Tokyo Mew Mew was my first manga. After relentless nagging, by my Japanese-culture obsessed friends, I gave in and was given the first volume to read. Needless to say, I found it incredibly surprising that, after 2 years of sticking my tongue out and swearing that manga was weird, I actually liked it. By the end of the original arc, I had been entirely taken in by the story and I found it sad that it ended.

However, despite my love for the story, I found that I hated the ending. Something about it made it completely unsatisfactory for me. I'd realised, at some point throughout the book, that I despised Masaya, so needless to say I did not enjoy looking at pretty art of him marrying Ichigo at the end of the book. It didn't make any sense to me, why didn't Ichigo choose Kish, the notably more awesome of the two guys (RyouxIchigo never crossed my mind)? I also wasn't fond of the fact that the story seemingly had no morals or lessons, which, I felt, had been prevalent throughout the rest of the story.

This story aimed to fix what I felt was wrong with the original ending but it could be considered a sequel. It intends to widen the Mew Mew universe and develop characters, along with pleasing all KxI fans out there. I created a story line I thought was somewhat plausible, but would still have plenty of plots along with romantic scenes. I can promise you now that no characters (yes, not even Masaya) are bashed. This fic is a definite slow budding romance, but that is because Rolo tries to develop two unlikely people into a somewhat functional relationship XD. Don't expect any of it to be easy, because love never is :).

This fanfic starts before the wedding scene in the Manga or before the Mews go back to the café in the Anime. It is set in the Manga universe for a variety of reasons, mostly because the Anime changes subtle things, like characterisation and events, and because the anime ending is messed up. If you have only watched the anime, you need to note that Deep Blue in the manga is shrouded in mystery, we do not know where he has come from or why, and though he does act a bit insane, he is never revealed as power hungry. Also, the manga has Ryou giving the Mew Aqua to the aliens and they say goodbye to the Mew Mews, and Kish admits that he is ok that Ichigo loves Masaya and that he wants her to be happy. None of that 'Let's disappear without saying goodbye' idiocy XD

29/06/11: Chapters 1-3 were edited to bring writing up to the same standard as the last few chapters (previously, chapter 1 was written at 13 and I am now 18, so there were considerable differences in style and… skill XD). Some minor things may have been changed but there were no modifications to plotline. Edits to the rest of the chapters are pending, and this note will be modified when new edited chapters are posted.

Anyway, now I'll shut up and let you get on ^^ Enjoy!

All was calm. Warm, dark, calm. Masaya lay sandwiched between the covers of his warm bed, feeling relieved. For the first time in weeks, he felt truly peaceful. He felt free, unburdened, and it made him feel quietly delighted.

That very day, Deep Blue and Blue Knight, the beings he had reluctantly become, had been defeated. For once he could rest truly, knowing that they could trouble him no more.

The past few nights he had hardly slept. Every night, once he had succumbed to sleep, had been filled with fearsome visions of shadowy beings and voices speaking of things so awful he felt he was suffocating. It had been terrifying; he had been too scared to close his eyes for any amount of time. If he did, he knew that his mind would become a twisted beyond recognition, he would be plagued by dreams filled with dark figures and visions of things he'd rather forget. His life would become a living nightmare, just as it had the previous night and countless nights before that. Yet, it wasn't these aspects of his terror-filled nights that made him shiver, for they were but minor symptoms in his night terror, it was the feeling that his life and very mind had become the tool of something else. The thought of that never failed to send a chill up his spine, haunting him entirely.

When he had become Deep Blue, he had felt as if there were a presence in his mind that was not his own. Separate from his own psyche, another fearsome omnipotent being lurked within him, and he could feel this being with such intensity it frightened him. Even before his total transformation, he was there, a constant looming presence.

When he had become the loathsome alien leader, this had worsened considerably. He had felt his mind become a hostile place of conflict, a literal battlefield as he battled this horrifying entity within his own mind. It had tore him apart, nearly sending him mad. It had even led him to want to escape his own head. He never wanted to think about it again.

Yet, still he found himself letting his mind wander into the depths of the horrible memories, despite the unease they caused. There was an agitation he just couldn't shake, some strange sensation deep inside of him that made him feel deeply restless.

