Author's Note: Inspiration comes in the weirdest forms. Being a huge Triple H fan, I'm saddened to hear that he's injured and I hope he has a speedy recovery. This story is dedicated to Aspiring Actress and lita101matt101, for requesting to see Hunter-lead story and a Hunter/Steph pairing.

I'm not sure if this is going to be a full-blown story or just the one-shot I had originally intended. But I'll play it by ear. If you want me to proceed with the story, I'll continue.

Enough babbling…enjoy the story…


He woke up groggily in the hospital room. Adjusting his eyesight a little, he recognized the sterile four walls he has grown to loathe throughout his wrestling career. Struggling to get himself in a semi-upright position, Triple H looked down at his bandaged quad. The good news is that he was going to have a speedy recovery and he would be back in the ring before the end of the year.

The bad news? Well, where did he start? No Wrestlemania. No Summerslam. Possibly no Survivor Series. No chase for the championship. No battle for the Tag-Team titles. For another few seconds, Hunter stared down at his leg and briefly looked around for drugs. He needed to be doped up and as much as possible.

He hoped what happened at New Year's Revolution was just a bad dream. He hoped that he was just being paranoid about things going wrong at the first pay-per-view of the year. But as Triple H looked down at his leg wrapped in heavy bandage, he knew it wasn't a bad dream. He was living in a real-life nightmare and he felt himself on borderline tears.

Grown men aren't supposed to cry over injuries but Hunter wasn't just any man. He worked, beaten, politicked, if you dare—to the top. 2007 was about to be a prime year for him. With the DX reunion retaining momentum from 2006 to talks of another championship run, Hunter was having a great time. He and Stephanie just celebrated their third year anniversary in October, preceded by the birth of their first daughter, Aurora Rose. Things were great.


Too perfect.

He should've seen it coming.

Of course, when everything is going right, something always goes wrong. Of course, it does! Why wouldn't I suffer a quad tear in my OTHER fuckin' leg?! Pity turned into anger and disbelief as Hunter continued to stare down at his leg. He had two choices, plain and simple: Rehab his injury and come back better, stronger and more ferocious than ever.

The other option gave Hunter the shivers just thinking about it. Retire. No more crowds or signings. No more adrenaline rushes before he went out from the curtain. No more love and hate from the fans, marks, and smarks. Well, the smarks I can do without.

Quitting wasn't an option and Hunter didn't even take it seriously. But approaching 40 and having a young daughter didn't erase the thought from Hunter's mind, neither. He sat out going overseas to entertain the troops because he couldn't bear not spending time with Aurora and Stephanie. While he was looking forward to the unwanted vacation time he was now going to get courtesy of his injury, Hunter was already itching to get back into training as soon as he can.

But for now, he was going have to grin and bear all six to nine months of arduous recovery. Whoever said lightning doesn't strike twice is full of shit.

Suddenly, the door to his hospital room opened. Hiding behind a huge bouquet of flowers was his wife, Stephanie McMahon-Levesque. Their relationship was the Romeo and Juliet-type relationship as Vince practically forbid Stephanie to be around Hunter. But true love—as well as hot lust—could not be denied. A teenage crush soon blossomed into a full-blown romance and the pair was considered royalty in the wrestling world. If Vince was king, there was no question who the prince and princess was. "How's my champ?" She smiled.

"Doped up." Hunter replied as he tried to adjust himself.

Stephanie set the flowers down on a nearby table and pulled up a chair beside her husband. The scene eerily reminded her of his first quadriceps injury several years ago. She barely ate or drank the entire surgery and worried helplessly if everything would be fine. To say that experience wasn't the most stressful or traumatic thing their relationship had to experience was a slight understatement. It was a very trying time for them both and it brought them closer.

While she didn't have to worry about his surgery now, she had more pressing things on her mind now. She didn't want Hunter to retire, but Stephanie wasn't sure how much longer he had a career in him. One quad tear was bad. Two was downright disastrous. The odds of Hunter coming back at full speed from this injury were high. The odds of another career-ending injury type were also high. And Stephanie wasn't sure if Hunter going back into the ring for the long-term was a gamble either one of them wanted to take. But those concerns could wait for another time. "Do you need more drugs?" Stephanie asked.

"Okay, but if you dope me up, I can't be blamed for not passing a drug test." Hunter smiled.

Good, his humor is intact. "I think you failing a drug test is the least of your concerns, Honey."

"That and I don't think I'll be able to get it up tonight." Hunter smiled.

Stephanie rolled her eyes. "So you want those drugs, huh?"