In His Shadow
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, but I do own the plot of this story!

"Sakura, what are you going to wear tonight?" Ino asked the pink-haired girl.

"I don't know. We always wear out-of-date clothing, so why don't we try wearing something "in" for a change?"

"What's "in" exactly?"

Sakura thought about that for a second. She was picturing all the girls that were at the club. "If I remember correctly, then they always have on those really short mini-skirts with shirts that don't quite cover themselves." She paused. "Do we have any clothes like that?"

Ino thought for a second. Do I want to own anything like that? ", we don't." Please don't, Sakura. Please don't say what I think you're going to say.

"Ino, it's time we got in-tune with fassion! We're going shopping! We just need to do it in less than forty-five minutes. We can do it! To the mall!"

How could you!? You traitor! Errrr! Ino trudged behind Sakura, who seemed extremely happy about going to the mall. Yeah, she probably wants to impress Sasuke. At least she has someone to impress! I do, too, but every time I try, they don't see me! Why is it that guys can't take hints? And why is it that I have to like the one guy who is too lazy to even look at me?

They arrived at the mall and went straight to the clothes shop. They looked around, appalled that peoples' tastes in clothing has degraded so much, seeking an appropriate "in" outfit. "Ino, I don't know if this store has anything we need." Then they spotted them. Two mini-skirts that were two different colors: hot pink and orange with white threads. They were alike in the fact that they both flared out at the end, and they were also very, very short.

"Now for the shirt." Sakura turned around to look for some shirts, and realized Ino hasn't moved from her spot. "Come on, Ino! Get into it a little!"

Yeah, right! You make me laugh, Sakura! "Coming!"

Sakura sighed. I will change her yet! They took off to look for shirts that would knock the guys' socks off. Ino spotted one for herself immediately. It was a white tank-top with noodle straps and a really low neckline. It had a beaded orange flower decorated by sparkles. She reached for it, and Sakura came over to her. "Wow. Ino, that's an amazing shirt! And it matches your skirt beautifully!" She held up hers. "What do you think about mine?" She held it up. "Think Sasuke will like it?"

It was a light pink off-the-shoulder t-shirt, and a really low neckline. It had no pattern or design to it, but it seemed to say, "I'm half-way off, just remove a little more to get it al off!" A very tempting shirt, and surprisingly very Sakura. "Yes. Something tells me he won't be able to resist you."

"Ino, Shikamaru won't be able to resist you, either! That shirt really suits you!"

Ino blushed. "What are you talking about? Why would I want to impress Shikamaru?"

"Come on, Ino! It's me we're talking about. I know you a lot better than you give me credit!"

True. If anyone knew her well, it was Sakura! "How did you know?"

"By the was you look when you try to get him to notice you. It's almost like how I am with Sasuke. One day, though, he'll love me. One day!"

He already does! Why can't you see that? "I believe in you, Sakura. I really do!"

"And I know you can do it! Now! Let's go get our men!"

I'd love to try, but he'd have to actually look at me first!

i hope it's not bad! i promise it will get a lot better some day soon!