He shuddered. It would be wrong to deny that the presence was completely sinister. Deeply wrong. Even though he had felt his mind fall into disarray during that dreadful time, he had found great power building within himself. He had felt his mind and body fill with a godly strength, revitalising his limbs. He had come under the illusion that he could do anything, for he had so much command and skill, he knew he would not fail. Along with that, a potent feeling had come, totally consuming his mind during his time as Deep Blue.


Loyalty to what he never established, but it was there, eternally lingering in the back of his head. Behind the quarrelling inside his skull, he found a strong devotion to something, some person, cause or object. It had lurked beneath the evil soul that was Deep Blue, a never-dying presence that compelled him to act. A need so strong, so agonising, that he had so much wanted to fulfil it…

Masaya shook his head, knocking the thoughts away.

No. That's gone now. I am just Masaya. Yes, I am me. A normal human. Deep Blue and Blue Knight are gone now. Gone from everything but my memories.

He tossed under the bed-sheets, flipping onto his side to get more comfortable. He sighed.

But…if all that is over, why do I feel as if there is something left?

He groaned to himself, slapping his hands over his ears in frustration.

"Getting myself worked up over this at 1:00am in the morning won't help anything." He muttered to himself.

Exhaling loudly, he resolved to at least attempt to get half a decent night's sleep. He could think of these complex matters in the morning, when his tired brain was in a state to actually think.

Slowing his breathing, Masaya forced his muscles relax, closing his eyes. He had half-expected that he would open them again a moment later, yet he found that, this time, as soon as his eyelids were shut a deep slumber overtook him.

His mind was blank. So peaceful. No worries. Nothingness.

He smiled internally, rejoicing that he had finally managed to rest. However, then Masaya realised, when noting his consciousness, that although his body was asleep, his mind was not. His happiness fell away, giving in to nervousness. He suddenly felt unable to breathe, panic threatening to consume him. He vainly, hurriedly, questioned himself, trying to sound out what was happening, working himself up into a frenzy in the process. However, no matter what he asked himself, he could find no answer to explain why he was in such an abnormal state.

A feeling of dread and desperation overcame him and he urged himself to wake up.

This wasn't a dream. He wasn't fully asleep but he was not awake, for his eyes were jammed shut and his body held the fatigue of one in slumber.

Fear sent shivers up his spine.

"No! Not now! It can't be… it's impossible!" He shrieked in his mind. He wanted to scream, to cry, to pinch himself. Anything to wake up. But he could not. He had no power to do so. He knew, from past experience that, in this state, he had no control over his body. Only when he was released would he be able to do what he desired.

Masaya felt cold air surround him, chilling him to the bone. Through his eyelids he could see that there was an eerie, unnatural light. He shivered. This was an all-too-familiar scene. It was one he had hoped with his entire soul, never to see again.

Grudgingly, he opened his slowly opened his eyelids. He was floating, surrounded by a dense dark blue mist, which was cold but strangely dry. Before him shone a light, also tinted with the same blue.

"So, I was right then." He mumbled plaintively, his body trembling with fear, "It is not finished."

He watched as shadows of man-like figures surround him. They blotted the air around him, their silhouettes connecting like a disfigured horizon. However, these things were not human. Their elf-like ears set them apart from man. Masaya knew from several other confrontations like this that they were the aliens he had been enslaved to.

"No, your task is not finished, Messiah." The tallest one before him said, bowing in his presence. "It is far from over."

Masaya blinked, "It is finished!" His voice was pitifully weak, licked with fear, "Deep Blue is dead. I killed him."

The alien shook his head, "You are still alive, Deep Blue."

"I am not Deep Blue! I never have been. The Deep Blue you worshipped wanted to murder an entire race – my race - I could never do that. He was godly and powerful and I'm just a boy. Your Messiah used my body once but never was him. He used me. I was a puppet!"

His tone had become progressively stronger and hints of anger reveal itself in his tone.

A soft sigh reverberated through the entire clearing, many voices merging to create that one chilling sound. The spokesperson raised a hand and the moan was cut off. All was eerily silent again. With one soft wave the alien dismissed the crowd and all but he began to melt into the background. The air contorted gently as they faded, their silhouettes becoming progressively intangible until they had completely dissolved.

The figure stepped closer.

"You have so much doubt in yourself, Masaya." The figures eyes appeared on his face, as if he had opened his eyes. These eyes were freakishly normal, almost human if you ignored their vivid purple colouring. Masaya was surprised to see that the eyes held no trace of malice or aggression. They only held a silent pleading, a small glint of pity.

