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When Naruto rolled out of bed today to answer his ringing phone, he didn't expect Sakura to be the person on the other end, greeting him cheerfully. He also didn't expect an invitation to lunch with her at her house later on that day. And he certainly didn't expect her to say the words that came out of her mouth only seconds after they sat down to eat.

"You want me to what?" the blonde asked, his gorgeous eyes narrowed with distaste.

"I want you to flirt with Hinata, silly. It's really not that hard to do." Sakura said after taking a bite of her sushi. She paused for a moment and looked at Naruto with a smirk. "What, do you have some moral obligation with flirting with a pretty girl with big boobs and a even bigger crush on you?"

Naruto scowled at his best female friend. "Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do. I don't like Hinata as more than a friend. She's..." he paused and looked at the ground awkwardly. "She's just not my type."

"How is she not your type? Is it because she actually likes you?" Sakura rolled her eyes. "Honestly, you always go after the people that will never like you the way you like them. You always try for girls that are way out of your league."

"Yeah, that is true...but you forgot about the one exception."

Sakura looked at him, green eyes wide. "Oh? Who might that exception be?"

"You." Naurto said with a wicked grin.

Sakura flipped her long, pink hair and rolled her eyes again. "Che, yeah right. I was so far out of your league that I almost felt bad for you."

"And now look at who you're with. Mr. OMFG I LURVVVE green spandex!" the blonde replied condescendingly.

Sakura smirked, a light blush dusting her perfectly smooth, pale cheeks. "I don't expect you to understand. You've never seen him without the spandex."

"EWWWW!" Naruto made gagging noises as he clutched his stomach, his pink tongue hanging out of his mouth dramatically. He continued for about another 30 seconds until Sakura got up threw a playful, but still powerful punch his way. He dodged in his seat and then laughed at the young woman who was almost a sister to him now. "You missed," he gloated.

"Make me mad again and I promise you that I won't," was Sakura's retort as she sat back down.

Silence ensued as the two friends quietly ate their meals. Sakura quietly studied the handsome and shockingly single man sitting across from her. She couldn't understand why he wouldn't be interested in a beautiful girl that was crazy about him.

"So why won't you do me this one little favor?" she asked, effectively breaking the silence.

Naruto glanced up at her, ramen noodles hanging out of his mouth as he looked at her in confusion.

"...Flirting with Hinata, you idiot," Sakura supplied lazily.

Naruto choked on his ramen. It took a few minutes for him to stop coughing long enough to ask, "Why do you want me to flirt with her so badly?"

"Because you two would make sexy babies?" Sakura replied innocently, taking another small bite of the sushi before her.

"Yeah right," Naruto scoffed with a roll of his bright blue eyes. "I know you have a motive. Now what is it?"

"Fine, I'll tell you. Hinata has made this really great healing stuff, and if you were reallllly nice to her then you could--"

"No way," Naruto interrupted, his normally warm eyes set in a cold glare. "I'm not going to mess with Hinata's head just so you can get your hands on some healing crap. It's not gonna happen."

Sakura returned Naruto's glare with an icy one of her own. "Naruto, this isn't about me. This is about bettering Konoha, and possibly saving lives in the future. You know damn well that that salve could help medic ninjas save precious time during a fight. Hinata won't let anyone see what she's created on her own. She just needs a little push."

"I don't think it's right," Naruto said, looking down at his half-empty bowl.

"It's for the good of Konoha," Sakura hissed. "It's for the good of the people that you will have to protect as Hokage someday."

Naruto looked up at Sakura, his expression hopeful. "Do you really think I will become Hokage someday?"

"Of course I do," Sakura replied, her tone still cold. "But I also think that when you're Hokage you'll have to make decisions that will won't want to make. Let this be practice for when those days come."

Naruto looked back down at his food, sighed, then looked back up at his pink-haired friend. "Will it honestly help Konoha that much?"

Sakura's stare softened, and so did her tone. "Absolutely," she said with a smile. "It could save countless lives."

"All right. I'll do it then." Naruto said, looking down at his food sadly, his appetite gone.

Sakura smirked. Getting people to do her bidding was just too easy.

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