time Kagome didn't know where they went.

Kagomes Pov.

After driving five minutes longer, the singer pulled over and got of the bike. He pulled me of the bike and began walking with me being pulled along. I was so freaked out by now; I didn't know what to think anymore. He pulled me into some sort of building. As soon as we interred the building I got pulled down a lot of stairs so I figured that we were underground. My arm hurt really badly by now, because that baka had this really tight grip on my upper arm.

I could hear that someone was walking up to us and I would guess that it's a girl, cause the person was wearing high heals.

"Welcome back Inuyasha! Why the hell did you kidnap the girl?!" The girl asked my capturer that I now found out held the name Inuyasha.

"I would like to know that to, you know!?" I hissed wondering the same question as the girl.

"Shut up, wench!" Inuyasha hissed back gripping my arm even tighter. I winched as the pain from the grip shot through me, but it didn't last long before the extra pain vanished so that the pain from before was the only pain. I clenched my teeth and growled. I really don't know where that came from. Never in my life have I growled like that.

"Did you just growl?" Inuyasha asked me, but I couldn't answer, cause I didn't want to answer, so I just stood there without answering his question.

Inuyashas Pov.

I stood waiting for an answer, not that it mattered it was more for my pride, I mean what wouldn't Sango think if I just let that stupid bitch not answer me, so I took matters into my hands instead of waiting for the bitch to answer, cause she clearly didn't have any intentions in answering me.

"Bitch! If you don't answer me when I'm talking to you I will make you pay the price for it!" I hissed. I gripped her arm tighter and once again I could feel her winch.

"I'll let it slip for this once, but if you don't answer when I'm talking to you again then it's the pain! Got it, get it, good!" I said and then turned my attention towards Sango.

"As for why I kidnapped the wench here… we need a dancer, you said so yourself… and I saw the bitch at the concert dancing and she is perfect for the job!" I said smirking when I saw the bitch become white as a ghost "I saw her dirty dancing with a boy at the concert and we need a dancer who knows how to sway her hips and dance dirty!" I kept on going just to see her become even whiter if that is even possible.

"Hold the phone! You want me to dirty-dance on a scene in front of thousands?! I can't do that!" The wench said making me smirk even wider than before.

Normal Pov.

"Well… you don't really have much of a choice!" Sango said suddenly with a smile gracing her lips.

"So… if I'm your new dancer can't I be allowed to take this stupid clothes of?! It smells real bad, you know!" Kagome said a little irritated… or a lot!

Inuyasha smirked and leaned down "It ain't a strip club you know… But I'll gladly do it!" Inuyasha whispered huskily into Kagomes ear "So what do you want to get out of first? You pants or the blouse?" Inuyasha continued smirking.

"HENTAI!!" Kagome yelled slapping Inuyasha for all she was worth. A loud SLAP!!! Echoed through the hall as Kagomes hand connected with Inuyashas cheek.

Kagome all but tore the clothes over her eyes off.

"Oh, no you didn't?!" Inuyasha hissed walking towards Kagome again since she had slapped him so hard that he had walked a couple of feet backwards.

"Oh, yes I di-it!" Kagome said back not nervous at all about what he would do to her.

Before Kagome knew of it Inuyasha had back-slapped her. Kagome fell hard against a wall because of the force of the back-slap.

Sango gasped as she hurriedly walked over to Kagome to see if she were ok.

"Are you ok? Can you stand?" Sango asked helping Kagome to her feet.

"I'm fine, thank you" Kagome said with a smile at Sango and then she turned a hard glare towards Inuyasha.

"Bastard!!" Kagome yelled angrily, but she didn't move towards him or past him she just stood there glaring.

"Sango! Show her to her new room!" Inuyasha said walking away from the two of them.

"Follow me" Sango said with a small smile.

Kagome nodded and followed Sango as she began walking down the long hall. "By the way… I'm Kagome!" Kagome said smiling at Sango who smiled back.

"I believe you've heard my name already" Sango said as she stopped in front of a door "It's nice to meet you! This is your room from now on… Oh, and I'll give you some appropriate clothes instead of those you are wearing" Sango said opening the door and walking in.

The room wasn't too bad… actually it was rather big! A queen sized bed was placed in the far end of the room and beside the bed were a walk in closet. There was a T.V placed in front of the bed, so you could watch T.V from the bed. The walls were blood red and the sheets on the bed were silver and black.

Sango walked out of the room before Kagome could say anything. Right after Sango left Kagome noticed a door. She walked over to the door and opened it slowly, almost like she was expecting something to jump out and attack her. Behind the door was a bathroom. There were a shower, toilet, mirror and a sink. Beside the sink lay a toothbrush and a hairbrush, oh and off course a tube of toothpaste. Instead of blood red the bathroom walls were silver.

"This is kinda cool!" Kagome exclaimed not really saying it to anyone, but still there came an answer.

"I'm glad you like it! If not it would be hell to stay here" Sango said coming up behind Kagome.

There room fell silent once again.

"So… I brought you some clothes!" Sango said after a little while.

"Do it have to be black or something?" Kagome asked looking at Sangos black clothes and then the black clothes lying on her bed.

"Actually… Yeah! It's after Inuyashas demand… that's why our gangs name is the black devils" Sango said startling Kagome.

"Is this a gang?! I thought you were a normal band, not a singing gang!" Kagome exclaimed making Sango laugh slightly.

"Well… actually that's what our bands name is" Sango said making Kagome confused.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that 'TSG' is standing for 'The Singing Gang'!" Sango said making Kagome sweat drop anime style.

"So you mean that 'TSG' is 'The Singing Gang'?!" Kagome asked/Stated just to be sure.

"Yeah! I'll leave you now, so you can change and put away the rest of the clothes I gave you" Sango said turning around and heading out the door.

When Sango closed the door Kagomes picked up some of the black clothes and walked into the bathroom to change.

Kagome walked out of the bathroom a quarter later after she took a shower and changed into the skimpy clothes.

"OMG! I look like a total slut in these clothes!" Kagome whined to herself looking herself over.

She was wearing a skimpy, black, leather skirt that barely covered her butt. For her upper half she was wearing a tank top that said 'Take a picture! It'll last longer…' the text didn't bother Kagome cause she normally used that expression if someone stared at her. Under the skirt she was wearing nettings which only helped looking more sluttish.

"I can't believe Sango would do this to me!" Kagome whined again.

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