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Not All Seeing

Chapter 1: Not Enough


Smooth, pale hands connected with the rough training post again and again. She panted, her cheeks flushed from her effort and the merciless cold. She continued to slam her palms against the wooden post, feeling slight discomfort with every hit. She narrowed her pale eyes, trying not to cry out from the cold or the pain. Her long, dark hair was damp from the falling snow, and her clothes were uncomfortably moist. But she kept on training, feeling a bittersweet satisfaction with every delivered blow. Suddenly she stumbled, feeling her remaining strength start to crumble. She staggered slightly, then managed to right herself and continue her attacks. Breathing heavily, she felt herself weaken with every blow. Her attacks started to slow down considerably, as well as lessen in strength. She stumbled yet again, only this time she did not manage to right herself. Her knees gave way, and she collapsed onto the ground, panting heavily. She coughed slightly, feeling completely drained of all energy. Grimacing with pain, she tried to stand and resume her training, only to fall heavily back to the ground. Her pale eyes started to fill with crystalline tears as she sat on the ground, looking utterly defeated. She shut her eyes quickly and grimaced as another cough took hold, this one stronger and more overbearing than the last. She doubled over, feeling her remaining energy drain from her small body.

'I can't give up...I have to...become...stronger...' were her final thoughts before she swayed dangerously to the side, the inky blackness finally consuming her.


Shivering slightly, he pulled his furry jacket closer to him as he watched his playful pup snap at the falling snow. Grinning widely at the dog's actions, he continued to trudge through the thick blanket of snow. Bounding forward, the dog looked ecstatic as he barked at the snow, tail wagging in delight. Suddenly, the dog stopped jumping around and sniffed the air uncertainly. He glanced back at his human companion, looking about as panicked as a dog possibly could. Leaping quickly through the snow, the dog raced ahead.

Shaking his head slightly, the brunette chased after his furry companion, his dark eyes questioning. Then he spotted what his dog was running to. After all, dark hair stands out quite well against pure white snow.

He rushed forward, feeling dread with every step he took. Scenario after scenario flashed through his mind, each more upsetting than the last. Finally he reached the delicate kunoichi lying on the ground,and then he checked her vitals quickly. Satisfied that she was alive and not imminent danger of dying, he took off his jacket and placed it on her gently, and then scooped her up into his strong arms, holding her small body close to him. He trudged forward slowly, ignoring the cold air that was stinging his bare arms. He carried the petite kunoichi away from the training grounds, his faithful white pup trotting away at his side.

'Oh Hinata...what am I going to do with you...?'


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