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Chapter 5: I own you

Inuyasha was sitting in his office when someone burst open the door and walked in calmly. It was his stupid half brother… Sesshoumaru.

"Yes, what do you want?" Inuyasha asked annoyed looking Sesshoumaru straight into his cold eyes.

"I merely want to warn you about the new gang in town. They are supposed to be very dangerous and want to take over the city." Sesshoumaru never showed any emotions and was never worried about anything.

"So you say we meet up with them and 'chat' a little" Inuyasha said smirking and standing up.

"Yes, that would be the best idea. We have to teach them who is in charge here." Sesshoumaru said his face still stoic.

"Gather everyone in the meeting room and I'll be right there" Inuyasha said and walked out the door.

He walked down the hall back to where he had seen Kagome run of. She was trying to find the kitchen right? So she must be there unless she couldn't find it… Inuyasha thought heading towards the nearest kitchen.

Sure enough she was there. It looked like a tornado had been passing by.

"What the hell did you do to my kitchen!?" Inuyasha exclaimed looking… Stunned. How can one stupid bitch make such a big mess in such short time? He thought amazed and walked up behind her.

"I made some lunch what else would I be doing in a freaking kitchen dumbass?!" Kagome answered annoyed and turned around to look at him, "what are you doing here anyway? Following me AGAIN?!".

"Actually yes, I need you to do something" Inuyasha answered smirking.

He lunged at her quite quickly.

Kagomes POV.

What is he up to?… He's so freaking weird… I thought dodging the attack and standing behind him.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME!!!!???" I screamed and took a step further back.

I watched his impressed look and looked sceptically at him, "what's wrong with you!?"

I didn't know how to react… He was like a freaking girl PMSing, one moment he liked her and the other he wanted to screw her and now punch her?! Seriously what's up with this guy?

Normal POV.

"I was just testing you bitch take a freaking chill pill" Inuyasha said and grabbed her arm harshly dragging her out the kitchen.

"HEY! What about my food! I'm starving here!" Kagome began complaining trying to get back to her food.

"Your food can wait!" Inuyasha said and kept walking on with Kagome trying to escape.

"I'm gonna kill somebody if I don't my food!!!" She yelled and slapped Inuyasha across the face.

Inuyasha shocked let go of Kagome who didn't hesitate to run and get her sandwich. She returned straight after and walked in front of Inuyasha.

"Aren't you coming? I said something important was up?" Kagome said innocently and took a bite of her sandwich.

"Damn! You can't just do what you want! I'm in charge here!" Inuyasha hissed angrily and walked up to her taking her sandwich from her.

"HEY! Give that back!" Kagome said trying to get it back. But instead of answering Kagome, Inuyasha just took a bite of it, ticking her off completely.

"That's it! I am SO OUT OF HERE! I don't wanna dance for a stupid gang who treats there dancers like crap!" Kagome said and stomped down the hall trying to find a way out.

"Like hell you're not going anywhere!" Inuyasha said and followed her every step. He grabbed her arm to stop her from walking and then picked her up bridal style and began walking the other way.

"Put me down! I don't wanna be here anymore!" Kagome began crying "I miss my family! I wanna go home!".

Inuyasha kept walking with a shocked expression grazing his features. "You can't go home" He said quietly as if scared of upsetting her even more.

"Where are you taking me!?" Kagome said between her sobs.

"Into the meeting room, we need your help with a gang war thing, so stop crying, okay?" Inuyasha said almost sounding concerned about her.

"Why aren't you yelling at me like always and calling me a bitch?" Kagome asked in surprise wiping her tears away.

"Feh! It's not because I'm going soft if that's what you think!" Inuyasha stated and dumped Kagome who landed hard on the ground. "Get up and follow" Inuyasha said opening the door into the supposed to be meeting room.

Kagome looked around the room at everybody and stepped inside. She could recognise Sango, Miroku, Kouga and Rin, well off course she had seen the guitarist who looked like Inuyasha before but she hadn't met him or knew his name or anything. There were some other people there too but she had never seen them before.

"What is SHE doing here!?" Sesshoumaru asked sending cold glares.

"I would like to know that too" Kagome said and was about to leave when Inuyasha spoke up and grabbed her arm tightly.

"We need her help. She's a miko and can fight" Inuyasha said and seated Kagome in the nearest chair and sat down himself.

"I can't fight! What are you talking about?!" Kagome stood up at once.

"Sit down" Inuyasha growled and continued his brilliant idea, or well he wanted to but Kagome still stood up and he was loosing his temper with her. "SIT DOWN OR I'LL MAKE YOU!" He yelled rising to his feet.

Everyone gawked at the two and sat there waiting for what would happen next.

Kagome sent Inuyasha a death glare and turned away from him and began walking towards the door coldly.

"Walk out of that door and die" Inuyashas voice was cold and hard. He meant it.

"And you will be the one to kill me?" Kagome asked and turned to look his deadly in the eyes.

"Yes I will" Inuyasha walked towards her slowly and threatening.

"I'd love to see that, but you can't hurt me" Kagome said not nervous at all.

"Inuyasha don't do it!" Sango said sternly rising to her feet alarmed by now.