"Please, look inside yourself; have you ever felt truly right?" The alien spoke soothingly, comfortingly, "You have never been an ordinary human. I suspect you already knew that. Born as Masaya, your soul has always been inextricably linked with the aliens, with your people. Even if your life was one of a human's, you cannot deny your lineage and task. Deep Blue and Blue Knight are part of you. They are you. They always have been. You may not want it but this path, and all it concerns, is yours."

The alien spoke sympathetically now, in the way that a teacher might speak to a child, but without the patronising edge. His voice held an odd mix of superiority, subtly ordering Masaya to take up his task, and awe, as if he saw Masaya as much greater than himself. However, Masaya didn't recognise that the alien was attempting to console him.

"No. The humans are my people!" Shouted Masaya in fury. Wasn't it for him to decide where his life led? "I feel no link to you, your people, or Deep Blue. Where I grew up is where my loyalties lie. And… my bond is with I-Ichigo a-aalone!"

He glared at the alien, wavering slightly as he finished speaking. He hated how his voice began to tremble as he reached the end of his impassioned speech. This alien… this alien, who he felt no bond or adoration for, was somehow making his determination fade. To his despair, it seemed the being in front of him was making an impact upon him, no matter how much he tried to avoid it.

"Messiah," The alien murmured softly, "I can understand the difficulty you must be having now, the confusion you must be suffering, but I beg you to listen to our pleas. You, the you buried deep beneath your consciousness, are the saviour we have awaited for centuries. Countless beings need you and your guidance, without you they have no hope." The alien's eyes burned intensely, taking on a silent fury. "If you run from your task now, you will be failing an entire species. Your tie to my perish will never fade; your responsibility to help them will not die, even if they do. You are Deep Blue, destined to rule. Without you we will perish."

The words were like piercing thorns in Masaya's heart. Despite his attempt to be apathetic towards the aliens, slowly he found he empathised strongly with them. It hurt to feel that he might be letting them down. As the conversation went on, it dawned on him how strong the possibility that the alien was right could be.

"I can't. I can't do it. I could never destroy humans and their world so you could live there." Masaya's mouth was dry, a sinking feeling settling in his stomach. He couldn't imagine having to become the evil person he feared again to help a species he didn't consider to be his own.

"We never asked for that." Said the alien softly, "It was never your main objective, Deep Blue. All of what has happened before is but small part of your task, simply the beginnings. You took on a darker form to aid us in recovering earth but that is only one part of you. There cannot be shadow without light. There are other aspects of yourself that you cannot know yet, purer aspects, that your people need just as much. You may not believe it now, but we believe this is your destiny. You are our promised one, our Lord. Please, I beg you, do not abandon us. Help us!"

With those haunting words, the alien's silhouette started to fade. However, Masaya was not left alone in the darkness, as the being was replaced with thousands of voices. From young to old, they all pleaded to their unknown god in millions of voices, praying that help and guidance would come in their time of need.

Masaya felt his heart being torn in two as he heard the pleading voices. They held so much anguish and hurt that Masaya wanted to reach out to all that called and soothe their pain. As the volume increased, his desire to help reached desperation level and felt an immense pain in his heart. After a few moments of struggling to breath, he reached harsh realisation.

I care. I care about them. I care and… I do want to help.

It was then that he felt an immense power building up inside of him. As if the dawn of that knowledge had caused a great storm, he could feel that awesome and dreadful power he had possessed just a few days ago. It was Deep Blue, he knew it was. He had always been there, lying dormant, subtly modifying his actions. He could feel Deep Blue's anger, an anger that had spurred on his hatred for pollution and made it difficult to connect with other humans. It was terrifying, but exhilarating.

In that moment, Masaya saw a tiny piece of the life he must live. A life as a leader among a race who cared about their planet just as much as he did. It was a purpose that made so much sense, yet was still completely unwanted. His desire to remain on earth was still incredibly strong, his love for Ichigo immovable. To go and fulfil his ordained purpose, he had to give all that. He had to choose between living selflessly to save the lives of others and leading the normal life he had always desired.

In the midst of his torment, the dream began to fade after an incalculable amount of time. The blue light darkened, slowly turning to peaceful blackness. However, there was no welcome respite from the harassment of the dream as the echoes of the heart-breaking voices remained, shouting at him in the darkness.

He awoke into the real world, gasping for breath in a pool of sweat.

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