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Dreaded Goodbyes

He paced back and forth; green eyes focused on the television set they had set up to the stagehands. Why did they have to do this? Especially now of all times. As much as he wanted to go out there and beat the living shit of Cryme Time, Edge knew when the odds were against him. The two men hadn't touched Lita and as long as they kept their hands to themselves he would stay in place. But he still felt miserable.

It seemed Lita had had enough as she climbed out of the ring and made a hasty exit up the ramp. Away from the jeering of the crowd, away from Cryme Time, who were trying to sale her so called stuff. The disheveled redhead escaped from the worlds eyes, slipping through the curtains and into his arms.

He hadn't told her that he'd be waiting, but she had just known he'd be there just he always had been when she was in a rough spot. Edge's arms wrapped around Lita's smaller frame. The now former diva wrapping her own arms around him feeling secure. Neither spoke. Nor did they really want to. They knew what was to happen next. A dreaded goodbye that neither wanted to say. They'd been through so much together; it seemed terrible to say anything that would ruin the memories they shared.

The pair seemed to be in their own little world, not caring they had a small audience. Lita sniffled, allowing herself to cry as she buried her head into his shoulder. The tears slipped through hazel eyes as the tall blonde whispered calmly into her ear, his cheek pressed against her sweat-drenched hair. He whispered words of gratitude for saying by his side all this time, words of congratulations on a well fought match even she had lost the title to Mickie James and finally words that he only meant for her to hear.

The moment shattered as a stagehand interrupted the intimate moment, requesting the presence of the blonde. The pair broke apart, tears freely falling from hazel eyes while tears glistened in beautiful green. The goodbye was inevitable now that they were being torn apart. Whispered words were once again exchanged with a loving kiss as the goodbyes slipped from reluctant lips.