Inuyashas eyes flashed red and luckily it didn't escape Sesshoumarus eyes. He jumped up and lunged at Inuyasha pinning him to the nearest wall. "Kouga and Miroku get your asses over here!" Sesshoumaru yelled having a hard time holding Inuyasha pinned to the wall. Inuyashas eyes were blood red and Kagome ran out of the room scared as hell. Sango and Rin quickly follow Kagome running down the hall.

"Wait up Kagome!" Sango yelled, but Kagome kept running.

Rin had always been the fast one, being the little one, so she got to Kagome and grabbed her wrist making her fall backwards down on the ground with Rin somehow ending on top of her. "Kinky" Sango said with a wink when she walked up to the two girls.

"Shut up…" Rin said playfully and got of Kagome. "Why are you running away from me and Sango?" Rin asked confused "I thought we had become friends" Rin sounded all sad now.

"I have to get away from here… away from Inuyasha and the whole gang thing" Kagome said and looked up at the two. "I miss my family so bad and I don't fit in here… He treats me like hell anyway" Kagome said and sighed.

"Do you know why he freaked out in there?" Sango asked and hugged Kagome tightly as if to comfort her.

"No I don't… I guess I ticked him off…" Kagome said tears starting to swell up in her eyes. "I don't wanna fight I don't wanna be a member of a gang that kill other people".

"He freaked out because he's worried about you. I know him… he would never loose control over a girl if it wasn't because he loved her and was worried about her, and then when you challenged him he just lost control of himself" Sango said smiling reassuringly. Rin stood up too and joined the hugging girls.

"But what happened to him? I sensed his aura change, it became more powerful" Kagome said in confusion.

"Well…" Rin started off "… His demon blood took over, so he couldn't control himself".

"It's not very often it happens and normally he wouldn't become a demon just because you tick him off a little" Sango said a little confused herself as to why Inuyasha had lost control.

Inuyashas POV.

I woke up as if I'd been in some kind of trance and suddenly it came back to me as I saw the 3 guys holding me pinned against a wall.

"Is she alright?" was the first thing that came to mind, I began to panic. I looked from Sesshoumaru to Miroku to Kouga but no one gave me any answers as they let go of me. "What did I do to her?!" I yelled franticly and ran out of the meeting room. I could smell tears but no blood as I ran down the hall and found Sango and Rin hugging Kagome. I ran up to them. "Sango and Rin get into the meeting room and close the door, I'll be there in a minute" I said almost softly. My eyes never leaved Kagome who looked ready to run if I tried to kill her. She was…. Scared of me. It hurt a little seeing the look in her eyes, but it was my own fault after all.

As soon as I heard Sango and Rin close the door into the meeting room I took a step closer to Kagome. "Are you alright?" I asked worried not knowing how to begin.

"I guess I'm alright…" Kagome answered me but she didn't sound convincing to me.

"Listen Kagome…" I didn't know how to continue but I could at least give it a try "… I didn't mean to hurt you" I tried to approach her but she took a step back as I tried. "I'm so glad Sesshoumaru and the others stopped me from getting to you…".

"Why?" Kagome said and I could see the confusion in her eyes, "You said you would kill me and you tried so why are you glad that they stopped you, I'm just a stupid bitch anyway remember? The only reason I'm here is so you can use me in your dance on stage and apparently now you want me to be some part of your gang AND you want to kill me at the same time" Kagome said calmly and it sent chills down my spine as she said all those things about me wanting to kill her.

"Kagome I never wanted to kill you…" I said a little sadness in my voice.

"Why not? You said you would… and since when have you begun using my name instead of bitch?" She wanted to know why, but I didn't want to admit it to her.

"Stop asking all those questions" I said trying to avoid the subject.

"Stop avoiding my question, answer me" Kagome said and I could see the tears in her eyes building up ready to fall.

"Please don't cry Kagome… I don't want you to die because I like you… a lot…" it took all the strength I had to admit that openly to her, but I was glad that I did.

"But…" She couldn't find the words; she just stood there staring at me almost staring right through me.

I took a step closer to her so badly wanting to hold her in my arms right now. She took a step back and I felt reject… "Feh!" I said turning around walking away from her, but suddenly I felt her hand grab my wrist making me stop walking.

Kagomes POV.

I stood there holding his wrist thinking about him… do I like him like he likes me? I'm so confused I don't know if I like him like that… he's always so mean to me but now he's so sweet so gentle… he opened up to me… I guess I do like him I though and came to a conclusion "Inuyasha… I… I like you too…" I stammered out and walked up in front of him "Please don't walk away from me…" I said and watched his facial expression turn from disappointed and angry to happy.

It didn't take him long to understand what I just said and he actually did something that surprised me. He kissed me. I could feel the warmth of his lips in a soft kiss. I didn't expect him so kiss me… and it was so gentle and soft… I kissed back and then after a moment or to pulled away.

Suddenly he turned back to the other Inuyasha… the gang leader part of him. "Your mine now" He stated and took my hand pulling me with him.

"What do you mean with: your mine now!?" I exclaimed shocked and maybe a little angry with him, "I'm my own! You can't just own me!" I took my hand from his and stopped walking.

"Yes I can and I will, now come on!" Inuyasha said as he walked on towards the meeting room.

We'll take this one afterwards I thought and followed after Inuyasha this is far from over, he can't just tell me I'm his like that as if he owns me now, I did so not agree on that!

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